• snow camping – 2010 – Schneezelten (English subtitles)
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    snow camping – 2010 – Schneezelten (English subtitles)

    OK It’s shortly after 5 pm, the tent is put up (more or less). Let’s step back a bit for a better view. Looks a bit botchy 😉 We’re somewhere in the Franconian Forest, the depth of the snow is far beyond half a meter which we had to shovel away nearly to the ground level, (here you can see the wall) to drive the tent pegs into the earth. But now the tent will keep stable, here we’re going to spend the night. The sun has (as you can see) already set. Everywhere… nothing. We take up quarters now, 9:45 pm, pitch-black, cold as ice 11 pm, nearly -17°C…

  • Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Tent
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    Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Tent

    Hi! I’m Liling Pang from Trekaroo and today we’re camping in a memorial park here in Pescadora California and our family of 5 is checking out the new Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Man Tent. It’s about the size of a pack and play and feels just about as heavy as a pack and play If you are going to set up a tent, always make sure you bring along a tarp because that will help to keep your tent clean The Eureka Jade Canyon 6 has some interesting features that you might want to know about the roof here has this illuminate technology. Basically a reflective surface that if you…

  • The Eurohike Buckingham 6 Man Tent
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    The Eurohike Buckingham 6 Man Tent

    Hi, today we’re going to be taking a look at the Buckingham 6 by Eurohike. The Buckingham 6 is a versatile six birth family 10 with a clever internal layout made with a tunnel style configuration. It is simple to pitch and also maximizes internal the fabric is Eurohike fibre seal 3000 that waterproof seam sealed fully the outer is equipped with color-coded pole sleeves to further ease the pitching process and the guylines are attached with riveted metal eyelets that are really secure fixing to my right here you can see one of the ventilation pods this also to my right also in the roof you’ve got the central…

  • Vi är nybörjare – Nya Zeeland VLOGG
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    Vi är nybörjare – Nya Zeeland VLOGG

    Hey everyone, and welcome back to the life in a campervan in New Zealand! What are you doing? I’m rocking Fanta. Fanta is my baby. Look! It seems like it’s my baby. I’m going to go jumping now. On the trampoline. Let’s go! We are such amateurs at this. Last night we slept at a paid pan… “Panking ground”… “Paid pancake”. Paid camping ground – where you pay to stay and you have access to electricity… …and a kitchen, and things like that. Mhm. We really needed this, because the poop tank was full and we were out of tap water. There was chaos in our home. It’s a good…

  • Surviving with just a Knife Part 1: Shelter Building with just a Knife in the Woods
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    Surviving with just a Knife Part 1: Shelter Building with just a Knife in the Woods

    Okay, so I’m here in the woods of Southern New Hampshire, USA to do a 24-hour survival challenge. I’m going to spend 24 hours from right now to this time tomorrow. So about two days and one night in the woods with just this knife. And the clothes on my back and my shoes and this bandana. So first off, I’m going to start to make a shelter and start to scout out the area for water sources while i’m making the shelter. Right now it’s late summer early fall I don’t think it’ll get too cold tonight but a fire would be great and the ability to purify water.…

  • Lincoln’s Case, Beatles, Giant Teeoff, & Amazing Cold Camping
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    Lincoln’s Case, Beatles, Giant Teeoff, & Amazing Cold Camping

    what is it Jax did you find birdies out there get those birdies Jax yeah yeah and good sunny early morning to you from Illinois blue skies and sunshine I get some urban camping here at a Cracker Barrel in Mount Vernon because they don’t allow parking over at the Walmart in fact for the first time the Walmart in Mount Vernon has like bars over the parking lot so no high clearance vehicle can even enter the Walmart over there like there’s there serious but Cracker Barrel gave me the okay last night and they have these RV bus designated sites right here so it was fine but I…

  • Exped SynMat 9 Sleeping Pad
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    Exped SynMat 9 Sleeping Pad

    For sprawling four season warmth and comfort, the Exped SynMat 9 is a great option for your next cold weather backpacking adventure. This is an oversized mat, so you do get about 25.6 inches of width. It is about 77.6 inch-es long. And when it is inflated it is three and a half inches thick. So you get a really big clearance from the ground. If you are a side sleeper this would be a great option, so your shoulder and your hip aren’t digging into the ground. There is a lot of technologies here that make this a premium mat, from the materials in the fabrics to the insulation,…

  • Eagles Nest Outfitters Guardian Bug Net
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    Eagles Nest Outfitters Guardian Bug Net

    The Eagles Nest Outfitters Guardian Bug Net provides a convenient way to be protected from winged insects when you are hanging out in your hammock. We have got an Eagles Nest Hammock set up with the bug net over top of it. It is constructed of very fine no-see-um mesh netting. So it packs down to be really small. It is lightweight, so you can pack it up, throw it in your backpack, take it into the backcountry. But this would be a great option for just at a campsite, hanging out in the backyard. It is effective against mosquitoes, black flies, any insect that you don’t want to be…

  • REI | Co-op Tested, Co-op Made: Tent Poles // Ep3
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    REI | Co-op Tested, Co-op Made: Tent Poles // Ep3

    – Hey, guys, it’s Dave from REI Mag Lab. Got something cool to show you today, we’re going to see how we test tent poles for salt corrosion. (upbeat rock music) Here we’ve got Jim. Hi, Jim. – Hello. – [Dave] Jim’s getting set up to run a test. What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna mount some tent poles in an arc. It’s a little more stressful than what it would be in a tent, just a little bit tighter radius. We’ve dunked them in water, some salt water, to get ’em nice and soaked. We’ve got some sprinklers in the ceiling that are gonna run and spray salt water…