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    hey there buddy its pop-pop Jade here and I want to let you guys know that this video was sponsored by Mattel who helped us create an amazing Jurassic world see buddy easy so sit back relax and enjoy some dinosaur fun Logan you never heard of fly all right let’s just calm down and take a breather Jake now Logan was that you know exactly what that is that’s the t-rex come around this way t-bags buddy what do you mean and why are you talking in that voice talking like this because I’m a dinosaur trainer Logan you need to get out of here and you need to…

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    Carter what is going on sure tonight we’re going to make a one-of-a-kind never-before-seen box fort, no we’re not gonna make a box fort out of cardboard whoa she’s not gonna make it out of giant Legos like this little definitely not there on this one this one is precious it took a long time to build we also made a box poured out of candy yes shares it’s so cool you’ll never get hungry when you build this because you have so many starbursts that you can eat but Carter ended up eating that boxfort a you know I’m actually gonna need Carter’s help today so let’s call my…

  • Floating BOX FORT Boat BATTLE ROYALE!! Last To Sink Challenge
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    Floating BOX FORT Boat BATTLE ROYALE!! Last To Sink Challenge

    Papaji will take on Logan hanboks man today I’m doing the intro once again from now on it’s a yo what’s up everybody it’s Logan it does not work the same but we are back with another video nonetheless and today is a beautiful day and a day of challenges where I get to face off against Logan in sword combat okay we’re not doing sword combat we are gonna be doing who can last the longest in their own custom made floating box fort now we’re all gonna go inside this your big pool and see which one of us could survive the longest there is one catch though…

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    oh yeah this video was paid for by Mattel who helped us create it so you know it’s gonna be epic. Sharer’s this is just one of the boxes we have a lot more in the basement and Carter and Liz have already started Building The Epic Hot Wheels box fort tracks so come on let’s go down to the basement let’s go this is gonna be one crazy video let’s go. Hey Steve, what’s up Sharers, is this the last box this is the last box after all those other boxes this one is huge it’s just the biggest box we have it’s got a lot of Hot Wheels…

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    All of these boxes are filled with toilet paper No way It’s like a thousand rolls of toilet paper there is only 400 to a box huh Jay, how much wood could a wood chuck, chuck if wood chuck could chuck wood How much wood could a wood chuck, chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood Good job, that’s right. Yeah, You’re learning you’re learning aight, what’s the one for me? (spanish tounge twister) *trying to do Spanish tongue twister but failed* yah, that’s good right? That’s perfect. ok cool. what’s up guys, we’re on set HOLD ON, I have to get changed into my outfit 3…2…1 (whoosh) okay…

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    Yo, I am actually so happy that we pulled this off We, guys, guys, guys, come on, are about to turn this house into a giant fort A fort you say? Like Fort Knox. This is about to be so dizzy. Are you ready? We’re getting blankets. and we’re going to tape them to the walls We’re going to turn tables upside down. We also have this popcorn machine to put inside the fort. We got new WIFI The fort is going to have the best WiFi. Look at this. Bro. Looks like it’s from Tron. Netflix in fort. I’m down. If you have been to my channel before I…

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    whoa oh yeah sure is what is going on Oh welcome to the vlog welcome to another awesome day Otter say hi to the Sharers, say hi hey shares this is baby otter he’s gonna help us out in the vlog today that’s right shares we’ve made a lot of box forts in the past check out this awesome Lego box fort but remain then we also have this spongebob box fort what remains we’ve also made a box fort a fly away yeah we’ve done a lot of BosxForts so far but you know what sharers today’s box fort is gonna be something completely different I’ve never done it…

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    BOX FORT WAR! Nerf War Batman v Superman w Kid Deadpool Spiderman SuperHero Kids real life movie

    (sounds of guns shooting) Open the gates! Oh my head! Sir! There is alot of troups coming in! Just go through the sniper holes and hold them back for now. What is that? Oh, nothing. Ok so, what on earth is going on? Well, the best way to explain is from the very beginning. The war started with me and Superman. After the first fight it got messy I guess I started it by bringing guns. But Superman brought it to the next level. After the dust cleared, I was almost completely out of Nerf bullets. I got a few friends to help. Together we were able to hold the…