• Car Camping, Making Cheese Bush Style
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    Car Camping, Making Cheese Bush Style

    (gun shots echoing) – Good afternoon campers. We’re back out in the Australian bush. Today, we wanted to share a special recipe with you on how you can make cheese while you’re camped in the wilderness. All you need is two simple ingredients just milk and vinegar. In the meantime, let’s swing around and have a look at the camp site. Today we are using also the Esky as a guy-line, so this is something you wouldn’t do in summer. If it was summertime, you would want the Esky underneath the car in the shade. Over here. Christina has just finished making some dough for her raisin bread that she…

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    good morning we had an awesome campsite last night except it was super hot we didn’t expect it to be so hot and the moisture level is really high too but overall it was a great camp spot it’s really quiet as we were going to bed it was after dark a truck pulled up just on the other side of us over there and as a family of four and they got out and they started setting up their tent and everything and we’re like tucked back here in the trees and so they didn’t really see us and so I figured if I was out here and someone…

  • About Us | Backpacking, Hunting and Camping with Luxe
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    About Us | Backpacking, Hunting and Camping with Luxe

    We specialize in simple lightweight teepees, a variety of hot tents, wood stoves and camp tarps, for backpacking hunting and camping. Our warehouse and retail store is in the rainy Pacific Northwest town of Forks, located in Washington State where we ship worldwide. We carry lightweight and unique camping gear that we hope will inspire everyone to spend the night outdoors. Our company was started by Pacific Northwest native Jake Morrison, out of his obsession and passion for camping equipment, Luxe Hiking Gear was born. My name is Jake Morrison owner of Luxe Hiking Gear. I grew up hunting, it’s just in my blood a way of life. I’d go…

  • Habitat NX Hunting Tent (2-Person) Review | Camping Shelter Features
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    Habitat NX Hunting Tent (2-Person) Review | Camping Shelter Features

    Today we are going to be looking at the Habitat NX, which is a 2-Person dome tent, used for camping, it also includes a footprint. We’ll be showing you step-by-step how to setup this tent and be going over some of the features. The rainfly seam taped, waterproof and lightweight, with two air vents for improved ventilation. You can also pitch using only the rainfly and included footprint, for an ultralight set up. First we are going to setup the tent footprint, which is included with the tent and then we lay out the inner tent on top of the footprint, like so, and then we are going to bust…

  • Oztrail Portable Hygiene Basin Features, Specifications & Review | How to Use Demonstration 👐👫🛁
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    Oztrail Portable Hygiene Basin Features, Specifications & Review | How to Use Demonstration 👐👫🛁

    – Hi guys, Luke from Tentworld in Midland here. Today I’m going to be showing you the OZtrail Hygiene Basin. So it’s a little portable unit that you can use next to your toilet. So you basically wash your hands with this pump here. It’s gotta 19 litre water tank. So you’re going to get about, they reckon about a hundred pumps out of this so it works out to about 190 mil per squirt. And it’s basically a great little wash basin. After you finish going to the toilet, you can recycle the used water back into a holding tank for your flush on your toilet. So it’s a…

  • Issue #18 – Cool Camping
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    Issue #18 – Cool Camping

    Cool Camping Who said you can’t look hip and cool while camping? Spend your outdoor time comfortably with the coolest gear! Canopy Chair Adjustable canopy helps provide sun protection, durable water-resistant polyester fabric, strong powder-coated steel frame. Stormkloth II Fleece 6-Pocket Pants Fleece inserts in the stride for unrestricted movement, gripping dots at waist keeps tails tucked, adjustable waist tabs RedHead Scent Control Tech Soft Shell Jackets Bonded soft shell construction, scent control fabric with Zeolite Technology, reverse coil full front zipper with zipper garage The North Face Terra 50 backpack versatile mid-size multi-day technical pack for outdoorsmen big capacity 3,173 cubic inches, rated for 45 lbs of gear Carhartt…

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    How to Repair a Broken Tent Pole – EASY

    – Welcome to Tomahawk DIY everyone, I’m Mike. (rushing water) Here I am camping in the beauties of Yellowstone (National Park). Enjoying geysers, wildlife. And, my tent here had a great big wind storm come through on our last camping trip down in Southern Utah. Tore it up, and it broke at least three tent poles. I want to show you how I used FiberFix to fix them. So, you can see when this windstorm blew the whole tent over, it was staked down, and yet the whole thing blew over, filled with our gear. It was quite wind that came through. Ripped some holes in it and broke some…

  • Outdoor Connection Off Road Hauler / Trolley / Gear Cart Setup | Features | Review
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    Outdoor Connection Off Road Hauler / Trolley / Gear Cart Setup | Features | Review

    – Hey guys, I’m just gonna show you the outdoor connection offroad hauler. What I like about it most is that it comes with a nice compact size and I think it’s a bag as well which a lot of the others don’t. I’ll grab the base out. Which has its own handy pocket for storage. Undo the tabs on the bottom. Undo the zip. Pull the cover off. Another tab over here. And just right, it’s really easy. Got a nice, long handle for easy manoeuvrability. The wheels are nice and wide so good for a long haul on the road and on the sand, for the beach. Its…

  • Camping Tip! How to reduce condensation in your tent!
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    Camping Tip! How to reduce condensation in your tent!

    – Hi, I’m Alan from Tentworld Ipswich, and today I’m going to talk to you about ways to reduce condensation on you while you’re camping. The simplest option is to just have more ventilation in your tent. This can mean that you may need to get a warmer sleeping bag, especially in the colder months. Alternatively, make sure that you’re not going to bed with any sort of wet clothing on. Because that will definitely help definitely increase the amount of condensation you have, and finally, if you get yourself a microfiber towel, and just hang that somewhere inside your tent, that’ll help to absorb a lot of the moisture…