• Winter Camping 3 Days in the Québec Wilderness
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    Winter Camping 3 Days in the Québec Wilderness

    hey guys thanks for joining me on this adventure! Me and my buddy are going to be winter camping three days and two nights in Jacques Cartier National park. it’s going to be a great trip we had the chance to see a nice little red fox coming in had a chance to film it a little bit and yeah we got a ton of gear i’m going to be carrying a sleigh and my buddy Claude is going to be carrying a big backpack we’re going to try these little skis out we have a ton of food for our three days out so we’re going to do a…

  • Testing Wine For Cats
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    Testing Wine For Cats

    – Today we test some really weird pet products. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Good mythical morning. – Pets are the friends that never disappoint. Nobody ever said, you know, today Waggie Gyllenhaal really hurt my feelings, because they love you unconditionally, and they deserve the same from us. – We asked you how you spoil your pets because they deserve it, and you answered, Luke said, biscuits, dogs deserve real biscuts. like southern style, mama used to make em that way biscuits. – Human food for animals, okay. – Yeah, Jordan said, we built a catio, so my cat could enjoy being outside in the summer.…

  • Homewood Companion – cast iron cooking stove
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    Homewood Companion – cast iron cooking stove

    Hi, I’m Zak! – and I’m Janie and we’d like to show you the Homewood Companion Looking good, son (laughter) Now, that is a good fire, son! Hello! I’m David, this is my son Zak and Zak’s going to run you though a demonstration of the Homewood Companion (more laughing) OKAAAAY, let’s do that again… What was the matter with that?? I thought that was perfect! OK – cut!