Sukihana Wants All The Smoke & Fights Nikki Natural | Love & Hip Hop: Miami
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Sukihana Wants All The Smoke & Fights Nikki Natural | Love & Hip Hop: Miami

– Its now or never – [Nikki] Hi Ladies! – How you doing? How are you? – First I have to thank Joy
for reaching out to you. Misunderstanding what
happened, so I appreciate you for letting me come to the boot camp. – Okay, I’m excited to see
what you’re gonna do today – Because I definitely deserve to be here. – You think you’re ready? – Okay, Okay. – Definitely better than
everybody you invited here. – Wait – We not gonna start this today. – [Nikki] No, we starting it. – Don’t be looking at these names Nikki. What did we talk about? – [Nikki] I’m like above all this. – You know these… Like, there is no competition – Okay, show me what you got. Let’s just do your thing. – I’m doing y’all a favor
by being here honestly. – That arrogance is cute, but keep it to you know keep it cute. – Well I just want to see that you put that energy on the stage. – I will – Okay – Lord have mercy this girl done raised my pressure already – This is you – I’m a go cause my head hurt I gotta go use the bathroom. – Me too. I’ll see you in a second. – Be nice – Girl, this is gonna be
too much for me already – Its not too much, party just started. – Okay, so listen. I’mma
try to have a conversation with this moose. You know
a grown woman conversation. I ain’t really trying to whoop Nikki’s ass in front of Trina, but if that pussy ass hoe play with me I promise
you I’ll keep the same energy. – [Nikki] Ahh (bleep) – What I’m trying to figure our is why you stole my phone? – We taking shoes off? – I’m taking my shoes off
because I got heels on bitch because I sprained
my motherf***** ankle. – Oh okay, you sure? Because this shoe gone – Do you have children? Do you have children? – You throw that shoe,
this gone to hurt worse. – Bitch shut the f*ck up! You ugly ass – You ugly! Bitch! What’s up? – You play with me I swear to God She not talking! She not talking! I’m talkin, no she’s not talking! She came up, she came up talking about bitches finna throw hands. I’m trying talk to her!
I’m trying to talk to her! Because I don’t want
to put my hands on her. I don’t wanna put my hands on her. – It’s nothing to put
your hands on me about. – No but I’m telling you
I really don’t want to Baby I’ve been boxing
since I six years old. – [Nikki] Okay, but you
took your shoes off? – Why would you steal my phone? – What’s going on? What’s going on? – I dare you, I dare you.
Get you ass out my face. – Bitch you better. – Bitch! – Yeah, pussy ass hoe!
Pussy ass! Get that bitch! [Bleeped Expletives] – Pussy ass hoe! Pussy ass hoe! – Y’all look stupid – Bitch I could handle you
by myself. Shut yo ass up! – [Trina] Yo!!!! What is going on? – This bitch stole my phone. Trina she stole my f*cking phone. – [Group] Oh!!! – I’m a smack your ass hoe. – Your getting pocketbook
getting water bitch! – [Trina] Y’all gotta chill! – She stole from me! – [Joy] She stole what? – She stole my phone! I’ve missed money on bookings! I got three kids.
You don’t steal from bitches. – Bitch I can handle you myself! – Do this girl! – Stank ass bitches! – Nikki you gotta chill! – Hood rat ass. Ugly ass. – Nikki! – Shut up bitch! – This is… this is crazy. – Shut your ass up hoe,
you rapping too much bitch! – Like how did this even
happen? Where the hell you was? – What the fuck is going on? What the f*ck did I miss? – I just went out for two
seconds and the whole… This is crazy. – She said she stole her phone. – She stole my phone – Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen. We don’t fight like that we
get lawyers to take care of sh*t like that. – Oh my god, I can’t do no
tour with this happening. – Nikki I will fold you by myself! – You bitch you ugly ass! – Suki! Suki! [Laughing] Suki! Suki! – Go get my bag though.
Both of my shoes too. – Okay – This is not gonna
happen. This cannot happen I don’t understand. I did not know – Why is she? I thought
she was not even a part of this tour! – Why was she here? – This is over, I am
not doing the bootcamp. I am not doing none of it,
the tour, I’m not doing it. I’m not doing it!


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