Street Camping in an Overlander + Wallas Diesel Stove Service
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Street Camping in an Overlander + Wallas Diesel Stove Service

Good morning from Seattle, Washington! Our journey North home to Alaska continues… We did make a quick stop yesterday in
Salt Lake City. Charles let us change our oil at his shop, thank you very much
Charles! And it was great to meet you! We are going to run a few more errands
today for the truck. First off, is here at the FUSO shop in Seattle. It’s time for
a new air filter on the truck. We want to make sure we do this before we hit the
Alcan….. One great thing about that FUSO chassis is that all of the components
are easily accessible. We also have a snorkel on the truck. And actually this
is more for getting clean air rather than worrying about water exposure! Well, It’s literally that easy!….I pulled a little harder than I needed to…Alright let me get the clean one! So just in case you’re curious for a point of reference,
this air filter was $65 here at the FUSO shop… Got to figure out how to
line everything back up… That’s all she wrote!…
Now it’s time to head somewhere towards the water. Because the next item that
needs service is actually more of a marina item than an RV item! We are heading into the City Center of
Seattle. And I have to tell you it is so refreshing to have a vehicle that you
see the sign for City Center and you don’t start shaking in your boots.
Thinking like: “Oh my God!” We can just go run our errands, we can do our thing, we
can go anywhere we want to! We don’t have to worry about whether or not the truck
can go!….Ahhh so we are spending the night in the city here. And we’re going to be
looking for a safe, legal place to park for the night I don’t think I can let you go around
here alone too much! Not before long you’ll be wanting to sell Debbie and buy a boat…. The captain must return to the water at some point!…He will no doubt! I wouldn’t complain. But….We just kind of got Debbie….I know!..So……. We’ll have to wait. Check it out guys. Between the lines… We’re really digging having a
smaller vehicle!…. Okay so this is our ceramic top wallas diesel stove and…. This is the underside of it. So we need to pop it out of the counter top here…. And I have
to have a big shout out to the previous owner Dave. He’s been an amazing asset
over the months! Especially because he owned this truck for many, many years. So I
hit him up especially after that whole wheel balancing thing and the wheel
weight tip. Uhhmmm…I’m like okay… Any words of wisdom before I go pulling
this out…. Let me do this one safely… There we go…
The mighty little diesel stove top!..Look at how small that thing is ones it’s out… Here’s the deal. It’s well-established I’m a
“Do-it-yourselfer” But the guys here at Scan Marine said… They’re not trying to
be salespeople here. They’re being very honest that the tolerances for adjusting
this stove and tuning it up. And also having the proper tool to scan and read
the codes, is very critical! And…. They charge $150 labour for the service.
Plus whatever parts may be needed. He said it’d be kind of like the best $150
you spend because…. If you screw it up… Just the stove-top alone is $1,800. So I
kind of figured like okay, maybe we should leave this one up to the
professionals! So…. Our peaceful little spot for the
night!….. Oh wait! It’s not quite that peaceful because…. The road is literally right there and….. The truck is right there! And it was warm today but a breeze
whenever a bus or tractor-trailer passes by is really nice! So…. Aside from the
noise, it should be a nice night in Seattle!..It’s cooled off nicely!… Yeah! I know we’re not doing
Seattle any justice. But literally it is one evening on like literally of our
life that we are trying to make it home to Alaska the next day and…. So like we
said earlier, Scan Marine services wallas stoves… And these little things
are very popular on boats and they’re absolutely amazing for expedition
vehicles! Oh… Oh! The diesel oven… Oh! Is there room…. This place is like right on the
water! I have no like idea about kind of a Seattle and what body of water it is…It’s union lake…
Oh it is! Okay…Yeah!… And does that connect to the ocean through like those locks and all
that stuff?…I’m sure somehow it does because people wouldn’t have…Exactly! They have large seafaring boats on this Lake. And
actually, I’ve been seeing people uuhhm…..Like late this evening so they’re not just
here for the businesses, walking their dogs and stuff… So I think there must be
people living out here on these boats. Yeah…. Well, dinner wasn’t too bad! We’ve
been spreading our love here with the local economy. There’s a Chinese food
restaurant about a hundred yards down… And all in all, it was a pretty good meal!..It was very good!…
What are you up to now?… Oh! Just thinking if the oven seems a little chintzy, maybe
a boat for Christmas!…Oh! How about a nice trawler?…Sure… I love those trawlers…Alright there Those type of full-time boat oh… Yeah!
Might as well go for the 50-footer…Aha!..And that’s a… Washer/dryer, fly bridge… Oh! It has a
robust diesel heater here. We’d be okay! You know, we could just pony up to the
hundred and thirty footer. But that would be just so darn comfortable! Would you
have enough room in there honey? Yeah going from 13 feet to 130 feet… Would
that be enough?…. Well, it’d be ten times the size so… I suppose I’d manage to
fit everything in there! It has five staterooms to. We could have a lot of
company! Maybe we could rent the rooms out to pay for the ten and a half million bill..I think we’d have to!…I
know my dad would really like it here… Because they have this bike path that is
separated from the street. And people have just gone zooming by on their bikes.
Some are commuting to and from work… Others are just out for an evening ride!
But… It’s nice having that bike path off of the road! Well the parking lot is full
of these signs and… When we got here at two o’clock, we did pay for two hours…
Well, here’s to a peaceful night of urban camping! No doubt we’re gonna get a great
night’s sleep here!…. The road is literally three feet from our heads!….. Well, it was a restful but noisy night. Good news is… Our stove just
essentially needed basic maintenance like a thermocouple and just ahh
servicing! So that’s good! Only like $150 in labour…
We did make one upgrade though to the blower lid so it can be properly used as
secondary or… I think it might even become a primary heat source. Because
it’s ahh…This stove, uses so little diesel And so little electricity compared to
the Spar So this is ahh… Where the stove goes in our counter-top. We needed to make room… Reposition it! So this is just
temporarily until we do…The whole counter. But…. It used to be like so… But
we’re just buying some time and… Offsetting the whole stove forward about
three and a half inches….. The guys here at Scan Marine have been so awesome! Bill
brought in his jigsaw so I could cut into our counter top. Doug’s been out
regularly and educating us on little things about the stove. For example, we
probably should allow more air in to this cabinet for the stove to gather
combustion. But definitely we need to create more airflow if we’re going to be
using it as a heat source. So that’s all coming in phase 2…. Moment of truth! Oh… There we go!…Nice!…
Perfect! Got like half inch of room there… Are you okay with the damage to your
green counter-top honey?..As long as you’re gonna fix it when we get home!…Well alright! So now I just need to hook up all the connections
down below…. Okay buttoning things up before the road! Let me show you the finished
product…. There it is! So there is now an additional blower to
this but when we’re using it… The heats just kind of gotta get directed back
here. But when we want to use it as a heater, we put it down and it blows air
out right there!…. Pretty excited because this dehumidifies the air. Which is a
tremendous problem when you’re living in a tiny space! Gotta say a gigantic thank
you to Bill, Doug and Bruce here at Scan Marine in Seattle.They have been amazing!
Just having their expertise, we learned a lot! So some of the potential problems
that we may have been having, was the nut that holds the fuel line on to the stove!
It wasn’t loose but it wasn’t tight. That’s the way they described it. It has
to be tight so… That sucker’s tight now! Also…. The combustion factor. Let me kind of explain this to you real quick! So the stove is there and the under part
of the stove is here. It needs air for combustion! So here’s the deal…. You go and close this door. That is a very tight seal! And not enough air for combustion.
So we’re gonna rectify that by installing some vents and whatnot but
yeah! We’re in business guys… It’s time to cross over into ahhh Canada so we can make our way home to Alaska. Thanks for watching. I hope you learned a few things
because we did! Hit that SUBSCRIBE button and we will see you on the road!
One last thing guys; In Alaska residency saved us ten and a half percent on sales tax…. Awesome!
Gotta love it!


  • Summit dave

    Awesome…All most bck to AK…I miss my AK…,,PS..How are the tires../ How you guys liking them so far…Worth getting for hwy use…For a Tahoe….

  • Camp, Fish, Repeat

    Awesome video, yโ€™all really seem to be hitting your stride with Denali. Iโ€™m with Rebecca, yโ€™all should get a boat one of these days, maybe even do a meetup with the Wynnโ€™s .

  • akbychoice

    Yowza on that stove price! The road noise itโ€™s like being a trucker. Iโ€™ve used alcohol stoves on boats, Iโ€™ve never seen one of these diesel models. Hope they are vented well.

  • W RD

    Let the pros do it! I love my Webasto diesel cook top, but Iโ€™d never fiddle with it. And speaking of pros, are there any barbers in Settle? Ahahahaaaa!

  • Living The RV Loca Life

    I was born in Seattle loved it there but didn't like the weather lol so flew to Florida and stayed … we have been bye here renovating a truck camper but always love catching up on videos love your channel great info glad things are doing better for you guys and your travels are going well n I ask where you got the little baskets that hang over your stove love those.Glad your stove got fixed and you on your way again to bad you didn't see pike place market in Seattle . its a great place. can't wait to see what's travels take care…

  • A X

    Hi all. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿšš
    Your all looking very well.

    May I ask what size your habitation box is width and height please
    as I would like to make another one myself

    Best wishes from the UK

  • Bob Shaw

    Glad that Scan Marinei n Seattle was able to fix your Wallas ceramic diesel stove cook top w/o it costing you the hefty price of a new one . Let's give a big Thank You to Bill , Doug and Bruce from Scan Marine in Seattle , Washington . Now get cooking LOL !!

  • The Nomadic Ramblers-RV Nomads

    You go Girl !! Woohoo ! Wow and able to park on the street Sweet.
    Y'all did a video a while back where you were show some wireless microphone. Could you tell where to find that information ? Thank you.

  • logan holmberg

    Stove looks like a cool idea. Bet it would heat up that small space to uncomfortable levels though. Can you get a diesel stove that you could hook up and use outside? I love using a stove but using one in a camper has always been a trade off to heating up the camper too much so our family rarely uses it when camping. I really like to use a microwave/convection oven as an alternative but that usually requires a generator or shore power.
    I definitely want to look into diesel for my own rig cause nothing is a pain like refilling propane tanks compared to just filling at a regular car pump.

  • Richard Bohling Sr

    I like the way you moved the stove forward from under the upper cabinets. Maybe you can vent the stove from the outside and bring fresh air into that cabinet. Happy trails.

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