Summitter Inflatable Camping Mattress Review
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Summitter Inflatable Camping Mattress Review

Hey what’s up guys, Phil here and this is the review of the Sumitter Inflatable Camping Mattress and Pillow. The camping mattress and pillow come in a
drawstring nylon bag. It measures 11 inches long and 3 inches in
diameter and weighs about 1 pound. Inside you’ll find the inflatable pillow
and mattress but note that they may be slightly different colors. This is the inflatable neck pillow. It has a horseshoe shape and a pull tag at
one end. This opens the fill valve cap. Removing the middle section allows you to
deflate the pillow. Although the fill valve cap looks solid the rubber stopper will allow air to enter the pillow but not escape. With only a few breaths you can inflate the
pillow fully [breathing out] and the air will not leak out the fill valve. The pillow is quite comfortable to use and it fits around your neck for use
when travelling or camping. It’s lightweight, soft, and cushy to provide
some neck support while you rest. Just note in warmer weather the material
doesn’t breathe well and can trap body heat. When you’re done with it pull the release plug and it’ll deflate in seconds rolling up compactly for storage. This is the camping mattress. It unrolls to a size of 27.5 inches by 7.5
feet It has the same pull tag fill and release valve combo
to inflate the mattress. The material that the mattress and pillow
are made of is a thin but durable 40D nylon fabric that both resists puncturing and is
completely waterproof. The surface of it has a slightly fuzzy satin-y
feel to it. I did a water test and let the water sit on
the mattress for about 5 minutes. Afterwards it wiped clean and dry with no
residue and it didn’t bleed through to the other side making it great for the outdoors. This also means it’s really easy to clean
and care for. The mattress can be inflated by breath and takes about 30 seconds to fill. However, this may leave you a little short
of breath afterwards. Luckily you’ll have this comfy mattress to
rest on and recover when you’re done. I prefer, however, to inflate the mattress
using a portable electric pump like this one. You’ll notice that the mattress contracts a little after the air cells have filled up and expanded. The final size of the inflated mattress is
23 inches by 76 inches. The air cells are cushy and supportive, though
a bit shallow. They collapse a bit when you apply pressure but when your weight is distributed through lying down you won’t feel the ground underneath. The mattress is rated to support up to 450 pounds though I was unable to verify this claim. You may need to keep it slightly underinflated
for high weight bearing capacity. Overall, this inflatable mattress is effective
at keeping you off hard surfaces and preventing any dampness from the ground
or grass from reaching you. The pillow adds neck support when you need it. Both fill up quickly and deflate just as easily and roll up compactly for travel and storage. This set is a great companion for camping,
picnics hanging out at the beach,
or even just outdoor movie night. I hope you enjoyed this review. You can ask me any questions in the comments. I’ll put a link to the product in the description
below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and
join me next time.

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