• Best & Worst Dressed Met Gala 2019 (Dirty Laundry)
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    Best & Worst Dressed Met Gala 2019 (Dirty Laundry)

    Y’all picture tents because you bring a camp to the Met Gala what is camp exactly Emil yes The Met Gala, I feel like it is the most wonderful time of the year Honestly, I could go to this over the Oscars over the Grammys over my own wedding I choose the Met Gala because this is the one thing especially This year where I feel like we’re the most outrageous looks can’t wait. I can’t wait. This is your first time watching clever style We talk about fashion all the time. So you should really subscribe right now. Hit the bell Oh My gosh, there is no mecca this…

  • How to Survive Camp Crystal Lake | Slash Course | NowThis Nerd
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    How to Survive Camp Crystal Lake | Slash Course | NowThis Nerd

    – Hello everyone, I am Andrew, and here on Slash Course, we specialize in how to kill horror’s most vicious villains, but this week, we’re doing something a little different. – Hey, did you guys hear that? (laughing) – We’re shining a light on the survivors of Jason Voorhees, to see what it takes to escape from Camp Blood with your head on your shoulders. Crystal Lake is New Jersey’s premier destination for city kid campers, clueless teenage counselors, and a hockey masked serial killer. So if you don’t wanna spend your summer in the morgue, listen up, because this is how to survive Camp Crystal Lake. Jason’s reign of…

  • What is Boondockers Welcome and How Does It Work? * Full Hookup Camping for Only $30 a Year
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    What is Boondockers Welcome and How Does It Work? * Full Hookup Camping for Only $30 a Year

    Good Morning YouTube! Today we are leaving Spring City, Tennessee and headed to Maryville to stay with a friend of ours and we just spent the last four nights at a Boondockers Welcome location here in Spring City we had an absolutely great time. It was on a hundred acres, and it not only had 30 amp electric, but it also had water and sewer so we were pretty set for the four days that we stayed here. Now I’m going to show you guys a little bit of the property to kind of show you… you know an example of a Boondockers Welcome site, and then we’re going to…

  • Review the New Lance 2465
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    Review the New Lance 2465

    hi I’m Bob Rogers I’m director of marketing at Lance Camper and we’re at the RVIA Show and Lance is introducing a couple new products this week which we’re really excited about One is our all-new 2465 Travel Trailer it’s our longest ultralight travel trailer at about 24 feet and it’s really excited about because it’s a dual slide and it has some really cool unique features One is a roof rack. We’ve had a roof rack on our truck campers for years and now we’re putting it on the travel trailers So that allows guys with kayaks, canoes, and that kind of thing now can strap it on the…

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    ROUND 6: Camping in The Valley of the Gods (accidentally)

    Wow look at he’s f#!?ing rock on the side of us So this is Valley of the Gods. It is? That’s what it says. If we turn right here I think we go down to it. Ben lost our drone. [laughs] We don’t know where it is. So he’s following the GPS of the drone app to find our drone But like you guys look at this place I just had a total melt – ok wait, I’m going to talk to the camera So here we are. I don’t know if you can see how beautiful this place – ugh like my f#!?ing head I bought this hat in…

  • How To:  Set Up Camp
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    How To: Set Up Camp

    Arriving in camp is going to be pretty much the same every day. You’re going to get off the boats, go find a place to camp and the come back to the boats: that’s where you’re going to do the fire line. You’re going to unload everything off the boats: bags, kitchen equipment, water jugs, all that sort of stuff. Once the boats are unloaded, you can take all of your personal bags and then go back to that camp that you found and set it up.

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    Go Glamping: Experience Luxury Camping Like Never Before | Curly Tales

    This beautiful tent is our stay for the night and I really like, Nikki what do you think? It’s so spacious, if you’re new to camping like me you should try Glamping so you don’t actually makes a lot of sense for those people who don’t surely who are not so enthralled by the idea of camping this is quite luxurious and nice there is a fan inside And you can also go kayaking here, and it’s super fun The best thing is in the evenings you also get your play games here and it’s super fun guys This is the floating tent section which is really cool it’s on…

  • 【SIGHTSEEING CAMP△】Bicycle★2019.9「Shiroishi Camping Ground」
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    【SIGHTSEEING CAMP△】Bicycle★2019.9「Shiroishi Camping Ground」

    Depart from Kinomura Campsite and have lunch at a Udon noodle restaurant. Then camp at the Shiroishi Camping Ground. Speaking of bicycles, the city cycle. Versatile and can do anything. Delicious. Kinpira flavor is good and chewy. Udon is smooth and delicious. Thank you for the meal. We can have coffee at the service. This is wonderful. There is a lot of ice in a small glass. Even after eating, you can drink without problems. Cold coffee is exceptional. It looks fashionable and is perfect as an after-meal coffee. The campground is nearby. Here? The building is strangely old. There is no sign of people. It looks like an abandoned…

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    BUNK’D Cast Gives a Tour of Camp Kikiwaka

    (Theme Music Plays) (Music Plays) Hey Guys I’m hanging out with Peyton List who we know as Emma Thank You so much for hanging out with us. Yea, Thanks for coming on set today. It’s so fun being here in real life because I only see it on tv. And it looks exactly the same. the same yeah so kind of fun because we have like the voice of a grizzly cabin those are the weasels over there or like our enemies on set and then you butch a woodchuck so this is Emma’s area and la very clearly yeah the chandelier so cute and then there’s new phone juries…