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Summer Vacation!! | Hannah Stocking & MyLifeAsEva

Are you sleeping [in] my Chinese class? [oh] of course? I’m a Mrs.. Dewan girl I’m not class what happens when someone sleeps in Chinese class. We just summer school GO FOLLOW @SUF537 ON INSTAGRAM!!!!!! Now everyone repeat after me me how how Have a great summer Okay, we’re Jenna where she should be here. She not with you know [knocking] we’re looking for Hanna. I’m here here know What’s gonna like disappeared [how] she’s vanished? What do you mean disappeared? Maybe she’s kidnapped Hello Cat groomers. Where’s my daughter? Uh if my daughter you mean cat? Maybe you left it here Hand back my Hannah Banana I will find you, and I will turn you into a corpse. [oh] my God. Oh Maybe we should face time her. Yeah, just be careful What is face time? How much time does it require? Okay Where are you? I’m in the Bahamas. Oh, we were just really we just saw [you’re] scared. Oh, yeah, no no, so creepy Sorry, I’ve been meeting here below a benefit. We’re solving Hey You fell asleep Summer school


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