Synergy: Deep Down & The Masked Prisoner
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Synergy: Deep Down & The Masked Prisoner

Oh, it has an MG too. I see. “My gut.” Must have eaten something dodgy. The only thing I have
left is the gravity gun. Are you going to defend
yourself with a barrel? Yes. Out of sheer desperation. I’m going to defend
myself with a barrel. Fuck. What?! Did APC just kill me with a barrel? It didn’t even explode, mind you. I just wanted to give it back. Yeah, I’ll just wait for you.
I’m not going in there alone! I think one of your wheels just came off. My what came off? Your wheel. Who cares. Why would you need four
wheels on a car anyway? I think three are quite enough. Well, yeah. Bitch, stay away from me! Stay away from me! What have you done?
I can’t see shit! I’m stuck in the map
because of you! You bastards! Just look up! You utter bastards, god damn it! What have you done? Oh, just use the stuck command. OK, great. Check out this car! That’s interesting. Chat: “YAY THATS IT” I think we gotta get into the buggy. Has anyone got any medkits? No, the map has just started. Chat: “IT’S HARD TO INFLATE
A BLIMP WITH AN ENEMA BULB” Which one are you in? The yellow one? The one at the bottom. I’ll get into this one. Oh, good. Is everyone in? Chat: “Yes, me too” “Yes, me too” Aw shit… I think she’s just using stock replies. Probably doesn’t have
a good command of Russian. Yes, most likely. Why else would she agree
that “WONDERGLUE IMPROVES CALAMARI” Or whatever I wrote last time. Sorry! Alyx approves, apparently. Skai, come on! You can do it! Brilliant. Mamma Mia!
I have no ammo! How did I even get in here? What sorcery is this? “Transport” Yep. On the right. OK. Friendly fire’s on, by the way. Grenade! Did you just get in the car? Some save! Another one! Special ops! Wait a minute. What’s with the posters? I didn’t throw it away in time! I picked it up, but didn’t
throw it away fast enough. There’s two guys down there. Get ’em! Oh, it’s right here, guys! You’re right. Where? Damn it! It hurts! Get this thing off me! Oh boy! They drop hp. Wow, there’s quite a lot of them. What the… I flipped it. Watch our backs. There’s more! Alyx will keep an eye on them, OK. Way to go, babe. Shit, I’m stuck. You’ve gotta be… I was stuck in an antlion. But at least it couldn’t attack me. Right, watch out! Oh, come on! I thought I ran away from it. Why did it get me? Oh, the grubs make this noise. Strike. They drop hp, yeah. What, did you get all of it already? No, there was some left. Oh, man. Easy there! Someone’s firing at us! It’s that little prick down below! A worker. Cheeky bugger! Yeah, it spews acid. OK, great. Good luck. Any more creepy crawlies down there? No creepies, only crawlies. Oh, what is this? Well that’s something! Right in the hole! And the grubs went “Yay!”
as you fell past them. Fuck! I completely forgot! I forgot supply crates do damage
when you throw them! God damn it!
I was like “Here, have a crate!” Wait, what even is this? Oh, it’s a bomb! Right, you can throw these at striders… It’s looking at me. What?! What happened? I tried jumping up there.
It didn’t end well. What are you doing? “…This persecution was too much for Father Theodore
and he began climbing up a perpendicular wall of rock.” Where am I supposed to go? We came up to the gate
and it teleported us over. It teleported me when 
I jumped over the gate. Let’s let him reach
the top of this pole. This is rather boring. You gotta put a spray up there. Yeah, get your screenshot,
your spray, your alpenstock… What else have you got? Can you reach the wall yet? Wait, almost there. Hopefully I won’t slide right off it. Fantastic. Don’t forget about the spray. You’re the real MVP now. That’s right. What is the default key for spray? Maybe T? So how do I get down from here now? Let me try and catch you. Just slide down it. “Saving…” Oh. Thanks! Ow! Stepped into the fire there. OK. Shit, bowewod!
I’m sorry. Holy shit, that grenade bounce! I tried firing through the damn fence,
but apparently it’s bulletproof. Contact grenade out! I said, “Contact grenade out!”
Why would you jump in front of me? It was out all right! One of the gibs landed
all the way over here! Wait, throwing a grenade. Contact grenade! Watch out! Can I try? Oh, come on! Go ahead. Now I’m gonna try it.
Be careful, stand back! One down. OK… What! Two down! Why me? Skai, tell them we’re with you. They’ll let us past. Jesus! I just saw that. That platform you’re trying
to jump on, it goes away! Do you even hear me? But where does it go? It look normal now, but it starts
blinking and then goes away. And then it comes back on again. Stand back, Savv.
I need some run-up space. What the hell, Savv? Kinda slid of the railing there. Come on, come on! One down. No, don’t run! I’ll catch you. It went away! It’s back on. Go for it! Go ahead, I’ll catch you! Blimey! Oh, like that? It works! I’d rather wait for it
to go on again, just in case. Oh, it’ll… I knew it! We’ve got no one to catch now,
my Kazakh friend. Let’s go. Oh you… Why would… So much for supplies.

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