Street Camping in New Orleans | Camper Van Life S1:E66
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Street Camping in New Orleans | Camper Van Life S1:E66

this week join us for van life in New
Orleans as we Street camp around the city, Kait finds us the best happy hours
in town we learned some history along the way and I eat a sandwich as big as
my head welcome to New Orleans
thank you excited to be back I love this town there is a fun town only place you can get drive-through
daiquiri be curious to see how van friendly New Orleans is it could be
interesting I’m just a little worried about leaving our van parked on the
street first stop visitor center
I love getting all my pamphlets
you do have a bit of a problem when it comes to
visitor centers
I love flipping through all the guides to see what you what new
things are going on in the city hey did I lock the door you wanna go check
first sign of Aging short term memory loss him but realize oh I just hit the button
again it was actually walking not my best work three o’clock we have
an hour until happy hour go find a place to park good good job
thank you Oh unexpected spot pulled right around the corner and here it was
I ran over after filming that last night I was like oh he found a spot already
well it’s filling up quickly so I think this might be our spot for the night what’s your favorite thing about New
Orleans , The food
okay really yeah did you check the parking signs I did the only sign I
saw was just ahead of where we parked it was for drop-off only okay by the way
we’re parked right next to a mansion I think we’ll be okay
yes Pinet mansion has a very big fence their offenses everywhere here let
should tell you something now what is your favorite thing about New Orleans stop walking backwards the sidewalks are
very uneven and I don’t want to take a spill but I love the food in New Orleans
I love the people the culture and I’m really excited to go back to the World
War two Museum that’s probably one of the things I really love the most about
the city is the history that you can absorb and learn about just this whole
area we got a Christmas present from one of our patrons Thank You Diane who said
use this for something frivolous Pappy Van Winkle is completely frivolous the
Diane off to dinner where do you want to go
eat I was thinking we hit up the place that the woman at the visitor center
recommended all right what was the go he owes me owes huh an ey o W apostrophe s
all right back to the van well the vans still there it’s a good sign always a
good sign look at this person oh my goodness
well it’s a good thing no one perks on mine does I need directions keys oh I can’t even
see you the dashcam setup after those oysters fried chicken and
the what was that cornbread cornbread dress cornbread dressing I am stuffed
I’ve never had cornbread dressing before and that was good all right now we need
to find a place to spend the night yes street parking in New Orleans to the van
the van how’d you sleep
I’ve definitely slept better there is a freight train or something I don’t know
if it just kept going back and forth or if there were ten freight trains that
came through here the cars going by didn’t bother me so much it’s just the
trains all night long gonna make some coffee
get some bread first and I’ll make coffee you with the bread I was so game the bread was amazing I
had to go back to make my coffee and bring it in
and I loved that it was 100% vegan everything in there okay
world war two museum let’s do it good but a bit better pot of coffee I think the rains are coming
it was raining pretty hard last night who was you love that – Kim well I like
having it if something happens in front of us like yesterday someone cut us off
and there’s a little button that you hit and it records you can set I have it set
by I think for five minutes and you can save that specifically
it’ll keep recording in a loop anytime you turn the key on and the power is on
it’ll start recording so I thought it’s a good kind of little insurance policy
to have in case we do get in an accident something happens we cease a squash run
across the road we can hit record and you guys actually believe that we saw it
you know that sort of thing there’s some rough roads I have to compliment you on your parking
job thank you see we are half a mile from the museum because parking over at
the museum was $25 for 10 hours or $30 for 24 hours might as well just walk the
half mile and save 25 bucks let’s put up all the shade the reason the World War two museum is
here in New Orleans is because of Andrew Higgins you want to find out why come on
down the museum and check it out it’s well worth the trip that was a very heavy experience today I
learned a lot not only about what happened over seas but also what
happened at home lot the process great experience for anyone who hasn’t
been highly recommended all right shall we walk off all of this
heavy experience and head to the French Quarter yes maybe grab a daiquiri or two
on the way you know exactly okay let’s go all right Milo what next
well we’re gonna take magazines straight all the way to the French Quarter and
along the way I think they’re few spots we might stop in it
well you mentioned a happy hour – I did well the happy hour is not on Magazine
Street but it’s at loop and they do 75 cent oysters and half-price cocktails
and I really like that place so maybe we’ll pop in for a cocktail and you can
ask for more oysters I love it all right off to the next one after the
next five what is the next one I don’t know I feel like walk towards the bridge definitely in the French Quarter but the
hot mess begin I meant everyone else so we don’t have any reservations for
dinner and Kate is trying to get us into Cape hauls she doesn’t think it’s gonna
be possible I said we might be able to do it open
for another ten minutes okay you want to walk around and you come back sound good so now Kate is calling a few
different places to see if we can get reservations
apparently Kate Paul’s may not work out what’s the deal why are you walking so
fast the funny thing here is Kate really doesn’t drink so she’s racing to happy
hour so I can have a half-price cocktail or whatever what’s that I know but it’s
mostly cocktails we’re running basically for poutine I don’t know I might turn Fry’s braised
short rib mozzarella curd don’t go any further why are we walking
so slow run into something we made it and I have 20 minutes to spare before
happy hour in dinner was fantastic now it’s raining
and expect it so we have to run two blocks to the gas club where she’s like
which way am I going that way no the other way
are you sure are you 100% sure yes I’m going for it wait oh shit think I’m
going the right way but I am very you can I’m walking quickly are you
Sazerac never had one so figured I tried and apparently it’s
known as the oldest American cocktail that was fun little gem was awesome good
times I like the Creole string beans yeah I
have to say though Sazerac not my style alright let’s go back to the manager
eight all right do you think the van will be there absolutely
I think it’s fine not really worrying much anymore
good just needed a day or two to it just adjust some wine get back into true
camping in the city last day in New Orleans mm-hmm I know
you’re really sad to leave there is one last thing that I want to get while
we’re here in New Orleans turkey in the wolf Turkey and the wolf everyone has
been talking about this place and every person who has mentioned it
independently has suggested that we get the fried bologna sandwich and when you
talk to everyone who are locals and that’s what they suggest got to try it
so excited well it’s time for some Bologna because
I am full of it or will be and it’s time to call an end to this video thank you
guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this please give it a thumbs up
subscribe if you haven’t already and check out our website where the Russos
calm or cool content all right let’s go do this I can’t wait


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  • Louis Hibbs

    too much stress..subtle but sure accumulating into hypertension…but that's why a hotel room will set you back a couple of hundred..

  • Brian Evans

    Hi I'm Brian I'm from New Orleans and I love your video I'm a bee keeper and I live in picayune Mississippi but I hate it here and I'm about to sell my RV and move into my 97 Dodge Grand caravan and I'm so happy to do this been watching Bob wells and wanted to go to the RTR but couldn't make it because of my financial situation so I will have to wait a bit longer. Any tips on how to do this would be appreciated. I have 100watts of solar and 1battery. I just got the little tailgator genatator from harbor freight and so far so good reason I had to get it was my inverter started screwing up and I needed something a little bit bigger so I could run my hot water heater. And my frige. Thanks for the great video about my Kool city just watch out for those bad people . Y'all have fun and enjoy your visit from Brian the bee man in picayune Mississippi

  • Laura Kramer - Chowjunkie

    you guys should've stopped in and said hi to Tia and the gang at Villalobos. Who knows, you might have fallen in love with a pitty and had a new roommate

  • Joe Fang

    When a person doubts if he/she has closed/locked the door before leaving, this person is getting old…. I have been doing this for a while.

  • the Weekenders RV Life

    It was great seeing you guys just recently. Sometimes you meet the best people in the line for the restroom. LOL.. My husband loves your phone holder you have in this video. What brand is that?

  • Kathy Durbin

    I love New Orleans, but both times I've been there have been day trips from Orange Beach, AL, nearly 20 years ago. My two favorite things to do there are the WWII D-Day Museum and getting a muffuletta sandwich at Central Grocery on Decatur St. This year, I'm heading to Orange Beach again for spring break, so I'll make another trip to New Orleans for a day and try to hit some of the places from your video — and yes, I'll to the D-Day Museum again (I'm a history teacher, so…). Happy travels and thanks for the virtual adventure!

  • Ian Baetiong

    Just stumbled onto this channel, I was hooked 2 minutes in, I dig both your personalities..every other van couple I watch seems to talk about being vegan and drinking matcha tea…this is a refreshing taste.

  • Melinda Webb

    I’m a native New Orleanian! Another LA suggestion: Shreveport and Bossier City, LA have drive-thru daiquiri & jello shot shops, great food (lots of tucked away local restaurants) a Mardi Gras museum, and of course, all those casinos along the Red River. Both cities are laid back and fun to explore. Looks like you had a blast in NOLA! Love it!

  • Celine Scrappassion

    this is the kind of video I enjoy!! Thanks for bringing us along your trip in New Orleans! Makes me want to visit! And that Poutine, man! I did not know they were making Poutine in New Orleans! I am from Quebec where the poutine originated… and it tastes so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Five Inches

    Just found your channel we love it and subscribed. We just sold out Winnibego Trend it was on promaster chassis. We miss it. Anyways we subscribed and gave you a like.

  • Chris Jetton

    There are no traffic "laws" in NOLA. They are only suggestions and a little time in NOLA will make a master parallel parker.

  • Claude Harwood

    You have a nice van but when you put those whatever you call them in the windows it's a dead giveaway your sleeping in your van especially at night some small towns don't have Walmart or giant malls side roads wide enough to park on or you get parking ticket especially if you park in front of somebody's house what happens when you go somewhere it snows they have a parking ban where do you park. that's not the life for me. If living in a van makes you happy go for it.

  • True Tech

    Ok let's mod it out. Automatic lowering and raising shutters for the windows, or that new glass that when electric current is added, it creates a fully nonseethrough surface. Tip outs, a micro shower kit that is super small by making it from a dishwasher with the trays removed. Tip outs that reach out one lane of traffic on one side, and spanning across the entire sidewalk with the other. A pop up pinball machine, and small yet high quality mini slate pool table rises from the floor, making it into a full on games room. Oh, and a mini bowling lane added to the roof deck area, similar to the 70's movie, The Big Bus. Oh, and it can also have a high fidelity mobile fold up studio for those times when its time to write some platinum tunes, and then buy The Big Bus, because you are already living like you'd do well as a touring 2 pc band!
    Happy motorings

  • swamp dawg

    Love the visitor centers. Great job parallel parking, love the hats. The World War II museum looks interesting. Need to put New Orleans on the short list.

  • Jackie Horn

    any hints?? I have that same dashcam, and it falls down all the time. I have tried all sorts of things, extra dry window and suction cup, slight moisture on the suction cup, etc. It falls down so often, about ready to give up. Does yours fall all the time, and if not, what is your technique for keeping it on the window?

  • John Lockhart

    Great video! A throwback to what originally got me hooked on your channel! That sandwich and the poutine were amazing!

  • Michael Taylor

    My wife & I bought 2019 Coachmen Crossfit 22D with the 3.5 V6 Ecoboost January 11 , 2019 , as soon as we got our coach home I started watching your video's & became a subscriber . We are in our early 70's & have had 6 bumper tow campers through the years but , have decided that the " Class B " is the way to go for our future camping adventures . We have been dog owners for years & still are to this day & have had numerous heart breaking loses , so to keep this message short in honor of your beloved LEO we have named our new B van " LEO " .

  • Keith Conway

    New Orleans is a fun city.. The City Care Forgot… Also #8 in Murders for the US… and the Water comes out of the Mississippi FYI.. other than that Great Music and Food.

  • Gabriel Uribe

    How's your Dodge van doing, my sister has one and every time they go out on a long trip, it has to go to the Macanic to get it ready from the next trip, the reviews say it's the worst van ever, is it tue?

  • Emerald City Epilogue

    Another great video, guys! We're going to be in NOLA for Mardi Gras. Can we ask what brand of privacy shades are you guys using in your video?

  • Corgi Girl

    Love this video! NOLA is one of our favorite places — we park at Bayou Segnette State Park across the river in Westwego. Our favorite place to eat is downtown is Drago’s for the Charbroiled Oysters—- yum! But in Westwego, the fresh fish market and We Geaux Cafe are our must stop places! Just have to keep an eye on the Corgis at the park – gators and snakes!

  • FaithwalkerTodd

    I did some Street camping in DC Sunday, it's amazing because the city shuts down completely after 10pm. It becomes really quiet in the business area of K Street. Plus all the restaurants are right there within a block or so, and the metro station was a couple blocks away. I just had to be out by 7 a.m., what could be easier? Then I go over to Arlington, driving up Lee Highway until I get to north Adams Street on the right, if there's no parking on that street the other streets farther up Lee Highway will certainly have a spot, but only the dead end streets between Lee Highway and I-66 have unrestricted parking. I was able to park my RV for the entire afternoon while I explored the city. The Metro is very handy and reasonable too.

  • miles and coffee rv

    What!? No Cafe Du Monde!? You gotta be kidding me. They have the best coffee ☕ and beignets on the planet. Would've been a great rainy morning visit. Lessaiz Les Bontemps Rouler! ⚜️

  • Gary Norden

    Has your van ever been towed boondocking? I have never been towed boondocking. Got some tickets. Parked in some assume places. The tickets are not too bad half what it costs in an RV park Keep it small nobody knows if you're staying there or not. Only been asked to move 3 times.

  • wb5mgr

    You guys really would enjoy Lafayette,LA if you like New Orleans. All the charm and none of the big city crime and grime. We have the drive through daiquiri stands too 😃

  • Busy B Farm

    I stayed in a RV park right in downtown New Orleans. It was very inexpensive and the bus stop was just across the street. 10 cents for a Senior for the bus/trolly to the French Quarter. I'd rather pay for the RV site, hookup, hot tub, friendly folks that worry about parking on the street. I ate out LOTS, but not like this couple and I came home to cook my meals in the RV. I also took quite a few of the "tours" to the Bayou, Katrina damage, etc. So many great oyster bars and restaurants there. Loved the street performers.

  • Sunny Blue Sky

    We have a Viper car alarm system that has a small key fob with a screen that shows the status of the locks and alarm system. It will also alert on the fob if the alarm is triggered. The range is quite far but depends on the surroundings. In addition to that my smartphone will alert me if the alarm is triggered. I can also see whether the doors are locked, lock and unlock the doors, start the engine, and see the precise location of my Roadtrek. It gives me some peace of mind that I know what the status of my class b is while away having fun. It doesn’t prevent break ins but it is good to know if something is happening which is nice.

  • Cheryl Charming

    Please let me know when you are in Nola again. I manage a bar on Bourbon Street (Bourbon O Jazz Bar – the only nice bar on Bourbon) and would love to buy you cocktails!

  • slickporsche

    Street camping is not always a good option, in modern times, because cities have many ordinances against everything, including doing an over night in a camper. It also makes locals nervous, because they do not know who you are. So, they call the cops!

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