• RV Boondocking: Wild & Free Off-Grid Camping
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    RV Boondocking: Wild & Free Off-Grid Camping

    What if you could escape the crowded campgrounds? What if your campsite could go on for miles and miles and miles? What if nature came to you, instead of you having to go to it? What if you could avoid the noisy generators, noxious fumes, and polluted air at popular campgrounds? What if the only sounds you could hear were birdsong and the breeze through the trees? What if the view from your campsite was free of man-made structures like signs and buildings? What if there was no camping fee? Is this a fairytale? Nope, it’s called boondocking, and it’s the most adventurous and rewarding form of RV camping. The…

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    Ep. 105: Boondocking Security | RV camping tips tricks how-to

    Welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and on this episode we’re going to talk boondocking security, so stick around! So one of the biggest fears folks seem to have about boondocking is personal security out in the wilderness. We get asked all the time, and it seems to be mostly from folks who have never boondock before or maybe have only done it only a few times, they worry about the personal safety. They worry about the security of their gear and their trailer, and I’m here to tell you we don’t worry about it at all. As a matter of fact I get a little…

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    Add a 2nd RV Battery

    Hello YouTube I’m not Chuck and I decided to add a second house battery to my travel trailer in order to have longer times that I can use the batteries the batteries between charging as you can see my battery is located on the tongue of the travel trailer I currently only have one battery and it’s in that black case that you see on the screen first thing we need to do before we access the battery is make sure that the gas is turned completely off from the bottle on the front of the trailer that is done by turning the knob clockwise then to disconnect the cable…

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    Ep. 116: Oregon | Travel RV camping adventure

    Welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and in this episode we’re going to travel all across Oregon from one end of the state to the other, so stick around! Now while we prepare our rig for an upcoming 4,000-mile road trip, we’re going to spend this week bringing you back to Oregon. Oregon is an incredibly diverse state, and we’re going to share with you adventures that you can enjoy from end to end. This video is a collaboration between Grand Adventure and our friends over at Campsite Videos, who lent their beautiful videography to complement our own photos and videos from across Oregon. We encourage…

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    Ep. 109: Island Park | Idaho RV travel camping

    Would anyone care to venture a wild guess which state we’re in this week? Boy it’s not even the Fourth yet, and this holiday traffic is already baaaaaaaddd! Hey friends, welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and we are in Island Park, Idaho for the Independence Day holiday, the Fourth of July. You know, I can’t think of a better place to spend a summer holiday than right alongside a wonderful lakeshore. It is so quiet here, even with the holiday week I’ve seen two boats in three days. This is just perfect! In Island Park the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River is impounded by…

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    Talking To Birds ~ WMA Free Camping in Florida!

    hey everybody how you doing back to my roots here boondocking no hookups got the solar panels tilted trying to gather some of this Florida Solar that’s a little lower in the winter time and doing pretty well it’s a little later in the afternoon now but we did reach 84 degrees here and I haven’t made it quite to the coast yet like I said well going back a lot of my subscribers lost their mind when I said I had joined thousand trails and I was gonna possibly do some resorts down in Florida like very strange look still gonna boondock without anything no power no water no…

  • Volcanic Home, Fork In Road, & Homer’s Springfield & EPIC Camping
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    Volcanic Home, Fork In Road, & Homer’s Springfield & EPIC Camping

    and good chilly morning to you guys we’re going on a little adventure I’m going to spend a little bit of time in Albany Oregon a city I’ve never spent any time in we’re gonna use Roxy to get around here before we head on south so we’re starting over here near Bowman Park and Albany and this homeowner just could not adhere to the HOA rules as you can see he built a house out of spray foam and it looks like a volcano with wildlife lots of wildlife it does say no trespassing on their property so we’ll stay here on the sidewalk and there’s the side of…

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    Summer Concert Festival, RV Remodel & Visiting The Tribe

    hello and welcome guys to the summer concert series here in Seattle Washington I’m here a little early got the RV here got a couple friends with me and here is the White River ampli theater here in Auburn Washington people are trickling in the first show the first band of nine doesn’t start till 1:30 p.m. here and it’s gonna be about 72 degrees today so perfect Northwest summer day I had a couple other options this year I’ve done pain in the grass before but it’s no longer a one day event with four stages it’s a three day event with separate tickets and you can’t even camp…

  • National Forest Camping: What It’s Like For RV Boondockers
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    National Forest Camping: What It’s Like For RV Boondockers

    Hi. My name is Curtis with The Fun Times Guide. Today, I’m going to give you a little bit of a tour of what it is like to go camping on National Forest lands. Sometimes you are in heavily woods, and sometimes you are in more open plain like areas. Today I am camped about 50 miles south of the Grand Canyon in an open area that is quite popular for camping. Some National Forest campsites are quite open and spacious. This one I am encamped in currently is large enough to handle probably a half a dozen RVs. Most campsites have a stone fire ring — though this one…