Surprising Camping Trash Can
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Surprising Camping Trash Can

– Super flat, easy to store. When you need to use it grab the handles, pop it open… Good morning. I wanna show you about
this trash container. It’s just one of the coolest inventions and one of my friends actually made it, so let me show you how it works. Welcome to Tomahawk DIY everyone. I’m Mike. I’m out here camping in National Park. It sure is a beautiful place. Now this thing is just
great for both car camping and camping with an RV. It folds down nice and thin like that. It’s super flat, easy to store. When you need to use it, grab
the handles, and pop it open. Get your bags… So it’s got these super
convenient magnetic holders. Now this is a patented
device so you can only get it from This thing’s just great
when you’re out camping. It’s also super handy around the yard when you got filled leaf bags. You can use it in a
lot of different areas. And I love how compact it is and easy to put up, easy to take down. Go visit and use the code tomahawkdiy
for a special deal and get one of these yourself. And yet it’s a phenomenal invention that has come out recently and has just come out on the market. So be one of the first ones
to go visit and get yourself one of these
instant portable trash cans. All right, we’ve been
here a couple of days now, and now for the next part of the magic of this Put it Here instant trash can. We have to lift the bag out. This one’s super easy. Get it? You tie it shut and this works great even if it’s stuffed
completely full in here like if you’re doing leaves
around the yard in autumn. Grab here and there you go. This thing folds up
and we can put it away. Just like that. Set it in and you’re ready to go. Can’t get any easier than that. – [Narrator] This instant
trash can has great features. It holds large trash bags
33 gallon and larger. The bag locks in place
with strong magnets. I love how it slips right
off the full trash bag. No fighting to get the bag out of the can, and when you’re done using
it, it collapses flat for easy storage. It’s constructed of heavy duty vinyl and a rigid metal frame. It stakes down to the ground
to stay in place on windy days, and it’s great for indoor or outdoor use. – Thanks for watching Tomahawk DIY. I hope you’ll go visit Enter the code tomahawkdiy
to get an added discount when you purchase one of these. It’s a great tool, you’re gonna
have it for years to come. This thing’s built out of… It’s not gonna start tearing
and degrading on you. It’s got these handles for
straps to lift up the magnet. Pockets where you can put some trash bags, and it folds up super small.

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