super mario 64 bloopers: Who let the chomp out?
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super mario 64 bloopers: Who let the chomp out?

Mario: Hello! It’s me. Mario: Whaaats Uuup? Mario: Okie-Dokie! Get ready to move your penis! SMG4: Stupid! Goomba: Oooh! Noo! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH Goomba: Ah! You cannot have my babies! Mario: Mama F***er! SMG4: No, no don’t do it! No! NO! (Chainchomp Barks) Mario: OW?! Mario: WHAT IS IT? Mario: Ohh nooo. Mario: That’s no- Mario: Fine! Meanwhile… Bob-omb Buddy 1: Ohh hell no! Bob-omb Buddy 1: They took our jobs! Bob-omb Buddy 2: They took his jobs!? Bob-omb Buddy 1: They took our jobs! Bob-omb Buddy 2: Hurk-a-Durk! Fat Shy Guy: Hello! Bob-omb Buddy: Fire! “♫I believe I can fly!♪” “♫I believe I can touch the sky!♪” Mario: Oh brother! Mario: Mama-mia! Mario: Whaaa! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Mario: Oh S*** oh S*** oh S*** (Gasps) “♫This is what I do I sit on you!♪” “♫Sit on you!♪” “♫Sit on you!♪” “♫This is what I do♪” “♫I sit on you!♪” “♫Right on your lap!♪” Mario: You son of a b****! SMG4: Run, b****! Ruuun! Who let the dogs out?! Mario: Hm? Mario: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! *Chainchomp Barks And Glass Breaks* *Chain Chomp Barking* Koopa: What’s with all the scre- Koopa: OH MY F***ING- (Gets hit) Chomp: It’s raping time! Mario: Get over here! (Screams, clangs) Luigi:Mario! Mario: Luigi! Move! Luigi: Ain’t even gon’ think about it! Mario: Bye-bye! (Luigi screams like a girl) Mario: Oh s***! Toads: Oh! Hey, Mario! Princess Peach: What the fu- SMG4: Run, b****! Ruuun! (Faints) Toad: What in da fug waz that?! Mario: Mama-mia! Mario: Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! (Princess Peach gets eaten by Chain chomp) Princess Peach: My scrotums SMG4: What?! Princess Peach: Oh yeah! SMG4: You stupid b****! (Screaming) SMG4 (I guess): And YOU gotta help us! Mario: NO! Mario: No, no, no, no! Mario: Hell no! No! (Snoring) Chain Chomp: HI! Chain Chomp: HOW CAN I HELP YOU!? Sonic: Hey, hey hey! I’m Sonic! Sonic: Sonic the Hedgehog! Chain Chomp: What the f*** is a Sonic? Chain Chomp: Wanna be friends? Mario: Oh, no f***ing way! (Eating) Mario: Ack! It tastes like s***! (Sparta Remix Sound Effect) Mario: Mama-F***er! SMG4:Uuugh! Toad: Happy feet! Wombo Combo! Toads: OOOOOHHOOOOOHHOOOOH OOH! Mario: Luigi! *Italian gibberish* SMG4: What!? Luigi: Go Weegee! Go Weegee! F I R E (wat) Mario: Well he’s my bro and he’s got nothing to do, Mario: And he was up for it! SMG4: Oh, I guess that makes sense. (This makes no sense at all) T H U D T O T A L S I L E N C E Mario: Hmm? Mario: Mama-mia! (Chainchomp Barking) (Toads screaming) Chain Chomp: Surprise, motherf***er! (Intense screaming) (Sorry if i removed the rest of the subtitles. I will bring them back in a minute.) (Fat Shy Guy listening to I sit on you music) Toad: I am on fire! Toadsworth: Come at me bro. You mad? P O W SMG4: Run, b****! Ruuuu… SMG4: Okie-dokie! Mario: You son of a b****! (Bubbling, gurgling) Mario: Game over! Mario: Bye-bye Luigi… Mario: Princess… Mario: Bowser… Mario: Toad… Mario: You son of a b****! SMG4: Hey! Be a man! Mario: It’s not possible! SMG4: Wow! What an a**hole! Chain Chomp: Prepare your butt! (Girly scream) Mario: You. Are. STUPID! SMG4: SHUT THE F*** UP! (Pacman Noises) Mario: Oh no! I L L U M I N A T I C O N F I R M E D Pacman: Just kidding. I am Chain Chomp. Mario: I am sick of your s***! SMG4: NO! NO DON’T DO IT! NO NO! Chain Chomp: I just wanted to be your friend! SMG4: I’m so sorry Mario: I don’t give a f***! Bomb-omb: They took his dog! Bomb-omb 2: They bawkhidawsgs! Bomb-omb: Holy f***! Bomb-omb 2: Duck-e-durgge! Mario: Oh yeah! “And nothing of value was lost.”


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