• ASSISTANT Camping Adventure TheEngineeringFamily Funny  Video
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    ASSISTANT Camping Adventure TheEngineeringFamily Funny Video

    – Family fun for everyone! Wow, I love camping. Look at all these tasty treats that I have. I have bagels, pretzels, honey, mac and cheese, of course, Froot Loops, cheese puffs, and breakfast bars. – [Mr. Engineer] Wow, Assistant, you like camping, right? – Right, I love nature. – [Mr. Engineer] I hope no wild animals come. Are you worried? – No. – [Mr. Engineer] Me either, well, neither am I. Let’s hope that nothing comes, okay? – Okay. – Hey Ricky, Raccoon? – Yeah? – Do you smell that? – Oh yeah! – I smell tasty treats. – Oh man, me too, the snacks! – We need those…

  • Car Camping Tips and Tricks
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    Car Camping Tips and Tricks

    (gun shots echoing) (cargo rattles on car roof) – So we’ve now completely re-upgraded the tarp. It’s an all new system. All new guy-lines, tent poles. Because during a recent car camping expedition in the snow, the system was destroyed. It collapsed under the snow. So this tarp was put together in Australia. Here’s the brand name, this is the company who make them. Very good quality, CrocSkins. 1300 550 788. So that tarp, it’s about 600 grams per square meter, so it’s very heavy fabric. And here’s all the new guy lines. With the Line-Lok cleat. Very easy to tighten the guy lines with these Line-Lok cleats. Step around…

  • How to Choose Backpacking Sleeping Pads || REI
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    How to Choose Backpacking Sleeping Pads || REI

    for the sake of both comfort and warmth sleeping pads are crucial to getting a good night’s rest in the backcountry but how do you know which ones right for you let’s talk about how to choose backpacking sleeping pads when choosing a sleeping pad there are three main factors that you’ll want to consider and those are comfort weight and inflation comfort generally comes from thicker cushy or sleeping pads but you can gauge this by trying out a couple you can do that at your local REI weight is pretty self-explanatory which leads us to insulation most manufacturers will use a number called an r-value to gauge how…

  • Life on the Road: Crazy Family Adventure Episode 2
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    Life on the Road: Crazy Family Adventure Episode 2

    – And this episode we’re gonna take you to Disneyland, Los Angeles, and Morro Bay. Come check it out. We’ve been on the road full time, for the last four years. We’re taking a five month road trip up the west coast. – [Father] Traveling with our four kids means four times the adventure. – [Unison] This is life on the road! – We are kicking off our west coast road trip with a stop at. – Disneyland! – Yay. – Happiest place on Earth. – It is, so we’re gonna kick it off with a stop there first so we actually got a campground that is just like two…

  • Camping in Antarctica – Episode 3
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    Camping in Antarctica – Episode 3

    Nearly 98% of Antarctica is covered with ice. Up to three miles thick in some locations. After spending a couple weeks at the McMurdo Station, I placed my microscopes and a sleeping bag into a helicopter to venture to a unique part of Antarctica known for its lack of ice: the Dry Valleys. The Dry Valleys are host to a few tiny field camps of researchers, often only half a dozen people at each. My first stop was Lake Bonney to spend a week camping at the frozen lake looking for microbes living underneath the ice. So, I’ve just arrived in the Dry Valleys for the very first time and…

  • How To Sleep Better Outdoors
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    How To Sleep Better Outdoors

    A good night’s sleep is essential for getting the most enjoyment out of your time in the outdoors. Here are a few tips that will help you get the best night’s sleep possible, wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to start a new day. You’ll want to begin choosing the best campsite possible. Preferably one that offers protection from the elements, has a flat level area large enough to pitch your tent, and smooth ground free from any obstructions or debris. When setting up your tent or shelter, make sure to do so as securely as possible. This will ensure that it offers the protection you need throughout the…

  • 2019 Wonder Murphy Bed
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    2019 Wonder Murphy Bed

    Hey, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans Today we are in beautiful Grand Beach Manitoba and we’re doing a little RV in the brand-new 2019 Wonder MB – who needs a toaster when you’ve got an open fire? don’t tell Jenny Craig about this If you’ve been kind of looking for a small Class B Motorhome and you thought it was just too small, You want to have a look at the 2019 Wonder MB queen-size bed residential style bathroom with a stand-up shower pop-up TV tons of interior storage and tons of exterior storage but let’s go have a look at the brand new 2019 Wonder MB. under 25 feet…

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    How to Repair a Broken Tent Pole – EASY

    – Welcome to Tomahawk DIY everyone, I’m Mike. (rushing water) Here I am camping in the beauties of Yellowstone (National Park). Enjoying geysers, wildlife. And, my tent here had a great big wind storm come through on our last camping trip down in Southern Utah. Tore it up, and it broke at least three tent poles. I want to show you how I used FiberFix to fix them. So, you can see when this windstorm blew the whole tent over, it was staked down, and yet the whole thing blew over, filled with our gear. It was quite wind that came through. Ripped some holes in it and broke some…

  • How To Patch a Tent and Other Outdoor Gear
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    How To Patch a Tent and Other Outdoor Gear

    Hey guys Alisha here with terradrift. We’re we’re all about vegan travel and adventure so if you’re into any of those things be sure to hit subscribe before we get started. Today we’re talking about gear repair – specifically repairing holes in tents, sleeping bags and jackets. So it happens sometimes, right? You’ve been wearing your gear for a while or maybe not that long and you’ve ripped a hole in it – some branches rip a tear in your puffy jacket or you’re just a little bit too rough on your sleeping bag and it springs a leak and you got like fluff popping out all over the place.…

  • Custom Pop Out Sides On Van to RV Tour/ Camping With Friends At Lake
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    Custom Pop Out Sides On Van to RV Tour/ Camping With Friends At Lake

    2011 GMC Pro Walkout And Access Their Tools And Supplies From The Outside V6 Texas Van Previously Owned By Fire Extinguisher Company Walk Out And Access Their Parts And Tools From The Outside Don’t Have To Climb In Factory Made About 120k Miles I Think None At All Can Hang Meat Inside! 5k BTU 2000 Watt Yamaha Generator 12 Hours Well, At Low Speeds All It Takes! 300 Watts! Zamp- Z A M P I’ve Got 2 155AH Batteries I’ve Got Total 310 Ah Of Storage I’m Getting 16 To 17 MPG Average I Don’t Know The Way I Have It Loaded I Might Get More! I Don’t Know Van…