• Tent Camping A KOA
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    Tent Camping A KOA

    What’s going on hikers what’s up with you Oh me I’m camping in a tree away So guys I’m here tent camping at a koa koa stands for Campgrounds of America and in the US. There’s one that pretty much every little town across the western half of the US I’m not sure about the eastern half. They are a discounted campsite. You can hook up RVs. There’s facilities I’m actually using a tent site. My wife hates it so this koa had availability at a tent site for 35 bucks I had water hookups power place to cook bathrooms and a shower So anyway, I’ll check it out show…

  • Simple “Tent Peg” Cooking Stove
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    Simple “Tent Peg” Cooking Stove

    Hey guys, I brought you out to the mountains today. To show you a cool little camping hack You can do with only three to four tent pegs. So if you’re hiking backpacking or camping and forgot your stove Here’s a simple little hack that just might save the day now the idea here is really simple We’re just gonna push three to four tent pegs down into the ground You can really go as deep as you want. You can see already a couple inches in it’s really firm Ihnihnihhjnbjo job u B bunih hnWe just need enough of a gap that we can build a small fire Or…

  • Gone Bushcraft: Wood Burning Gasifier Stove Demonstration
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    Gone Bushcraft: Wood Burning Gasifier Stove Demonstration

    This wood burning stove has a double wall, which allows pre-heated air to flow up in to the combustion chamber. The pre-heated air combines with smoke and wood gas to create a secondary combustion. The stove breaks down into four parts, which pack together nicely. A bit of a false start there… Pine fatwood to the rescue! This full pot of water boils in about 3-4 minutes. It’s important to keep feeding bio mass into the combustion chamber. The stove burns very efficiently, so you don’t need a lot of fuel to keep the stove running.

  • Wood Gas Stove SCIENCE! V5.4 Secondary Air VORTEX!
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    Wood Gas Stove SCIENCE! V5.4 Secondary Air VORTEX!

    welcome to wood gas stove science where I attempt to learn science behind wood gas stoves this is secondary air port experiment part five-point four… in this experiment I use the optimized primary air port layout Arrived at in previous videos I Tweaked the secondary air ports so the air enters the burn chamber at an angle fuel parameters are kept same throughout the experiments… one measured cup wood pellets and 1 tablespoon wood pellets soaked in HEET from the yellow bottle by five minutes into the burn all sixteen secondary air ports have good flame and the Jets at an angle seem to be causing the vortex well very…

  • DIY BACKPACKING GEAR: Ultralight Backpacking Stove
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    DIY BACKPACKING GEAR: Ultralight Backpacking Stove

    What’s up guys? On today’s video I’m gonna teach you how to make a fancy feast alcohol stove out of a Fancy Feast cat food can. So stick around and I’ll show you how. So like I said guys, I’m gonna show you how to make a Fancy Feast cat food alcohol stove out of some Fancy Feast cat food cans. It is really easy, really cheap. It is one of the cheapest, lightest, stoves I have ever found. And they are really simple to make. First that you are going to do, is take your can of fancy feast and dump out the contents. And be sure to thoroughly…

  • Trangia Triangle Wind Protector Pot Stand For Wild Camping/Backpacking/Hiking
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    Trangia Triangle Wind Protector Pot Stand For Wild Camping/Backpacking/Hiking

    Happy New Year guys um janya to the fast and I’ve came out I’ve got a couple of ideas I wanted to camp intro coming up in a couple ideas as well so far but come out and do this well I’m free time but you won’t believe it January the fast and there’s like 10 degrees I’ve got this bug jacket on jumper but it’s so hot oh I’ve got two things the beach is marked so I’m just doing the usual part that I always come to have a camping video i punt absorb their yeah cuz my talk show most likely keep the wind oh it’s not…

  • Budget Backpacking – The $8 Stove and Cook Set
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    Budget Backpacking – The $8 Stove and Cook Set

    This is the $8 stove and cook set combination The $8 stove and cook set combination is a lightweight and cost-effective solution from backcountry cooking So in this video I’m gonna show you what comes in the kit right? What all do you get for $8? Where can I go buy this stuff? And then how do you use it in the field? So let’s talk about components for a minute what are you gonna get for $8, right? You’ve got your spoon in your fork and pretty necessary And I like the metal versions of these there’s titanium That’s a lot lighter but these costs less than the dollar…

  • Zero Alcohol Stove
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    Zero Alcohol Stove

    Whats up everybody! Welcome back to my laboratory, Where safety is number one priority and today i’m going to show you how to make survival camping stove out of 2 aluminum bottles Lets check this it out! OK what we are going to need is 2 aluminum bottles Like this, and then were gonna measure out And mark it first First one were gonna mark it up, to about 1 Inch Next one about 3.1 Inch Boom just like that And we got two markings right here, One and Two Second bottle about two and a half inches and at about 3.7 inches right here boom something like that then…