Superhero Summer School Water Balloon Challenge! Hope vs Noah’s | SuperHeroKids
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Superhero Summer School Water Balloon Challenge! Hope vs Noah’s | SuperHeroKids

(upbeat music) – Guys, hello? (upbeat music) Guys, hello? Where is everyone? I cannot believe that
everyone has ditched me. (upbeat music) “I want you for Noah’s Super Summer School “in the nearest neighborhood park.” Super Summer School? – All right class, this is
Noah’s Super Summer School, lesson one, you have to listen closely. This is very important. All you have to have to be a
superhero is a cool nickname, super speed, and pizza. They all worked for me and now
I’m gonna teach ’em to you. Are you ready? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – [Noah] Then let’s get started. – Nicknames, super speed, and pizza? I could do a way better
superhero kid camp than that. Good afternoon campers, I’m Hope, I’ll be your instructor for the summer and this is the Better
Than Noah’s Superhero Camp. Today you are going to be learning how to be a real superhero. And get ready for a super packed summer. – Uh, Hope, you do realize it’s just me and some stuffed
animals here, right? – [Noah] All right, here’s your proper eating pizza technique. – Now that’s a real camp. – I’ll get you, Noah. And your little school. – Right here! – This means war! – I don’t think this is gonna end well. – All right, this is
the most important thing about being a superhero, pizza. It gives you good energy
and it’s relaxing. (dramatic music) – Take this, Noah! – Take cover! – Who’s attacking us? – It’s Hope! – Your sister? – Yes! – Oh great, doesn’t she have super powers? – Guys we need to make a plan. Huddle up. Everyone got the plan? – [Students] Got it! – Team Noah, break! (dramatic music) Hope! (mocking noises) – Noah! (tense music) – Charge! – Uh oh. (screaming) – Throw! (electronic humming) – I forgot she had that power. Retreat! (dramatic music) (electronic humming) (dramatic music) – The last balloon. (dramatic music) Yes! (cheering) Good fight, Hope. – That was a lot of fun. – You guys wanna have another battle? – Yeah!
– Yeah. – I like that idea. – But then who are we gonna battle? – Oh, me. (screaming) – Oh. (screaming) – Make sure to click the link down below to check out our awesome
superhero kid merch. – Thanks to all our friends
for helping us film. – Make sure to click right here to see another awesome
superhero kids video. We’ll see you there. (upbeat music)

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