Summer Vacation Is for Kids!
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Summer Vacation Is for Kids!

– I’m telling you, I’m taller. – Take off your shoes. – That’s not going to make a difference. – Whoa, dude (laughing). It’s so weird being back here again, dude. – You’re back from vacation, Raph. – Aw, man, you two dudes have already picked out your desk already, man? Like, where’s mine, bro? Where’s mine? Where am I at, bro? – You’re right here. – Ah, hell yeah, dude. I was hoping I’d get to
sit next to Grant, dude. – You always sit next to Grant. – Whoa, these desks are so much smaller than I remember, dude. So sick. – You were only gone a week. – Yeah, but it was Summer vacation, bro. (laughing)
So, it’s a new start to a new year, dude. – You went on vacation in the Summer time. That’s not Summer vacation. It’s not like when we were in school. – Hey, dude. Does anybody remember
my laptop combination? – It’s called a password, and what did you do to your hair? – Ah, you noticed, dude? It’s the new me, dude. – Why do you need a new you? You were only gone a week. – Yeah, but this was one
week in Hollywood, dude. We’re talking La La Land, bro. Like, that’s the place where like, everything happens, dude. It’s so sick. Dude, like I was (mumbles). – You spent the whole time in Hollywood? You didn’t even go anywhere? Not physically, no. But, in my mind, dude, I traveled all over Los Angeles, bro. It was so sick. Like, in my head, I was everywhere, dude. I was everywhere, dude. Everywhere in this city. – Sure, but what did you do? – Dude, I did nothing, dude. I barely answered all my emails. I hardly wrote several schedules, and then, all my meetings bro, all of them, (grunts) I just Skype’d
into that shit, bro. I’m Skype crazy, dude. I’m like a Skype monster, man. I was so savage with it, dude. – You just worked from home. – Ah, yeah, but like, only for like, 20 minutes every two hours. That’s like, 20 into. Hey, dude, do you have
a calculator on you? – No. – Ah, you’re such a slacker, dude. You’re such a slacker. What about you, new kid? – I’m not a kid, and no. – Dudes, we cannot be getting
senioritis already, dude. We got two more years. – Two years until what? – Two years left, dude. – Wait no, jobs are forever. – Right. Two years is like an eternity, bro. – Raph, what do you think
happens in two years? – Oh, dude, you do not have to
decide that right now, dude. ‘Cause like, I know
that you’re under like, a ton of pressure right now, dude. From like, our parents and stuff, dude. But, like, my friggen brother, dude, my friggen brother’s in
friggen Europe, dude. – No, Raph, you can’t think.
– Oh, Grant, you hit your growth spurt over the Summer, dude. Hey, Lily, tell me something. Who’s taller? – Take off your shoes. – I’m not gonna do that, Lily. – I don’t know what
you’re hiding in there. – I’m tall. Watch the sketch “How Tall
is Grant”, you’ll see.


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