• Tent Camping Trip: Good Times With The Family!
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    Tent Camping Trip: Good Times With The Family!

    So here we are, this is our campsite! We’re not too far away from where my dad lives actually. Ok, we’re in his backyard. “Say something profound” “It’s a beautiful day in the woods” okay well said! Okay so this does deserve a bit of an explanation. We recently found out that one of our children has become severely allergic to cats. My wife and I decided that it would be easier on everybody if we just turn this into a little camping trip and stay outside, But to our hosts credit they were willing to have their cat stay elsewhere and sterilize their entire house. I also wanted a…

  • ADVENTURE HUSKIES | Camping with Dogs Day 3 & 4
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    ADVENTURE HUSKIES | Camping with Dogs Day 3 & 4

    What? Are you being feisty? (Oakley barks) Look how feisty you are! (Oakley barks) *Music* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs* *Huskies howling* “Aroooooo!” If you would like to see even more, from our camping trip, don’t forget to subscribe to the people you see on the screen right now. Links to their channels will be down, in the video description below. Yeah? (Oakley barks) Are you excitable? Shelby’s just sitting here like, “Why? Why is she making all this noise?” “I can’t handle this!” (Laughter) (Oakley growls) What? (Shelby whines) You can’t play with everybody! Were all go and play together soon! (Car sounds) -Jessica- Look at yous! Aren’t…

  • He Caught a Really Big Fish! Camping Day 4
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    He Caught a Really Big Fish! Camping Day 4

    – I caught my first fish. – [Jacob] Whoa! – Oh no, oh no! (Jacob screaming) (Chris grunting) (laughing) Oh no! (upbeat music) Good morning, everyone. You probably can’t tell, but it is not sunrise yet. I know it looks bright. The sun has not come up yet. 5:00 a.m. and this guy kept Mommy and me up all night. I decided to come out here and make a fire ’cause it’s really cold and get the day started. (Duncan gurgling) (soft cheery music) All right, we got a fire going, and Catherine woke up. Good morning, Catherine. – Hello. – [Chris] You’re the first kid awake, except for this…

  • How to Purify Water for Drinking | Camping
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    How to Purify Water for Drinking | Camping

    So, figuring out how you’re going to get fresh, drinkable water when you’re camping is a pretty big concern. If you’re primitive camping, meaning that you’re hiking in a couple of miles from where you parked your car, then you’re probably not going to be able to carry all the water that you need in with you. I did used to do that when I first started camping, just because it seemed like the most comfortable and safest way to go. I had a couple of five-gallon jugs and I would fill them before I left. It meant taking a lot of breaks when we were hiking in, but at…

  • How to Set Up Your Campsite | Camping
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    How to Set Up Your Campsite | Camping

    Camping poses a lot of challenges. It’s not like you can go into your kitchen and turn on the stove and boil some water, so everything takes a little bit longer, everything’s a little bit more inconvenient, but it’s super fun. One of the fun things about camping is figuring out crafty solutions to all these little inconveniences. So, when you’re setting up your tent and your campsite, you want to think about how to set it up to make it as easy on you as possible. You kind of need to think about six areas in your campsite; there’s where you’re going to put your tent, there’s where you’re…

  • How to Pick a Tent | Camping
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    How to Pick a Tent | Camping

    Tents are the thing, I think, that you should probably plan to spend the most money on and invest in something pretty good. When I say good, I mean something that is durable and lightweight. You can expect to spend between $100 and $500, roughly. And what you’re looking for is something that suits you and the amount of people you plan to put in your tent. I was really schooled on the differences of tents when I went on a big, huge group camping trip to Asitic Island. There were these super small, little tents that looked like space ships that would fit just one person and their sleeping…

  • Family camping trip, our setup – Odeceixe
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    Family camping trip, our setup – Odeceixe

    Eu amo, amo, amo, amo, amo, amo acampar E é a primeira vez que estamos a acampar com o Lukas Nem consigo acreditar, nem consigo acreditar finalmente conseguimos O que é isto? Estamos a fazer o jantar. O que é isto mãe? Até agora acho que ele está a gostar A praia de Odeceixe Nós começamos a vir aqui quando aprendemos a fazer surf E adorámos Temos vindo aqui quase todos os anos desde aí E este ano foi a vez do Lukas conhecer a praia É muito agradável principalmente se forem vegetarianos porque existem muitas opções vegetarianas por aqui Vão encontrar aqui menos portugueses a frequentar esta praia pelo…

  • How to Protect Yourself from Ticks | Camping
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    How to Protect Yourself from Ticks | Camping

    Unlike bears and snakes, which you probably won’t encounter on most of your camping trips, you will come across ticks. Ticks are a serious issue. They carry Lyme disease or they can carry Lyme disease so you want to be prepared for if you do get bitten by a tick and you also want to be prepared and take precautions to make sure you don’t get bitten by a tick. Ticks are spiders. They’re not bugs. They’re actually arachnids and they come in different sizes, or there are different-sized ticks. Deer ticks, which are the ones that can carry Lyme disease are actually usually the size of a pinhead or…

  • How to Pick a Campsite | Camping
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    How to Pick a Campsite | Camping

    One of my favorite parts of camping is picking the campsite. It’s like apartment hunting, but it’s free. It’s super fun. If you’re camping in a campground, then you have to camp where the sites are designated. If you’re primitive camping, there’s just some basic rules you should follow. First, you should really try to pick a site that’s been used before, and you can tell because there’s probably some charred ground. You don’t want to litter the forest or the state park with a bunch of campsites, so you really want to camp where other people have camped. A log, like this one, or a fire pit, those are…

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    Colossal Cave Mountain Park! Hey guys! It’s Jana! And we have arrived at our camping site so we got to get this camp put together before the sun sets. So go ahead and subscribe, thumbs up let’s get camping! I knew that was going to happen. Get on there Quin. In the middle? No on the side. This is the best day ever! Alright guys, my camera died when we were putting the tent down, but that’s OK. I just wanted to see what the kids thought of their camping trip. Best camping trip ever! Yeah! So we had an awesome time. It was really cold at night oh my…