Summit Wild Camping Prep Tips
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Summit Wild Camping Prep Tips

hello and it’s a Sunday video so I’m
gonna be answering well attempting to answer some questions and as you’ve probably
seen from the title of this video this is going to be answering some questions
about summit wild camping or some summit wild camps when I go away camping it
is usually as you probably know if you follow the channel it’s usually summit
camps I do as opposed to just general wild camping so I thought I’d share some of
my tips and maybe pre camp and pre trip tips because that’s what I was asked about
on social media David on Social asked “what prep do you do for your summit camps ” so that’s what I
want to talk about I mean look yeah I feel a bit tired this morning it’s
Saturday morning it’s about nine o’clock and I’m actually just back not
from a summit camp but I hiked up to see two fellow youtubers who were doing a
summit camp this morning they were camping on a fairly local hill to where I stay and I popped up to see them so I can blame Ray from the
Renegade Scot Channel and Robin from walks with Wallace a YouTube channel
because they were doing a summit camp last night for the summer solstice on a
nearby hill so I popped up to see them so I was up at 4:00 this morning
and yeah should also apologize Robin was up but Raywas still asleep so I do apologize
Ray I didn’t I didn’t mean to wake you up I think it was six o’clock by the time I got to the summit anyway I really look forward to you guys videos and I’ll put up a link to them if
you’re interested I’m sure they’ll be a ready to go by the time this video is edited and ready to
go so what tips can I give you on prep before I go wild camping and so I’ve written
some stuff here so please excuse me while I look at my notes my memory is
not likely I’m getting old don’t tend to remember these things and
why so even though especially when I’m doing a vlog so the first thing I
I can suggest you do it’s always something I think about is why I was
question why am I good on a summit camp is it due to photography or just to get
away from civilization or experience a sunrise or a sunset look that there’s
some of the the things I think about the before ago we and the reason I’m saying
question why I’ll be related to the next few tips on you know really good
location and pray before you go so you just ask yourself why you’re going to do
usually for me and it’s a combination of those things getting a wee bit of
exercise but a fresh air away from the what all this with what the rat race and
what-have-you so following on from that solid the second the second back prep or
the second tip I can give you is figuring out once you figured out which
the reason why you’re going is figuring which summit you’re going to go to and
Reiki how far it is to the summit because when you go camp and things are
different your laser is definitely just going on a day trip you’ve got a lot
more in your Park and what-have-you so the things I’ve written down here look
at the distance look at the ascent or we can see there any scramble
or climbing sections because something which might be a simple scramble when you’ve
got a light backpack on can become quite a serious proposition when you’re
carrying all your gear one example I can give you is when I was up Beinn Alligin in Torridon you
may have seen my video when I got lucky enough to see the Northern Lights from
my summit camp and told them I was coming off the first peak and I had my
big backpack on plus my drone backpack because it was back and it is when the
terms of slow quick break and I was just loading myself doing this sort of easy
scramble Association that was quite exposed and I I forgot how much of how
much my backpacks were extending from my back it was a bit bitter
that wasn’t a myth there’s a good bet and it nearly pushed me off the edge of
the cliff so that’s it that’s a reason you need to look at these things
another thing I check and see if there’s any river crossings and what I usually
do for those sort of things is I go into then terminate and in Scotland the best
I think is the best website is something called walk highlands and it gives you great
descriptions Maps to put over but also more importantly user reports you can go
look at numerous reports of people who have already been there and routes up
and any scrambling better said there may be so that’s that’s a tip now step two
step three I think is probably one of the most important ones is the summit
that you have to say that you want to go to is it suitable for camping and and
what I mean by that is this there enough flat areas as the terrain gonna be okay
for you putting your tent there now I’m not talking a big flat bit of grass I
suppose because believe me I’ve talked about this before believe me it’s very
hard to find a very very flat area of grass was there any Tufts of grass or
rocks or bogs so you can you can sleep and that’s why you need to get Grima
check them all on video we’ll go Mars if you didn’t traced it so yeah is it
suitable and the way that I do that is once again I use the internet and I
couldn’t do some research well actually I’ve actually been doing
one thing I do before then is probably the best piece of advice to find it and
it’s suitable for a camp is have you been there before maybe go do a trip to
that summit team mental notes every time I go for hikes and all happy I’m always
looking for sports which may be suitable for welcome should I go back there and
do do a camp for Mojave so a good example of that was last year when I
spend a couple of nights on Ben van with a with Tom and I’d actually been up or
just to be two or three weeks prior to that at that point I didn know we were going wild camping but I’d gone up Beinn Bha in Applecross and I found this
beautiful beach and the water and I thought that would be perfect for a wild
camp I mean I was on the summit Beinn Bhan and it was quite round and flat and there were some grassy spots to wild camp so it made a mental note
I want to go back there and when I’m being told who top I suggested that we
were headed up to that mountain that was yeah that was a fantastic well camp and
it really was special and but you often don’t have that I often go to summits I’ve not been to for years and I can’t remember what was it like up
there so a few of the things I do is a good internet Google Google wild camp on
Summit II was dual blog summit and if anything comes up then I look at that
and try and get gather information of all people done previously however that
that you’d be surprised at how few she get and make sure you’re doing sort of
really really common ones like Beinn a’ Chrulaiste and the ones that everyone
knows about if it’s less known ones for while camping there’s a surprising
little with the loot there so then and if I can’t find anything just doing a
Google search I’ll maybe look at Flickr because a lot of people will take some
it short swim that up there and you can look at the summit shots and just see if
there’s any picture for the ground didn’t move short so you can see or that
looks like it’s flying off to camp not ideal but it still works and things like
YouTube that’s that can be obviously created to do so that’s simply
see what else we’ve got here oh yeah step 4 check the weather though I mean what
if you’re good well camping and you’re in the valleys and the glens or lower down the mountain
you can usually find shelter trees or behind dykes and walls and what have you
but when you’re specifically wanting to summit camp it’s a different it’s a
different story especially in the winter I tend to wild camp in spring itss my favorite
time spring through to October if the weather’s really nice in the
winter but you know it can be nice and summery down in the glen but its a different story up on the summits the going but it’s a different different
world looking this summer so if you spend and I made up there and the way
I’ve tons yeah once again I’ve experienced this I think
I’ve got video which I’ll link this a little bit
my brother and I had a horrendous wild camp where the tent got trashed and we dint get any sleep so always check the weather and leave the weather check I usually
check it through the week and I always check it the morning or as late as
possible because it can change and there’s numerous depending on where you
stay this is obviously for Scotland I use things like the weather mountain
where that information service may officers really good and also likes the
famed this may cause from some controversy I actually find the BBC we
have a pretty good lift timings aren’t as good but it certainly shoes if you
leave it as late as possible can something sure with a weather front is
and if you know you’re aware that you can you can meet point somewhere so
that’s it number four and way up steady number five just if you if it’s your
first time or you’ve not been that often well camp and shape your Park we food
water if you’re having to take care and they give that your ex is a loss
extricate which adds extra weight and if you’re not used to the extra we may be
worth well good and I hate just see what it feels like and I always suggest pools
they’re not cool talk to it before pools will help and things like we have to
cross rivers or stability and even growing because that the backpack can
you know make you a bit more unbalanced and what have you six hours check we
were the closest water supply to the summit you don’t want to be carrying all
the water up because it adds so much weight if you can faint the summit with
a burn pretty close by that is ideal what a tard if you’re in the league this
rate but I’ll walking or what-have-you that’s perfect but often the summits
because it’s a summit of no water everything don’t it so I always check
we’re the closest water supply is if it’s a good distance away I will stop at
that point on the way up and fill on the bottles up so the team carrying the
water is minimized and believe me your your meat or thank you for God I finally
saw a step six step seven yeah depending one of the things I do often like to
take photographs of the sunsets and sunrises so there’s some useful
absolutely are the ones I’ve written down here there’s something called some
Carl can now tell you the position of where the sun’s rising the Sun setting
so if you don’t have some it may be a nice summer which gets great sunsets and
March if you’re there in mid-july and maybe retain the position of the Sun
coming up may not be ideal and also Jake son say it and sunrise takes a little
water free apps telling your team of Suns really on the sun’s setting so
that’s just yeah that’s that’s it and it’s not too detailed as I said it’s
not this isn’t the same there’s a this is what you should do these are just my
personal tips and answer them the question there
I don’t play if I do the full of all so hopefully Foom they’re useful if you’re
out in a boat Steve see fit there and thanks for


  • Colin Russell Scottish wild camper

    Any tips for promoting my channel?

  • Sklunker Sklunkersson

    Great to hear your thoughts as always. I've always found Walkhighlands to be a very good source of info, the walk reports are a good read as are the forums. The people running it have done a great job over the years, nice seeing it get a nod here.
    I seem to find myself looking around at the ground an awful lot these days when on summits, trying to imagine the perfect pitch (shamed to say never spent a night on the tops) Few questions I have tho ๐Ÿค” How do you find condensation, especially in winter or damper days? In high winds what's the flappy-ness (technical term btw ๐Ÿ˜‚) like on your scarp? And do you ever run into any trouble, terrain wise, when actually pegging out? Thanks again & I'll definitely be checking out those other 2 heidbangers you mentioned ๐Ÿ‘

  • Alistair Thow

    What about marking up an OS map if you have one of the hill your climbing or traversing, especially if your memory is going south. I'm using an app called what3words to find obscure parking spots in the middle of nowhere, worth a look.

  • Walk With Wallace ๐Ÿ‘ฃ

    Some excellent advice there Murray, it's amazing what's available if you do a bit of digging on the Internet. I know what you mean about scrambling with a camping pack as I noticed that on the Ring of Steall earlier this year.
    Peak Finder Earth app is great for sunrise times and locations.
    Cheers for the mention too by the way. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • David S

    All good advice Murray, and thank you for not recommending the wearing of a blindingly bright orangey yellow pair of trews for attracting attention.
    May I add a (serious) tip? With regard to weather forecasting, in addition to using the forecasts you mention, use a Barometer to monitor the local air pressure trends. This has proved extremely useful on my hikes, because a rising trend indicates improving weather and vice versa. I was once planning a high camp because the forecast was favourable, but a falling barometer reading persuaded me to camp lower down, and boy was I glad I did. It's little known that most smartphones these days contain a built-in sophisticated barometer; you just need to download a third-party app to access it, or of course you can carry a separate barometer at the cost of extra weight .

  • Richard Hallyburton

    Have you tried using Peak Finder? Not only does it show you all the peaks visible from your chosen date and location, it shows sunrise and sunset times, and shows the sun's path and exactly where it will rise or set on the horizon.

  • ryan szydlowski

    excellent advice Murray! the big worry for me when wild camping on summits is the speed of the wind. obviously around 10mph is ok but when it gets to 20-30 it becomes a bother. What is the highest wind speed you would still camp in?
    I've got the same tent as you (as you inspired me to get one) so taking the walking poles to use to anchor it down is great!

  • BordesFabian

    PhotoPills, fantastic app for finding the path of the sun, moon or stars plus loads of other really useful features๐Ÿ‘Œ

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