• MSR Tents: Elixir 3 Overview
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    MSR Tents: Elixir 3 Overview

    Hi, I’m Dale Karacostas with Mountain Safety Research, here today to introduce you to the new MSR® Elixir™ 3 tent. The Elixir™ 3 backpacking tent from MSR offers significantly more livability features than other leading tents while being as lightweight or lighter. You can set up the tent in two different freestanding modes: standard setup with the tent body, or in Fast & Light® setup with the included footprint. We designed the tent to be extremely easy to set up. Color-coded poles, clips and webbing show you how everything fits together. Once set up, you can see how the tent offers so much livable space: the symmetrical pole geometry maximizes…

  • YMCA Camping – Anglesea Recreation Camp
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    YMCA Camping – Anglesea Recreation Camp

    Anglesea camp it’s in a magnificent environment, the beauty of Anglesea is that we’ve got the beach, we’ve got the bush and we’ve got the river. We’ve got a fantastic supportive community here. As far as the camp goes we can accommodate up to 150, in a variety of configurations. One of the strengths of Anglesea is that we can multi-group, so we can just as well take a large group of 150, as three smaller groups of around 30 or 40. Anglesea is one and a half hours from Melbourne. It’s on the Great Ocean Road. Anglesea is a great destination as there are 7 camps here in Anglesea,…

  • Outwell Wind Gust Tent Pump Review
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    Outwell Wind Gust Tent Pump Review

    So, if like us you’ve got an inflatable tent it certainly makes putting up the tent a lot quicker than a traditional tent. However, you might not quite like all the pumping involved. Well, we’re going to get out a new device from Outwell called the Wind Gust and as you might have expected, it’s an electric pump. Unlike smaller pumps that, say you use to inflate air beds, this one is designed specifically to inflate your tent, along with some cutout settings as well so you don’t over inflate the air beams and – pop – ruin your tent. So we’re going to give this a test. It looks…

  • Quechua Conception – Tent Test
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    Quechua Conception – Tent Test

    When designing tents, Quechua always bears in mind their primary function: providing shelter from the wind, the sun and the rain We find labs where we can simulate this reality. During the rain test, first we put sensors in sensitive places, like zips or the ties between the inner chamber and the outer roof. Then we put absorbent pads inside the tent to absorb every last drop of water. Now we’re ready to test using the rain simulator with a range of 120 to 450 litres an hour per sq.m, equivalent to tropical rain. We check the tent won’t collapse under the weight of the water and that no moisture…

  • Mr Heater Little Buddy Portable Heater
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    Mr Heater Little Buddy Portable Heater

    G’day guys, it’s Ben from Snowys here and today we’re having a little bit chinwag about the Mister Heater Little Buddy. Now, when you first open it up, it’s going to look a little bit strange, it comes in two pieces, you’ve got your base here and the heater itself just here. And to actually put it together you are going to need a little propane cylinder, so I’ve got one here which is from Coleman, now it’s worth noting that these do not come with the heater, yet they are sold separately, however. And to put it together, basically all you need to do is to pop the propane…

  • Zempire Monstamat Camp Mat
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    Zempire Monstamat Camp Mat

    G’day guys, it’s Ben from Snowys Outdoors here and today we’re having a quick look at the relatively new Zempire Megamat. So the Zempire Megamat Camp mats come in both a single and a double size as well. When packed down, as you can see them both here, the single is 70 centimetres long, 20 wide and 20 deep. Weighs about 3.1 kilos. And the double, 65 long, 30 deep, 30 wide and weighs about 6.2 kilos. You see here they’ve been unrolled already, a couple of what we prepared a little bit earlier. Now a single is 198 long, 68 wide and the double is 201 long and it’s…

  • Building a Wickiup Shelter (Day 1)
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    Building a Wickiup Shelter (Day 1)

    Hey guys ! thanks for tuning in so I’m looking for a spot where i can cross this river here and then i’ll be looking for a good spot to build my wickiup. I don’t know if you guys can see but there’s some cool otter tracks and see where they slide with their belly and they go from 1 little water hole to another. We’re in mid-november so there’s probably one or two inches of ice on this river and a bit of snow to hide it, it’s really dangerous I can’t cross that…. So I can’t cross the river, but there might be this spot, I don’t know…

  • How to Season a Swag
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    How to Season a Swag

    G’day guys, it’s Ben from Snowys here and today we’re gonna run through with you how to season your brand new swag. So today we’re using the OZtrail Mitchell Expedition Swag, but the same applies for any swag that you might be using, so the steps will all be pretty much the same. Now first and foremost you need to set your swag up and you gotta also make sure that it’s set up nice and taut, so there’s no wrinkles in the fabric at all. Alright, so once you’ve got your swag set up, what you need to do is remove the mattress and then make sure that everything…

  • How to Roll a Swag
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    How to Roll a Swag

    Howdy folks, Ben from Snowy’s here today. I’ve gotta shout out to one of our YouTube viewers, Ri, I’m sorry, Ri, I don’t know how to pronounce your last name but it was a while ago now you asked us, ‘how do I, easiest way to pack up a swag?’ We’re out here with the Mitchell Expedition Swag from OZtrail here today. And we thought we’d take the opportunity to film up how to do it, because it’s pretty straightforward, but there are a few things that you can do to make it easier. So packing up of the swag is pretty easy, it’s pretty much just roll it and…