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    Alvin and the Chipmunks go Camping with Theodore and Simon Toy Parody

    – [Girl] Family fun for everyone! – [Alvin] Woohoo, road trip! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! – [Simon] Um, Alvin, do you know where we’re going? – [Alvin] Of course I do! All these trees just look alike. We’re not lost. Uh, are we Simon? – According to my calculations, we should be almost there, so let’s hurry up and go! Oh, it’s really bumpy where we’re going. Where are we going exactly? – [Theodore] To tap into our inner chipmunks! Whoa! – [Simon] Ah-ha, here we are, finally. I knew we’d get us here all in one piece. All right, brothers, welcome back to Mother Nature. Like Theodore said, it’s time to tap…

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    today we are st. Mary’s almost in Florida were still in Georgia were right on the border near Cumberland Island we couldn’t find a place and Jeckle ordered st. Simons and then this lovely lady told me today at the RV park they always say that so we found this KOA and we can only say here this one night and it’s Jacksonville KOA I think but they don’t have room for us for any other nights came in last night we’ve got to play mini golf and they had free breakfast and the Internet’s kind of weird but overall it’s a KOA called it kaolinite look at that bad…

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    HUSKIES ON THE EDGE | Camping with Dogs

    Good morning Pawdience…Its the last day at camp. (GTTSD INTRO) If you would like to see even more from our camping trip. Don’t forget to subscribe, to the people you see on the screen right now. Links to their channels will be down in the video description below. Oakley did you make a friend with Banana? Is that your friend over there? Jessica: Friends sitting, facing away from each other… Jamie: They were closer. Banana says… “Day 5 and they still don’t realize I’m not a Husky!” I know! Hi Banana! How are you pretty girl? I know! Look everybody came to say bye! We got all the dogs! Everybody’s…

  • Camping at Chinese Police Station (English CC)
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    Camping at Chinese Police Station (English CC)

    very difficult to wake up in the morning because I slept late There is very strong head wind. I am sure this is windy area. Look at there It is very difficult for cycling. So beautiful sunset I don’t know where I sleep tonight. There is police car guarding me. Maybe they will find a place to sleep for me Good morning. I slept in the police station one night. It was warm I slept really well. Today I will reach to Turpan It is touristic city. But it is slow season. So I don’t expect I am gonna meet other traveler. Let’s see

  • Baby Goes Camping | Pirate Potty, 5 Little Puppies | Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes by Little Angel
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    Baby Goes Camping | Pirate Potty, 5 Little Puppies | Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes by Little Angel

    [Music] all right I think we’re all set who wants to go on our first camping trip are you both ready yes we’re here now now it’s time to build the tent build the tent build the tent now it’s time to build the tent let’s do it together [Music] there’s nothing to be scared of Jill some animals come out in the dark because they sleep during the day listen carefully can you see any and now my favorite part of camping marshmallow roasting [Applause] [Music] [Music] today is going to be the hottest day of the year I’m so so hot mommy can we play in my pool…

  • How to Make a Cat Hole | Camping
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    How to Make a Cat Hole | Camping

    I took a bunch of friends camping. They were all beginners and they had never camped before, and one girl ate a ton of bananas before the trip because she thought that would have prevent her from having to go to the bathroom the whole time we were out there, and it didn’t work. Bananas don’t do that. I think processed cheese does that if you want to give it that a try. But I think better than that is facing the fact that you’re going to have to poop while you’re camping and here’s just some tips that I think will make it a little easier. First I used…

  • How to Camp in the Desert | Camping
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    How to Camp in the Desert | Camping

    Deserts are really magical places and they’re awesome for camping. Just like beach camping, deserts are a place where you have a little bit more to worry about than you normally would in the forest. With deserts, the biggest thing to keep in mind is that it may be really hot during the day, but it’s going to be super cold at night. So although you may be thinking, I’m camping in New Mexico or California where it’s warm during the day, you need to be prepared with thermal sweatshirts, sweatpants, socks at night. Another things about deserts is that they’re prone to flash flooding. The ground’s really hard, there’s…

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    Peppa Pig – Camping Trip Thanksgiving 2017! Peppa Pig Toys – Full Peppa Pig English Episode

    Peppa George here’s your first surprise of the holidays. Really we love the camping. Were at the campsite Peppa. Hurray. it’s Thanksgiving holiday for Peppa George and their friends peppa what are we gonna do for the holidays? daddy pig has arranged a big surprise for us everybody come on over we’re coming Peppa George here’s your first surprise of the holidays Oh my goodness Daddy Pig a Giant muddy puddle. 1,2,3 so fun so much fun Peppa thats the biggest muddy puddle in the world Peppa. do you know what would make it even better ? what a giant slide ready way to go peppa. that was the best…

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    Hey guys! It’s Jana! And I am sitting here in the Fry’s parking lot. Just trying to get up enough bravery to go in and get so much stuff cause we are going camping so I got to get a lot of food and stuff. Kind of not into it today I wanted to go home and go back to bed, but oh well. So let’s hit up the grocery store get everything that we need. Go ahead and subscribe, thumbs up, let’s do this! Alright guys! That was my grocery shop. Go them home, put away. Alright guys, thank you so much for watching go ahead and subscribe, thumbs…