• Nordic Skiing, Pulking, and Hammock Camping in the Carson National Forest
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    Nordic Skiing, Pulking, and Hammock Camping in the Carson National Forest

    Hey it’s Whistle Norvell and today we’re going to do some hammock camping and some Nordic skiing here in the Carson National Forest So I found a pretty good place to camp here Found a couple of good nice Piney trees a little bit of snow coming down It’s not too cold, but it’s cool enough And I love the spot. It’s beautiful right on the edge of a beautiful view With the mountains, so I guess it’s time to get the hammock set up for a good night’s sleep tonight All right, I got the basics for the hammock up Kind of interesting with the guylines in the snow,…

  • Hiking and Camping in Kazakhstan. July 2016
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    Hiking and Camping in Kazakhstan. July 2016

    Hey guys, my friends and i decided to get together and go on a hike! One of the friends… ugh… One of my friends who’s going with me, or rather I am going with him, is my good friend Dima. Dmitry is a doctor. Please let them know where we are going. Hey, everybody! We decided to go the Big Almaty Peak via Shymbulak. So our goal today is to get to Mynzhylky and spend the night there Then tomorrow proceed to T1 station and hit two passes: “Molodezhniy” and “Soviet” Which would bring us to the “Kumbel Su” canyon located in not to far from the Big Almaty Lake…

  • Backpacking Gear & Tips : Shoe Fitting for Camping & Backpacking
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    Backpacking Gear & Tips : Shoe Fitting for Camping & Backpacking

    I’m going to talk a little bit about shoe fit now. When you go to an outfitter, there’s going to be someone there who’s going to be a boot fitter. And it’s their job to find the right boot or shoe for you. And their going to have an idea of, in their stock, what the different fits are for their boots. So pick their brain a little bit and find out what they know about the shoes that they carry perhaps even others. When they pick out a few for you, when you get them on your feet you?re going to have to do a couple things. The first…

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    Tour de Mont Blanc Detailed Packing List | Wilderness Backpack for maximum self-sufficiency

    Hello, there! We are Angelina and Dima from Walking Nature World. And we are going to show what’s inside our backpacks for Tour de Mont Blanc and Dolomites Hike. As we’ll be wild camping most of the time and we’ll be out in the wilderness we tried to be as autonomous as possible and as independent as possible. So we brought lots of interesting stuff this time and lots of new one so we are very excited to share this with you. So let’s begin with my backpack! So we’ll start right from the backpack, I have a new backpack this time – this is a 20 L Quechua backpack.…

  • Introduction to the Tour de Mont Blanc and how we got to Chamonix
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    Introduction to the Tour de Mont Blanc and how we got to Chamonix

    Hello, our friends! It’s Angelina and Dima here from Walking Nature World and today we are starting the tour de Mont Blanc hike. This trail is around 150kms in total and it goes around the summit of Mont Blanc. It crosses France, Italy and Switzerland. So it’s quite an international hike. And for us it’s probably won’t be the longest hike we’ve done because we’ve already done the Camino de Santiago and it was around 500kms. But definetely most high elevation one and possibly one of the most challenging. We are planning to do it in 8 or 9 days. But it will depend a lot on the weather conditions…

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    How to Prepare for a Camping Trip : How to Select Communications Equipment for Camping

    Hi,this is John Stewart, and this is some communication needs that you’ll need to address, for going on a camping trip. Going on a camping trip, backpacking trip, anything like that. You need to have ways to communicate. These things can be found in satellite phones, walkie talkies, GPS, stuff like that. All these things come in real handy. If you’re going out on the trail with other people, and they’re splitting off from you, a walkie talkie is real handy. You can get them from two to three mile ranges. Stay in touch with that person, in case of an emergency. Also cell phones, satellite phones, these come in…

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    Escape the city and beautiful camping | Camino del Norte from Santander to Santillana – Day 13

    Good morning on our day 13 of our Camino de Santiago del Norte. And we are looking very sleepy right now because we had to get up real quick and early from the camping Derby Loredo where we stayed yesterday. Because we didn’t like it at all, we have nothing to say positive about it. It was really dirty and so we prefer to leave it soon. So we had to cook here on the beach as you’ve seen. Today we are cooking at the beach, very quick. Also there is a tidal wave, we hope that it will not wash us away. Like Aladdin, the keeper of the light,…

  • My Oldest Pieces Of Backpacking Gear That I Still Use!
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    My Oldest Pieces Of Backpacking Gear That I Still Use!

    Hey, what’s up guys Devin here with backcountry exposure. Thanks for joining today I want to talk about old pieces of backpacking gear particularly My oldest pieces of backpacking gear that I first purchased that I still own still use in different capacities But yeah, let’s talk about it because this is actually kind of fun for me. It goes back all the way to oh gosh 2000 2001 when I was I don’t know 13 14 15 years old and I purchased some of my first Backpacking gear items for me personally and they’re both MSR products and the first one happens to be the MSR blacklight set and…

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    Solo Overnight WINTER CAMPING FAIL (Almost)

    Well guys, it has been a busy couple hours up here in the mountains. So what has taken place is, I put my kids to sleep and packed up my bag and and I drove up to the trail and decided that I wanted to do a solo overnight. It’s about 12:30am and i’ve been processing wood, i’ve been getting the stove all prepped, trying to get ready for the evening of rest. So I am going to lay down here, and go to sleep. But what a cool setup, and I am just really psyched to be out doing a solo overnight, and kind of doing more with the…

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    Backpacking Gear & Tips : Base Layer Clothing for Camping & Backpacking

    I’d like to talk a little bit now about clothing. And the first piece of clothing I’d like to talk about is the base layer. A lot of people call it long underwear. But the first thing I want you to remember is “no cotton.” When I talk about clothing with customers of Bill Jackson’s, almost always the first thing I say, “no cotton.” Cotton’s a great fiber for absorbing moisture, but it’s not so good at drying. And so, if you have a base layer, which is this, this is the piece of clothing in cold weather that goes right next to your skin. What it’s designed to do…