• Ep. 120: Big Bend Ranch | Texas State Park RV travel camping
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    Ep. 120: Big Bend Ranch | Texas State Park RV travel camping

    Greetings friends, welcome back to Grand Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and last week we brought you to Big Bend National Park in West Texas. This week we’re still camping at Maverick Ranch RV Park in Lajitas, and we’ll not only check out some of the beautiful remote property on this 27,000-acre private ranch, but we’ll also head west from our campsite to see portions of Big Bend Ranch State Park and the border town of Presidio, so stay tuned! This is our current home base of Maverick Ranch RV Park in the Chihuahuan Desert border town of the Lajitas, Texas. We provided you with a thorough tour of…

  • Nordic Skiing, Pulking, and Hammock Camping in the Carson National Forest
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    Nordic Skiing, Pulking, and Hammock Camping in the Carson National Forest

    Hey it’s Whistle Norvell and today we’re going to do some hammock camping and some Nordic skiing here in the Carson National Forest So I found a pretty good place to camp here Found a couple of good nice Piney trees a little bit of snow coming down It’s not too cold, but it’s cool enough And I love the spot. It’s beautiful right on the edge of a beautiful view With the mountains, so I guess it’s time to get the hammock set up for a good night’s sleep tonight All right, I got the basics for the hammock up Kind of interesting with the guylines in the snow,…

  • Camping Doku, Wild Campen Adventure trip
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    Camping Doku, Wild Campen Adventure trip

    During 3 days 3 friends fought there way through the woods of Germany. The compass showed them the way. Besides, they slept under free sky, conquered many obstacles and experienced thus a small adventure directly before the front door. The city we have left behind us and now we are running just next to a gravel pit. Matze has a little too much in his backpack. Now the shoulders already hurt him. We just found an old military hall. Earlier we have also found something metal what we didn´t want to touch. Well let’s see where we get out again. Here you have to be careful, that can realy hurt…

  • Camping Iris Parc Le Chêne Gris pod Paryżem
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    Camping Iris Parc Le Chêne Gris pod Paryżem

    – It was a beautiful swing – I know Now we will show you a four-star campsite wave your hand there is our mobile house, 128 Here is the playground The spider is here where? here, run away! there is no spider, he went away then we went here and opened the gate attention, it will close down soon ah, it went down limbo now we are going to the reception – to the reception? – yes here we have an information point here we have a map on the map we can see the center of Paris Eiffel tower We were at the very top of the Eiffle Tower…

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    The Wakhan Corridor is a remote and mountainous region of Badakhshan Province, located in north eastern Afghanistan. Traveling in Afghanistan is difficult, but some areas like the Wakhan have remained relatively safe. We’re on our 3rd blown tire, but that’s because the roads here are really bad. I entered through Tajikistan, and hired a 4×4 to reach the village of Sarhad-e Broghil. From Sarhad I began a 10-day trek into the mountains. After 2 days of driving, and about a day of getting permits, I’m now starting my journey into the Afghan Wakhan. The Wakhan is extremely isolated, surrounded by rugged snow-capped peaks of the Pamir and Hindu Kush ranges.…

  • STS Delta Camp Set – Perfect Mess Kit/Dinner Set for Camping & Hiking
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    STS Delta Camp Set – Perfect Mess Kit/Dinner Set for Camping & Hiking

    – Hi guys, Nat from Tentworld Prospect here. Just covering today the Delta Camp Set from Sea to Summit. This is a fantastic kit if you’re looking at kitting out to scout or you’re going hiking yourself. Just a quick little tip: the Delta cup is pretty unique in the terms of, it’s actually got a measurement on the inside here, all right? That’s super handy when you’re trying to actually fill up your freeze-dried meal with the correct amount of mls. So this one here says it takes 500 mls of boiling water. Well, guess what you can actually measure it at? Fantastic. These actually have got a protex…

  • Lifetime A-frame 6-ft 60030 Folding Putty Picnic Table
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    Lifetime A-frame 6-ft 60030 Folding Putty Picnic Table

    With the strength, durability, and convenience you expect, our attractive picnic table will support those perfect summer holidays. Lifetimes high-density polyethylene table is stain resistant, easy to clean, and will never need to be varnished or painted. This picnic table is completely waterproof and will not split, chip, or peel. Even if your table has been sitting in the snow all winter it is designed to resist the harmful effects of nature and last for years. UV inhibitors protect the table from fading or cracking. And a still frame features a powder-coated weather-resistant finish that is durable and protects against the elements. And with the unique quick folding design the…

  • Dan Learns About Camping
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    Dan Learns About Camping

    Dan: So Jackson, you have been camping exactly once. Tell us what your experience was like. It was fun and I had a cookout. Dan: Do you know one of the most important things you need when you go camping? No. Dan: Bigfoot spray. Tell me a time when you were camping and you heard something at night. So one time I was camping – Dan: Ahh! I’m so scared. Tone it down a little bit, you’re making me spooked out. Don’t be scared. Dan: Serious, you don’t want to be hanging out in the camping world when Bigfoot comes around. That way you just take a little spray, you…