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    We Went Camping On The Beach!! (pt.1) 💙 I Am Kristin

    oh my god necessarily where we’re camping is water right there your walk reading – hello it is Wednesday at seven o’clock at night we just finish eating dinner and I’m staring at a ginormous net so this is what I’m looking at all this stuff and we’ve got stuff over there and I’ve got stuff over here can you guys tell what we’re doing I am filling up this one with drinking water this one with tap water but to be honest in Colorado tap water is drinking water really doesn’t matter but the only way to fill this one up is with this stupid hose thing and I…

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    ROUND 8: Lake Powell 2019

    If there is a beach that’s where I wanna be What did you want to do? Camp Ok, so it’s gonna be 30 dollars plus 14 dollars a night okay so we’re just gonna do tonight One night Ok, so it’s gonna be 44 and we can camp anywhere here cool Thank you so much bye bye now now to choose the perfect spot Yep, you’re gonna have to tell me where you wanna camp This is all sand boo Mmm I know Is that gonna be a problem? Yep We’re about to get stuck (laughs) ah babe There’s spots back there Good ones? Yeah like there’s no one really…

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    best camping chair alternative- lay-bag/inflatable lounger demo. how to inflate my blow up lounger

    best camping chair alternative- lay-bag/inflatable lounger demo. how to inflate my blow up lounger Thanks for the amazing Chair we are so excited. You think our product is as cool as we do you ask. What is a food? well It’s a very cool panted chair that has wonderful fabric filled with recycled shredded foam And while it may look like a very large beanbag chair it is nothing close. We know because we make both This is for the person looking for a big long lasting cushy lounge around chair Talk about a great place to binge watch your favorite Netflix series When your eyes get heavy and you…

  • Townsville Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Townsville Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    The Australian city of Townsville sits on the sundrenched coastline of Queensland, around 700 miles north of the state capital, Brisbane. It’s a gateway to the Wild Outback, the Tropical North and the Great Barrier Reef. Townsville’s also the gateway to a laidback state of mind, where everything gets done, in its own time. And why rush when there’s over 320 days of sunshine a year to enjoy, and some of Australia’s best natural attractions right on your doorstep. You’ll find plenty to admire in the city itself too, fabulous heritage buildings, a waterfront esplanade that stretches away forever, lush tropical gardens, a football team that’s the envy of the…

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    Camping at Whiteshell Provincial Park The Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1861

    welcome welcome to the outdoor adventures here we are with our family home today right hey Jessie good morning good morning how are you doing today you’re just kind of looking over there yeah I know right oh there is a bit of a weird weather out there today well we had a little bit of rain yes so right now it kind of quit raining but still really really wet out there so let’s go check out and see what we’re up to you guys looking at this well what is this cooler we got all kinds of stuff in here Oh looks like we’re getting ready to have…

  • Auckland Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Auckland Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    In the far southwest of the Pacific Ocean lies Auckland. Home to some 1.5 million people, it is New Zealand’s most populous city. Auckland is the perfect base from which to explore the scenic coastline and hidden coves of the diverse North Island. Nicknamed the City of Sails, Auckland has more boats per capita than anywhere else in the world. In this city nestled between two big natural harbors, water is never far away… Auckland’s biggest landmark is Rangitoto Island, which can be seen from all over the city. As the country’s biggest city, Auckland has modern malls, spacious urban parks, and plenty of culture. Enjoy breakfast in the Elliot…

  • CAMPSITE REVIEW: Ussher Point Camping Area, Cape York
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    CAMPSITE REVIEW: Ussher Point Camping Area, Cape York

    Hi everybody I’m Leah. And I’m Brendon. And we are Track and Tide. We are currently in Cape York. We are going to do some reviews on the campsites up here. There are heaps of campsites up here, paid and free. So, hopefully you enjoy the video. So, hopefully you enjoy the video. G’day, we’re at Ussher Point on the East coast of Cape York. We’ve just driven 2hrs in here, on a very tight track. There are branches and trees overhanging the road. You are almost guaranteed to get some pinstripes so don’t bring your brand new cruiser in. So this is Queensland Parks camping area North of the…

  • Havasac 4 Person Picnic Backpack
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    Havasac 4 Person Picnic Backpack

    (easy-going music) – Hey guys, Tara here from Snowys Outdoors. Here with me I’ve got the Havasac 4 Person Picnic Backpack. It’s made out of polyester material, has a weight of 2.3 kilos and a capacity of 12 litres. Dimensions of our backpack are 42, 30 and 25. Some of the features the backpack come with are a detachable bottle cooler, that’s just unclipped and velcroed off for ease. It also comes with your back, backpack, back zip where you’ll find the picnic rug. We also have a small pocket at the front for your knick-knacks. And then the main component for your cutlery. Included in your picnic set, we…