• Park a Toyota Camper To Avoid Paying Rent in NYC | Carspotting
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    Park a Toyota Camper To Avoid Paying Rent in NYC | Carspotting

    – So, how do you feel about the East Village changing? (funky music) – Hello and welcome to Carspotting. This week we’re right in the middle of Manhattan, right by Cooper Union. We’re right next to this really big weird building. And you always find interesting cars parked next to this thing for some reason. So I’ve got a good feeling we’re gonna find something cool. Let’s check it out, yeah. I lived in this neighborhood when this building went up. And it was really funky and I would always come here looking for interesting cars, I think because the building had a power of attraction. But it would draw…

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    good morning we had an awesome campsite last night except it was super hot we didn’t expect it to be so hot and the moisture level is really high too but overall it was a great camp spot it’s really quiet as we were going to bed it was after dark a truck pulled up just on the other side of us over there and as a family of four and they got out and they started setting up their tent and everything and we’re like tucked back here in the trees and so they didn’t really see us and so I figured if I was out here and someone…

  • 10 Camper Boats From Retro to Modern | Camper Boat Hybrid Favorites
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    10 Camper Boats From Retro to Modern | Camper Boat Hybrid Favorites

    – [Reacher] Camping on the water? Sure, why not? Somebody thought of it, so it must be worth trying, right? This is Reacher and here are 10 camper boats from the early days up until now. (upbeat music) – [Countdown] Number 10. – [Reacher] In the 60s and 70s experimentation was everywhere. During that era, a company named Sea Camper Industries out of Jacksonville, Florida decided to build a camper-houseboat combination and try their hand in this niche market. The Sea Camper packed all of the features you’d expect from a modern camper boat in a space measuring 24 feet long, or 7.3 meters, with a beam of 8 feet…

  • What is Camping and where can I go?
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    What is Camping and where can I go?

    so what is camping? camping is defined as an outdoor recreational activity where participants leave developed areas to spend time in the outdoors, in more natural areas. In the pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment. Camping can be enjoyed through all four seasons, although summer is the obvious preferred season. camping has many health benefits… both physically and psychologically. let’s talk about some of these benefits and why I love camping so much. It’s the best way to unplug from our digital lives and just simply relax. Dou didn’t have to cut yourself off socially by anymeans, in fact camping is one of the best group activities available for vacationing…

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    Outwell Mayville 6SA Air Tent (2019) | Innovative Family Camping Gear

    Packed with inspired features, the Mayville 6SA is a superb tent for long camping holidays The full width front door truly lets the deep canopy extend upon the sheltered living space letting you enjoy and utilize every bit of the tent The very large windows, and light, warm-toned flysheet roof creates an unparalleled bright and airy feel inside the tent Thank you so much for watching, you can find more details for the Mayville 6SA or go check out the Mayville 3 and 5SA at Outwell.com

  • Custom Pop Out Sides On Van to RV Tour/ Camping With Friends At Lake
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    Custom Pop Out Sides On Van to RV Tour/ Camping With Friends At Lake

    2011 GMC Pro Walkout And Access Their Tools And Supplies From The Outside V6 Texas Van Previously Owned By Fire Extinguisher Company Walk Out And Access Their Parts And Tools From The Outside Don’t Have To Climb In Factory Made About 120k Miles I Think None At All Can Hang Meat Inside! 5k BTU 2000 Watt Yamaha Generator 12 Hours Well, At Low Speeds All It Takes! 300 Watts! Zamp- Z A M P I’ve Got 2 155AH Batteries I’ve Got Total 310 Ah Of Storage I’m Getting 16 To 17 MPG Average I Don’t Know The Way I Have It Loaded I Might Get More! I Don’t Know Van…

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    – [Reacher] The everyday camping trip can get a little crazy by itself, so why not take that excursion in something a little more fitting than your average RV? This is Reacher and today we’re bringing you 15 crazy campers we’re sure you’d love to try. – [Woman] Number 15. – [Reacher] This first entry made its debut at the 1972 Tokyo Motor Show. The Toyota RV-2 is a wagon-style concept that has a pair of clamshell doors forming the rear section of the vehicle. These doors opened out to create a space that could then be covered by stretching a tent between them. The space provided enough room to…

  • Outwell Birdland 3P & 5P Family Tent (2019) | Innovative Family Camping Gear
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    Outwell Birdland 3P & 5P Family Tent (2019) | Innovative Family Camping Gear

    For the quick weekend getaway or Touring holidays, our Birdland 3 and 5P are great tents for active campers The deep front canopy combines so well with the full width front door and 360° Access System, to integrate the entire length of the tent as usable living space Steep side walls, ample headroom and a light warm-toned flysheet roof creates a bright and cheerful internal ambience Thank you so much for watching, now go camping and enjoy the great outdoors or watch some more of our videos at Outwell.com

  • RV Overview: Rockwood GeoPro
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    RV Overview: Rockwood GeoPro

    – Hi folks, I’m Ian Baker and today I wanna talk about the Rockwood GEO Pro. It’s a lightweight travel trailer designed with the environmentally-conscious driver in mind. Meaning that the manufacturer intended these trailers to be pulled by crossovers or small SUVs. They range in weight from around 1,200 pounds to about 3,200 pounds and vary in length from as short as 11 and a half foot to 20 foot. Even though they are smaller travel trailers, GEO Pros still utilize the Rockwood family of travel trailers’ excellent construction process. This includes Dexter torsion axles with independent wheel suspension, self-adjusting brakes and E-Z Lube axles. This creates a smoother…