Surco Van and RV Ladder Rack Bike Rack Review –
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Surco Van and RV Ladder Rack Bike Rack Review –

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the
Surco ladder mounted bike rack. This is designed to mount on any RV, motorhome
or van that has a ladder with a one inch tube on it. The part number is SP501BR. The lightweight heavy gauge aluminum construction
is durable and rustproof. They have a bright dipped polished finish
on it to protect it from the elements. As you can see, the rack’s going to have a
two bike capacity, has got nice rubber cushion cradles and flexible rubber straps that are
going to securely hold our bike. Also, as you can see, the cradles are designed
so they’ll slide up and down the length of the cradle arm. This is going to help us to adjust for different styles of bike.

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  • stratovan5

    could this be mounted on a prime design rear door access ladder? ( Part# PD-AAL-8008) The uprights on that ladder appear to not have a round profile but rather have a square edge.

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