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    Ep. 111: Refilling 1-lb. Propane Tanks | RV camping tips tricks and how-to

    Hey folks, welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and chances are you have some things in your camping kit, maybe even a bunch of things that use these little one-pound canisters of propane. But they’re awfully expensive in the store. We found a great way that we save a bunch of money with these, and we’ll share it with you on today’s episode, so stay tuned! Now if you buy one of these tanks in the store it’s going to cost you at least $4 for one of these one-pound canisters, but if you get a 20-pound tank refilled it’s going to cost you $13, $14,…

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    Camping Tip: How To Roll Your Self Inflating Mattress

    – Hi, guys. Teigan from Tentworld Online. Today I’m here to talk to you about the easiest way to pack down a self-inflating mattress. Now these mats can be quite difficult to pack away, but hopefully with these few steps, it’ll make the pack down process easier. So the first step is to make sure that your valves are open so the air can escape. The second step is to roll the mattress from the opposite end of the valves, ensuring to squeeze as hard as you can when rolling to remove most of the air. Now when you get to this point, close the valves off and unroll the…

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    The Best Way To Visit Furano HOKKAIDO Japan – Camp at Hinode Park!

    Konnichi wa! Let’s chat about the best way to visit Furano Japan. If you’re not familiar, Furano is located in the center of the island of Hokkaido. It’s often referred to as the bellybutton of Hokkaido. In our opinion, the best way to visit Furano is to camp overnight. When you camp overnight in Furano you can get up early and beat the crowds. Because some of these tourist sites get pretty crowded during the heat of the day. You’re also not restricted to the route that the summer tourist bus takes so you can visit exactly which places you want to see. For us, a big consideration was that…

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    Ep. 105: Boondocking Security | RV camping tips tricks how-to

    Welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and on this episode we’re going to talk boondocking security, so stick around! So one of the biggest fears folks seem to have about boondocking is personal security out in the wilderness. We get asked all the time, and it seems to be mostly from folks who have never boondock before or maybe have only done it only a few times, they worry about the personal safety. They worry about the security of their gear and their trailer, and I’m here to tell you we don’t worry about it at all. As a matter of fact I get a little…

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    Camping for the first time? You NEED to watch this..

    Ok, so it’s 5 a.m Today it’s gonna be a long day. But you know what? It’s gonna be a good video. I’m excited to do this. Let’s start this up. Alright, the ferries leaving in half an hour, 45 minutes we got to go. Alright these people gotta get off the road they’re driving so slow! You know what? I think we made it! Alright I’ll see you on the ship and we’ll get this video really started Alright so we’re on BC Ferries, if you’ve never been I’ll put a map right here. It’s honestly really gorgeous I’m gonna show you in the next couple of videos I…

  • 15 UNIQUE CAMPSITES & RESORTS (Worldwide Top Picks)
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    15 UNIQUE CAMPSITES & RESORTS (Worldwide Top Picks)

    – [Narrator] We’re always telling you about our favorite campers and caravans, so this time we decided to tell you about a few of our favorite places to rest your head. This is Reacher, and here are 15 unique campsites, resorts and in between. (techno music) – [Announcer] Number 15. – [Narrator] This first entry on our list is a collection of six uniquely titled and appropriately themed vintage Airstream travel trailers. Located in Landers, California, the namesake of Kate’s Lazy Desert is none other than Kate Pearson of the musical group, the B52s. The trailers range in length from 19 to 32 feet with sleeping accommodations for two people.…

  • [Tutorial & Review] The Dyrt Ranger Daniel’s Guided Tour of Saved Camping Lists, New Filters
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    [Tutorial & Review] The Dyrt Ranger Daniel’s Guided Tour of Saved Camping Lists, New Filters

    Hey guys, I’m on TheDyrt.com and I’ve been using this site for finding all of my campgrounds for any camping or adventures that I want to be doing across the U.S. Me and my dog travel a lot, on the road, using this site to help us find accommodation while we travel, and I have noticed a really cool new feature that I am super excited about on this site. So, traditionally when I want to camp with my dog, I have to do a search, click on a search result, and then using either the map or the list available to me, I click on something to read a…

  • Camping Tips: How to Select a Campsite
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    Camping Tips: How to Select a Campsite

    Hi there guys! John here, in collaboration with Sierra Trading Post, to talk to you today about winter camping. More specifically, winter campsite selection and some of the more important factors to take into account when choosing a campsite for your next winter outdoor excursion. Now as you can see behind us, we already have a camp established here. One of the first, and most important, considerations that we took into account was having a nice flat, level, surface, in which to establish our camp. Now, aside from what was below us, we also wanted to take a look at what was above us as well. By that I mean…

  • How to Make a Cat Hole | Camping
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    How to Make a Cat Hole | Camping

    I took a bunch of friends camping. They were all beginners and they had never camped before, and one girl ate a ton of bananas before the trip because she thought that would have prevent her from having to go to the bathroom the whole time we were out there, and it didn’t work. Bananas don’t do that. I think processed cheese does that if you want to give it that a try. But I think better than that is facing the fact that you’re going to have to poop while you’re camping and here’s just some tips that I think will make it a little easier. First I used…