Surviving 24 Hours Winter Wild Camping | Solo Peak district UK
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Surviving 24 Hours Winter Wild Camping | Solo Peak district UK

♪ Call My Own by Jay Denton Hello, welcome to an extreme episode of Expedition Jack. Well I call it ‘extreme’, it’s like level 1 extreme. This is my first time ever going out, or challenging myself in ‘severe’ weather warning conditions. It’s only a yellow weather warning. But I’m here today in the Peak District. I am around Win Hill, just north of Castleton. But it was snowing a lot more than this when I just drove in. But yeah, we’re going to challenge ourselves, and challenge my ability and all my kits to see how cold they can get. Because it’s only -2°C now. It’s set to snow a lot more today, into the night. But tonight it’s going to go down to -5°C. So we’ll see how it goes. ♪ Climb On by Jay Denton So I’ve just made it up to Ladybower reservoir. Pretty impressive. All these reservoirs were… made in around 1912, around war time. And this supplies all the water source for
the surrounding cities and everywhere. The Peak District is very well situated in the centre of the country. So for the Midlands on both east and west. This is the first one, then there’s… I think it’s Derwent Reservoir, And then there is Howden Reservoir, I’m not sure if. Then there’s a few more little ones, but I can’t remember the names. So today as you can see, I’m pretty well kitted up. I’m in my ducky coat, to keep me warm. What I’m doing is, I’m bringing all my heavy gear. I’ve brought all the luxuries, like my big axe, even my big tripod which I don’t normally take with me. Just going to see how it goes. Because it’s only about 30-minute hike from the car. Spending more time talking to you guys. But yeah, it’s just… an experimental phase for me, to see what works. These gloves are cool. I’ve actually muddied them. So I can actually clip them on my belt and stuffs. Yeah like I say, it’s -2°C, going to drop down to -5°C tonight. I’ve got a new sleeping bag, which I’ve been using a few times, always been sweaty in the night because it’s too good. It’s one of these really good ones, duck down from China. Literally a half of, a third of the price of the ones here. And it’s the same thing. So it’s just a taster, taster test day. And I want to be doing a lot more of this in the future. So. Let’s get to it. ♪ Call My Own by Jay Denton Now I have made it to the winter wonderland. My water source is just there. I’m following it up here. And then after this path I’m going to diverge from it. What’s that? It looks like an old barn or something. Oh wow, I didn’t know it was derelict, I thought that was used. That’s cool. Found a landmark. I love it! All this snow. If you can hear it, that’s my water source I’ve been following. Here’s a barn. Let’s go have a look at that. That tree’s fallen over it. It looks like people have camped in here before. Left some stuffs. For that tree, This is a really old one. To do windows like that. That’s really old style. Not too sure what this is for. You see these’re where the struts would be, the beams across. So it’s a two-storey… barn. Barn come, Cottage come. Whatever it was. This is cool. It looks like emm… they’ve just planted, all these. These are quite young. So I need to go further that way I think. To get into the big trees over there. Yeah, so let’s continue hunting. Nice find. Really nice find. Tomorrow, it’s too cloudy today to see anything with the drone. But I’ve brought my new drone. It’s smaller, more lightweight, compact. But, eh. Tomorrow it’s going to be glorious sunshine. It’s colder tomorrow. It’s going to remain about 4°C, -4°C… in the morning, all the way through to noon. But, it’s going to be a beautiful clear sky. And that’s the time to get the drone up, not today. And the snow will still be here. So why not just get the shots tomorrow. Sorted. It’s so peaceful out here. Nothing. Now you see the snowfall up here compared to down there.* There’s the other peak, in the cloud. And I’ve actually… you know the famous road, ‘Snake Pass’, for all the motorbikers. They like to go down there through Matlock. Through the Peak District, that’s been closed today. So that’s how much snow is falling on Snake Pass. Now I’m going to, diverge from the, the safety of the path, and go into the woods over there. Think I’m going to, either head for that one over there
where the tall trees are. Because, I’m trying to keep to the water source. The water source is this side. I could go over there. There’s definitely a space to camp over there. On some flat ground. But that’s going away from my water source. I plan to use some of the snow. Test the snow out and boil some of that. But that’s going to be a pain to use all the time. Because I’m boiling a lot of stuff for cooking later. So it’ll be handy to have water source on tap. I should’ve really waxed my trousers. You know these Fjallraven trousers. You can… wax them. I did that before. I got super sweaty. But I wish I did it now. Because, pretty wet, just walking through the brush. But it’s all a learning curve. I’ll see, I’ll see how it goes. Because…emm… Later. Later, I’m not promising. But I’ve brought all the stuff to actually…do natural fire. Obviously, the snow in the UK is proper wet snow. It’s not like, the Arctic Circle snow where it’s dust, powder snow, dry snow. So, we’ll have to see if it’s feasible. All the wood looks pretty damp, but I’m going to try and use some of Paul Kitley’s techniques. Get some logs, wack them open, see if there’s any dry stuff on the inside. That is the pinnacle of Win Hill, just there. That’s where we’ll go tomorrow. And I’m just scouting out what I could use for a fire. Because I am notoriously bad at fire making. And especially in this sort of condition. I haven’t done it in this condition. Well, I will, use what I’ve learned, but obviously… practice makes perfect. I haven’t been practicing. Because I haven’t been out enough. But I’m just taking note that these are on the ground. They might be wet. But they might be worth a shot. I don’t know. There’s loads of these dry dead standing logs. Like, still in the ground. They might be worth a shot. Because I’ve brought a saw with me. Chop a log of that, and then split that, that might be my best bet. ♪ Endless Horizons by Ian Post I’ve discovered this lovely enclosed bit, so people on Win Hill in the morning, if there’s some early bods up there, they can’t see me. But I’ve got myself a sofa, a natural seat. Which I’m going to put, a Dutch poncho as a tarp over… on this tree, that tree, that tree, and then somewhere in that. Whatever I can get my hands on, basically. So I’ve got cover over my seat. And that’s where I do my fire. Only a small fire, what’s necessary. And I’ll have my tent, just there. This is a bit more of a slant than that. But, it works for me. And then up here, we have another dead standing wood. Which is, clinging onto another tree. We’ve got more wood actually around here. Even that one holding itself up. But this one, is in much better condition than the last. This is actually dry on this side. So it is definitely, definitely a goer. This is how I’m going to, get that down without…killing myself. Or I might go for that one over there. But yeah, this is a good spot. And then in the morning I’ll head up to Win Hill. Don’t think I’ll bother with the water source. See how I go with the snow. Melt some of this glorious snow. But I’ve heard that, because it contains air and stuff. A full pot of snow will only give you a third water. So… I’ll try it out. So I’m going to set up. Probably got about half an hour left of light. It’s all cool though. Eh, I’ve got a, a brilliant. I’ve got one of those Lanshan’s. And then that’s why I brought the walking poles. I don’t normally use walking poles, or stuff like this. That will be the tent poles for the tent. And it’s a beautiful white colour and it will blend into the landscape. So no one will know I, I’m here. And then the, the poncho is… camouflage, that will blend in with the trees. So the only thing they’ll really see is the fire. So that’s the plan. It’s just so pretty and, quiet for once. Because where we live, there’s a, it’s on a flight path. So, the roar of… airplane engines go over all the time. Before it really hurt my ears, but now I’m just used to it. That’s why I have to get outdoors more. ♪ Runaway by VESHZA There you go. One Dutch army poncho as the tarp. Just gotta tether these out the way. These are like the, the pull tags to cinch it in. And sometimes, I haven’t got anything to do that with today. But, you get the hood, you wrap that up and, you can do like a pyramid style, so it’s lifted away. This’s my first attempt at this, seems pretty alright. If it does snow, I reckon it would accumulate in the middle. I might make this a bit higher. So a bit of a… a slant to go off the edge. The nice thing about Dutch army poncho, is that the bag that it comes in, is attached to it, You can store things in this bag if you need to. There you go, there’s a Farrimond knot, all cintched tight. And it’s adjustable, so it’s really good. Time for a brew I think. Time for a cuppa. Now this is a, what I got just before Christmas. Titanium Pot. But it’s half the price when you buy it from China. So, get it from China. It’s titanium, I think it’s 100 milliliter, that version. But I chose this one, because this got a bail handle. So I could do a fire and hang it over. And… safety precaution. So can actually get to it. And it’s all self-contained, all my cook kit is in this now. Because before I used Trangia set, cook set, which is still fantastic, I still use that, when there’s like two of us or whatever. But if it’s me solo hiking. This is all I’ll take. Just good to boil water, do what I like in it. So got this cheap crappy pot stand. Because people said, it’s better… better to do that. Scrubber. Char cloth. I’ll keep it here actually. A silicone cup. These’re fantastic, they’re very lightweight. It’s only a metal rim and then it’s all silicone. But this can take hot water and everything. Very very good. And it stops things from rattling around. And then I’ve got the small, Xtreme, gas canister. I’m trying this out. I mean it’s ready to down to -27°C. I think it’s bit overkill for here. But. I want to make sure it works. Then my… lighter. That Lily got me for Christmas. Just makes life easier. I have brought my stricker anyway. But, depends how much time. the amount of work, It takes to process that big dead tree. Maybe, never know. But I’m going to start off… …just make myself a tea. Get some liquid back in me. Actually I might use the snow for that. And also forgot to mention. A BRS lightweight stove. Very lightweight, but does the job. Hooo… see that gas. Didn’t realise it was turned on. Hooo… So this is what I’ve got for my delights tonight. This is the MX3 Adventure. Some French brand. But, my good friends in Bushgear have given me these. It’s a spaghetti bolognese~ Pasta Bolognese! But they are great, because they are the dried ones. So it’s not the liquefied ones…. You just add water. And you use this, you eat out of this. It’s only 125 gram. Rehydrated to this 375. So it’s saving you half the weight without carrying the moisture. So you just add the moisture back in. And the nice design of this is you tear it off, this middle section, and you can eat out of the bowl. Very very handy. Very genius. I recommend it. There is a link in description. If you want it, go and find out all about it, and where to get it from. That’s what it looks like on the inside. Just dried pasta with some… flavouring. Smells nice. Let’s see if my water is ready. That’s nice and boiled that is. You have do it up to a certain line and on this indicates you should do it up to no.4. You re-seal it, and you let it rehydrate for about 10-15 minutes. Stir it around a bit. Then for later, I’ve got, the vanilla custard. I think this is just custard in a bag. Just thought I give it a stir, to get all that flavouring out. Yeah I do recommend these. But they are quite expensive if you, have them all the time. So probably just keep it for when you go on a big hike or something. I’m still experimenting with them. Because… Yeah I haven’t had much experience with them. I normally do, camp cooking. Which you can watch here or here. A proper proper camp cooking with Lily. Well I say I do it. I say we do it. I do the filming, she does the cooking. She does a fantastic job. And she cooks way more tastier food than I do. I cook Italian stuff even though I’m not Italian. But, seems like all British people know at least one Italian dish. I think that’s been doing for about 4 mins now. Got another about 6, 6 minutes. Wow That’s good. Should’ve straighten up a bit. Should’ve set it higher, to be honest. But, it’s alright, it works. You know what, the crappy stabilizer is worth every penny. I mean it was only 99 pence anyway. But, it’s worth every penny. Someone recommended it to me. because they seen I was just using the can on the BRS, I think that was on the Stove Comparison video? It doesn’t fit very well, you have to force it on. But, it works and works. I always have a rule. You always… spend the money on the things that you need to rely on. Like, really rely on. So, talk about camera kit or clothing, you need to really rely on it to work. So a camera you need to rely on it every time that it’s going to work, or to get the effects you need. So put top dollar on that. But you always skimp money, on say things like. These things that don’t really mean the world. But just makes your life easier. So… In the camera world, that will be rigging equipment or tripods, stuff like that. So say like these boots, these don’t have to cost the world. These are just, old army surplus boots. I’m really pleased I wore these. Because these are… for the European, British, German weather. German paratrooper boots, really reinforced. But yeah these go right up, so I can wade for a lot of stuff. I love these boots. It’s just that they are heavy. So they are great for a short hike today. I have done a lot longer hikes in them. Regretted it. I wore them when I went up and over Kinder Scout with Will. Really regretted it. It was like, carrying two cement blocks on your feet. And the only mistake of that trip, for me, was, I carried too much heavy stuff. Half of it, didn’t need. Didn’t need it. Should’ve skimped it, chucked it away. Even today I’m carrying less, but I’ve taken, more essentials. So, like I’ve got the tripod, That’s such a luxury. Have a tripod and sit and talk to you. And you know what, 10 to 7 means my dinner’s ready. Hopefully it hasn’t cooled down on the ice. Yeah that rehydrated meal, the bolognese was alright actually. I’ve just put some, more snow in this for round 2. Round 3 for tea, but round 2 for dessert. Pud pud. I didn’t realise it’s such quite early. Goes dark early anyway, like half 4 to 5 now. It’s Jan. It’s Januarary, But I’m just so pleased I found snow. The first, snow camp. That I’ve ever done I mean. Not that anyone has done. Because I’ve seen some people go up for, the Cairngorms Camegorms, Cairngorms? Tell me if I’m wrong. In Scotland, and they go up to the, the peaks and stuff and. Oh, it looks phenomenal. Some of those Scots guys, what they have on their doorstep. But you need your proper gear for up there. Like, that’s why I say, this is, ‘Extreme Expedition Jack’ for level 1. That’s probably like a level… I don’t know, 7, 6? Because there’s always more extreme. You go to Sweden, Norway, or… Arctic Circle. -30°C, that’s the number. That screen in the camera, the digital screen at the back freezes, and it will expand and break. Theoretically, I can keep filming… until -30°C. I don’t know if I should try that in this camera. It does really interest me, how people go into different environments. These extreme environments, you know like Planet Earth. And the type of gear they need to get those shots,
and the film equipment needed. But It’s not just the film equipment. That person to get that animal, probably sitting there all day, for a full week, two week. Just waiting for something to happen in front of the lens. Sitting in a little pillbox, or something, out in the snow. That’s crazy. I wanna go further. Probably the furthest I’ll go this year would be whales. Because we’re going to meet a friend again called Craig, Craig Evans. For some coastal foraging around Pembrokeshire. And that… The South Wales Coastline is so dramatic, so spectacular. And it’s all free food. That’s the thing. This foraging lark, a lot of people don’t know that
they can eat that or eat this, and. What surprised me the most is I have no interest, in the plants. Only I’m interested in the animals and seafood. Because that’s what I thought was close to foraging. But, I’ve heard a foraging of plants before, but it didn’t really interest me, until I went along with Craig Evans, I looked at a whole bush in the estuary, loads of different plants there. And I was thinking, well it’s all just grass, or something like that, it’s not edible. Next minute he’s picking out, picking it out, giving us an encyclopedic details about each plant,
identification sort of thing. And yeah when you get to try it, they taste so different. And so tasty, some of them. My favourite is still pepper dulse, pepper pulse it’s of rocks. It wasn’t in the estuary, but it was some, it was on the coastline, and grows on the dark side of the rock. And that is really really nice. I love that. Because it’s really garlic and chilli. Well worth a watch. Well worth a see. And you can see it in the 1st series, and you’ll see it again in the 2nd series. Because we got a load more to cook with mussels. So you can see where you actually get it from, or what it looks like as well. Really worth a watch. Like, especially his channel. It’s called Craig Evans.
Just type in Craig Evans Coastal Foraging. You’ll find it. A good guy, really good guy. You can have so many ideas. The best thing to do… This is someone at my film school actually said. Get all your ideas, any ideas that pop into your head. If you got scrap bit of paper, write it down,
chuck it in a drawer, or a book or anything. Leave it, leave it. Because… As soon as you thought that idea, you think it’s the best idea in the world. And you’re like, yeah I’m so passionate I wanna make it. But same with YouTube and Camping, you think of these ideas, and sometimes they turn out abit crap. But the nice thing about chucking it away and looking back at it. When you are in the mood or, when you are in the zone of creation or doing something. You look at them again and you think, well that’s crap, that’s crap, scrap that. And then you look at, you only see the Golden Gems out of it. And then you go forward and make them. And that’s the best thing, to go back, when you’re ready. I mean that, that theory is applicable or analogy. It’s applicable to anything, really anything creative,
anything you wanna do in life. Put it on a piece of paper, chuck it, chuck it away, go back to it. See if it’s still a good idea or if it’s total crap. It’s a good system, it works. Yay, Rolling Boil! Time for dessert. Right, got me custard. Going to do the same thing. We rip off top, open it up. Oh, How long does this take. Only 3 minutes to this. Well it’s only custard ain’t it. Whoa, all that custardy goodness. Funny story. When I went Austria, as a kid. Me and my parents were in a restaurant, and… We had apple pie or apple strudel over there. And something. When you ask for custard, they don’t have a clue of what custard is. I think it’s a very unique English thing, to say custard. Because they didn’t have a clue, and then it was only on the 3rd day. Going to the same restaurant because we were in this hotel
out in the middle of nowhere. That they call it vanilla sauce and it makes sense, because it tastes vanilla, smells vanilla. There are some, some strange reason, in the UK we call it custard. So yeah, for future reference, if you go to anywhere in Europe, try and call it vanilla sauce, if they look at you blankly at custard. More tea, Vicar. And I don’t know if this is a stupid idea. And I’ve got a Galaxy bar. I’m going to, drop that in. Break it up and have chocolate bits. Might melt, might not, don’t know. Oh yeah. Sponsored by Galaxy,… … if only. I’m gonna take all that rubbish out with me. I think I forgot the rubbish bag though, which is annoying. Yep, chocolate’s melted. Especially Galaxy. Seal it up and wait. I didn’t really follow the instruction proper. It’s custard, right? What can go wrong. Searching for em… camp spots near me. But every place I found is unsuitable. And then the other bits of woodland, they are just… they are either, game, got loads of game on them. So I scouted out a wood the other day. Really suitable, looked amazing. That was only 10 minutes from me. And, Yeah a bloody wild boar came out, in front of me. Wild pig or whatever it was. And then full of pheasants, And then I was obviously thinking,
‘oh these are all game… animals, sort of thing.’ And yeah, then I found evidence of it. And then, some signs that had been overgrown like
‘keep off game’, ‘shooting’ and stuff. So I’m like, well. Don’t wanna say. I don’t wanna get shot. So however good that spot was. I don’t think I’ll go and use it. I don’t wanna… because… Without the permission of it anyway. So, I’m in the wrong. That one I’m talking about is only a quick overnighter just to learn say. feather sticking or different bushcrafty techniques.
which I wanna get and learn. Because to here where I am now. Errr, you bastard. It took me… an hour and a half to drive. And, to do it as regular as I would like to. I would like t o find somewhere… I’d like to find somewhere really close. Snow is good. Makes everything really clean. If I didn’t have the snow, I would’nt have all this water to drink. Thank you snow. Forgot my custard, you gotta really stir it. OH it’s got a chocolate swirl in it. Alright then guys. Now I’m nice and topped up. Got my head torch, got my work gloves. Got my axe, got my saw. I’m gonna, make an attempt of…doing a fire. So you know that falling dead wood that is leaning. Very risky one. That is now… That we’ve seen earlier. That is now my option 2. Because it’s just a risk mitigation and all that shite. I found my option 1 which is just behind it. There’s a fallen dead, fallen tree. And I’ve just been and checked it now. And it’s actually… dry on the under side. So it might be… viable. But it’s all an experiment. We got plenty of time. It’s 10 to 8 now, so. May as well, get going. That flicker is my torch. It’s the Olight Nova. And the biggest one. That torch actually fits in this head strap. Magnetically and that clips over. Very good torch. Very very good. Lasts a very long time. But I’ve just been using… pardon me. But I’ve just been using it a lot. The cold, might be getting to it as well. Have left it out in the cold. Say. Let’s get to it. ♪ Mold Breakers by Jay Denton ♪ Endless Horizons by Ian Post So there we go. This was option 2. It just looks more dry than option 1. I’ve still got the option 1 there. That’s, just when the fire is going. But this, this is amazing, this is exactly what I want. This is, worth all the effort. I whittled down, you know that dead standing tree. I whittled it down like a beaver, with my axe. Created all these shavings. And then I used my saw, weakened the fibres a bit. And then I did like a karate kick, whacked it with my axe and it buckled. That’s fine. I’ve got my good chunk. It was like… … this twice. And that’s all I need. It was a lot of effort though. Because I lobbed off the rotting end bit. Because that was a bit touching the ground. And then I thought, ‘Right, do I make the effort of chopping it in the middle.’ Oh it was so worth it. It was so quick and easy to make all of this. Now, I’m gonna try something that Peter taught me. Forrester Bushcraft, sorry, Forrester Bushcraft. You know when we did a collaboration. He taught me how to make feather sticks. Now, to be honest, I haven’t tried it since. And this will be a perfect opportunity to try it. Because I got all the materials. It is…It is dry… And I will try it with a striker steel. So, let’s get to work. Peter said, look for ones that don’t have knots in, that does have knots in. But I suppose I could do, to the, just that a little bit. But, err… I’d like a bigger one I guess. It’s actually…. sparkles forming. Very technical term. That on the tent, makes it very pretty. For once I am proud I’ve got a white tent in the winter wonderland. This one looks good. So I’m gonna do it down to this end. There is a big knot there so I’m gonna start here and go to there. I’m gonna try and make a few. From my track record of last time, I got the gist of it. I did one or two. And it did go but it wasn’t the best. Adjust when you pulling the piece of wood to a little bit. So I’m angling the piece of wood like this. You kind of pulling it in the… To belly? Yeah. So turn it. Turn it and look for the ridge. Well I think I’ve just bevelled my ridge. The key to this is a sharp knife. I know my knife is sharp, it’s just my skill is wrong. Looks so easy. But you know they’ve put their time in. OH!! Just lost all my curls. Shit. OH NO! It’s like when it catches and then it goes all the way. Well I’ve got, lovely curls to, just chuck on. I have brought some char cloth. I don’t know if I need to use it or not. But I will try the method of just lighting the stick. Let the stick do the job. I will try that first. Alright then, just a quick update. Even though I’ve processed all this wood. I’ve made some feather sticks and everything, Super happy with it. Found some sweet corn, that I brought with me. I’m gonna have one now. It’s about 5 to 12. I’ve been pissing about doing the long exposure photography. ♪ Nuclear Vision by Michael Shynes I’ve done some feather sticks. I’ve got kept them in my little pouch, with some little bits. But I thought, it’s not… It’s not worth doing the fire tonight. I won’t get the benefit of it. I’m nice and warm, in myself. And I just have this, and ano… last cup of tea. I’ll also boil some of my water. This is starting to freeze, or the tubes or something. Anyway it’s cold, and that’s not nice to drink. So what I’m gonna do is, boil half in there, and make some 温水, which is warm water. So I’ve just boiled up some more snow in here, I’ve just been boiling snow, it’s been great. It’s been fantastic, no need to go for a water source or anything. It means I could’ve, camped over there, in that bigger wood over there. But, that’s for next time. Only when it’s snowing there, or I bring more water. Because normally I got a big reservoir, that would do me right. But I can’t use that in winter because it will freeze up. It’s not one of these good good ones. It’s just a normal standard bladder. And especially I put a… filter in the line. And… if that freezes that will break. And it’s… it just, well, it won’t work anymore, will it. That’s why you gotta buy some sort of… sheathing, to keep it warm. But, I can’t be bothered with that, I’m not, going that long. So that’s why I just use a standard water bottle. Cool we got a rolling boil. ‘Shiiiiing’ Yeah I’ll have one of these tomorrow. These are so nice. Especially when they’re packaged like this, these will last for ages. But I forgot I have had these, these are to balance up the instant meals. Because, those instant meals I find them very acidic. Break it in half. And I’m just gonna plonk it in… No, do I do that before I make my tea. Yeah, probably. Oh that’s really full. There we go. I have no idea how long they’re gonna take. So we’ll wait to find out. I’ve been very fortunate tonight. It’s been a full moon, really spectacular full moon. And being a bit of open canopy here. Not in that, really dark stuff over there. Especially the snow being here. Here it reflects, a lot of the light, so you can at least get around without any torches or anything. But I think I’ve exhausted most of my lighting. This is my last torch, this is the small one. But, that’s all I need. Snow makes life a lot easier. So what I’m gonna do, is save all this firewood. All this prepared firewood and have a fire in the morning. Get up a bit early. Have a nice fire, warm up. Because… I always find it’s colder in the morning. Because you just getting going. Gonna shove on all my layers and everything. Just, have it for probably an hour, warm up. Probably dry stuff off, I’ve got a wet arse from sitting down somewhere. That was a bad mistake. Then we will go from there. Tomorrow I’m on about heading up to Win Hill, up to the pinnacle. It’s not that far at all from here now. It’s not far at all. So why, why not. May as well, go up to the top, Just take a left and then, go down. That should only take me about 30 minutes. If nothing, nothing happens. I see you in the morning. ♪ As the wind blows by Jay Denton So good morning guys. It’s a really cold one. It was a bit chilly in the night, to be honest. But I think that’s my camping mat. I’m only using the Therm-a-Rest, foam mat. So I think I need a better mat. Because, that’s where I felt the cold from, the floor. Woke up this morning. Bottom of my trousers are frozen solid. My shoelaces are frozen solid, my socks are frozen solid. Didn’t realise they got a bit wet. So, I chuck them in my sleeping bag, get them warm, got a bit chill. Chucked them on, got out, ran around a bit. It works. And that’s why I’m wearing my Buff on my head. I know it doesn’t look the best, but it works, it works. So, it’s about 15 minutes away from sun, sunrise at 8 o’clock. And it’s absolutely stunning the landscape, the wonderland. And I’m definitely gonna do a fire this morning. I’m really pleased I saved all that firewood for this morning. Don’t know, it just occurred to me last night that, I’m always colder in the mornings. Probably because, you just around camp, getting ready and stuff. Especially today. It’s about -4°C still. There is ice on the trees and all sorts,
even some of the snow’s turned to ice. Gonna be very treacherous driving back. So I’m gonna drive back slow. Last night, before going to bed I put all the wood under the… the basha, the tarp, the poncho. And it’s still nice and dry. So, let’s go and make a fire. I’ve done a bit of a fire lay. Just because I have so many splinter shards and stuff. Makes sense. I only made like, one fire stick and then one and a, abit. But, I’ll have a go with this. I don’t wanna… mess around this morning, if you know what I mean. It’s cold. Just letting it go. Don’t wanna rush it. We have fire. See the steam rising from my… trousers? It’s melting and going away. I’m now thinking of making a, fashioning a pot hanger, to cook in my pot. Nice. ♪ Through the Fire by Michael Shynes Gonna have some sweet corn now. With the water left over. It’s a bit sweet. I’ll have a… some mint tea again. Just to warm you up. Probably, try and have two of them and
I’ll probably melt some more snow again. Not sure how long this is gonna last so… I probably get that one on the gas stove. Then, it’s All Hands to Stations. Pack up and go. So good. Bit hot still. ♪ The Rhythm of Life by Jay Denton So I’ve made a move, I’ve left the camp. And I’ve left it how it was, no trace at all. And this is just stunning views up here. Crazy crazy mountain views. So I’m making my way up to… What’s it called, Win Hill. So I’ve made it to the pinnacle of Win Hill. Oh well the pinnacle is over there, but I’m actually higher, on this stone right here. My main camera has given up the ghost. That’s about 8 batteries, 8 batteries in total. I didn’t bring all of them. I normally have like, 10 or 12 I think. But… Yeah, there is nice. So, I’m just on the GoPro at the minute. And… it fills in the blanks. Absolutely stunning views from up here. But you know why it’s amazing… when it’s in snow, like this. But it’s not too cold. Seems like Win Hill was actually shielding me
from the wind coming over this way. Because I was down there. That forest down there. So… Those are the dams. And around here, it’s the… Hope Valley. So, you drive in there. Hope Valley. And then down there is the cement works I think. But it looks like works, I think that’s Castleton, and then that’s Mam Tor and all that over there. Pretty location. Hhhh, Hello. Well there we go guys. We’ve made it back to the bridge where the car is situated. Beautiful waterfall here, or a bit of a waterfall. It’s stunning, so different from yesterday. So I hope you enjoyed this one guys. Really tested my abilities in the winter and the snow. It wasn’t as challenging as I thought. I didn’t need all my layers. I didn’t wear my coat at night. Because I was warm enough doing all the, the activity. I guess if you sit around camp all the time, you’ll need all the layers you need. But, it was really nice. Something that was changer was this Buff around my neck. That makes life a hell of a lot easier. Just stops the wind and, you can put it around ears and nose. The only thing I didn’t account for is that I would get a wet arse, So when I went to bed, it was on my outer trousers and
then it was on my thermal layer on the inside. So obviously I took them off to go in the sleeping bag. Because I didn’t want the moisture inside the sleeping bag. It froze over night. So please let me know what you think about this episode, by like, commenting and sharing. And… Stay tuned to join the Expedition. Thanks guys. ♪ Summer Girl by Reaktor Productions


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    2- If there is snow I am bringing synthetic ski pants. Make them extra baggy and it will be warmer and more breathable.
    3- Is -5c considered cold in the UK? I only ask because many Northern Americans and our Canadian neighbors would take -5C any day. Compared to our -25 C days.

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