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    Galarian Weezing, Linoone’s Regional Evolution, Morpeko – Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Good morning there’s new Pokemon trailer *Intro Plays* I really don’t understand Nintendo’s why they love dropped knees at 9:00 a.m. that’s fine because right now we’re gonna be taking a look at the brand new Pokemon sword and shield trailer both the English version and the Japanese version since the Japanese version is a minute longer and a lot cooler by the way we’re still doing a giveaway for Pokemon sword and shield and a Nintendo switch now the ones with the extended battery be sure to stay tuned to the end of the video for more info let’s change our playback speed to a quarter so we don’t…

  • Camp Camp: Episode 9 – David Gets Hard | Rooster Teeth
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    Camp Camp: Episode 9 – David Gets Hard | Rooster Teeth

    ♪ ♪ T-G-I-F, kiddos! Boy has it been a week! David: Monday we went base jumping for Ered’s Extreme Sports Camp, Tuesday we froze Harrison alive for Magic Camp, I can fix that… David: Wednesday was a double-whammy for Arts and Performance! (sinister tone): Do not move a muscle. David: And all of these hilarious props and gags are courtesy of Thursday’s Visual Comedy Camp! [toy horn konk] Thursday’s over, Scotty. Go back to your tent. [sad toy horn honk] So, Gwen, Which camper are we focusing on to wrap up the week! Uh… Oh no. Come on, co-counselor. Who’s it gonna be? It’s…Nurf. [dramatic sting] Breach! Oh dear. Nurf’s…camp?…