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Summer Picnic Ideas | HONEYSUCKLE

Spring and Summer’s the perfect time to have an outdoor picnic it’s a great time to get out of the
house, smell the fresh air it’s also kind of romantic too today I’m going to show you a few things I like to pack in my picnic basket let’s get started! So, for a light snack, I always like to pack a fruit and cheese platter I usually use grapes and strawberries ’cause they go really well with cheese and for the cheese, I used a smoked cheddar and a gouda so I like to get a hard cheese and a soft cheese to balance. Salads make a really great side dish for a picnic today I packed a pasta orzo salad in these cute little jars! They’re portable, really fun-looking, and really cute to eat out of too and then for the main dish I like to pack sandwiches sandwiches are great for picnics ’cause you can customize them, you can pack them individually and then also for the toppings you can pack them on the side so that people can pick and choose whatever they like today I packed a chicken pesto sandwich and here’s how I made it all you need is a ciabatta roll, about a tablespoon of pesto a handful of mixed green salad grilled chicken a few slices of swiss cheese roasted bell peppers and some sliced tomatoes take your ciabatta roll and spread your pesto generously then take your mixed green salad and layer it on top next take your grilled chicken, swiss cheese, tomatoes and roasted bell peppers and layer them on top of each other and there you have it, your chicken pesto roll. A really nice way to wrap the sandwich is to take a piece of parchment paper, wrap the sandwich, and then tie it with a string or twine this adds a really great touch to it that makes it nice and rustic instead of just a regular plastic bag. And then for desserts, my favorite part I like to bring some cookies or brownies ’cause they’re easy to pack and they’re like finger foods. Today I packed a dark chocolate with white chocolate chunk cookie and then for the drinks today I brought some sparkling water and some sparkling bubblies but a really great addition to your picnic
basket would be some sparkling fruit juice juice, or even soda. And then to add some final touches I like to use real silverware and plates because it adds that homey touch to it and then some fabric napkins ’cause it adds a pop of color. And always have a fresh bouquet of flowers to liven things up And there’s my picnic basket! What do you like to pack in yours? And also, where do you like to go? the park, the beach, the mountains, the lake? there’s so many options let me know comment below and if you
want to see more videos and recipes please subscribe below and I’ll see you guys soon! Bye


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