• Darche Eclipse 180° Awning
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    Darche Eclipse 180° Awning

    (upbeat music) Hey guys, Ben from Snowys here today down at the 4WD show. On the Darche stand here, they kindly invited us down to talk about their products. And I got the Eclipse 180 Awning setup behind me here. The Eclipse 180 Awning is easy to setup and pack up just with one person. And it gives you a full 180 degrees of coverage down the side of your vehicle. This guy is made up a 260 GSM poly-cotton canvas with a ripstop weaved to it. The frame is all alloy, these uprights are alloy and removable. These arms are a structural alloy. So, not just a hollow tube.…

  • Dometic Waeco CFX-28 Fridge + Cover
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    Dometic Waeco CFX-28 Fridge + Cover

    (gentle music) Hi, Kevin from Snowys Outdoors here. Today I’m gonna talk to you about the Dometic Waeco CFX 28 litre fridge freezer. Quite a handy size not too heavy, not too big. Very convenient and easy to use just pop it in the back of your SUV. Great for those weekends away. This fridge is 62 centimetres long, it is 42.5 centimetres high, and about 34.2 centimetres wide. If we open it up, you see there is two compartments in this fridge. The length of this fridge is 42 centimetres internally, 24 centimetres wide, and this section here is 17 centimetres high and this section here is 33 centimetres…

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    럭셔리 끝판왕 대형 캠핑카 – Adria Sonic Supreme 710 SL- Japan Camping Car Show 8

    Please move over here. Look here you’ll see a button. If you press this button. The bed lowers from above. This is so nice. Hi. It’s Lucy with Campingcarjoa. We’re in Fukuoka for the camping car show. We reviewed Adria models before. But we found a new model here. Next to me from Adria. Is Mr. Jung Sungho. He’s Korean. So he’ll explain this model for us. Yes. Hello everyone. I’m Jung Sungho from Delta Link. I’m going to give you a tour of this RV. This model is the Sonic Supreme 1710SL. This is a special model even for Adria. First I’d like to point out. The average european…

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    [Music] [Applause] [Music] so we’ve been kept in here for the last three or four months and we’ve had a blast I think we came here like three or four times maybe even five times and the last time we went here we actually stayed for a whole week and today we’re picking up our Caravan so it’s kind of sad [Music] there supposed to be a tent in front but we got rid of it all that’s left is just a caravan and it just looks with silly just by itself [Music] [Music] ok everyone I want to thank each and every one of you for watching I hope…

  • Low-season camping benefits with CampingCard ACSI
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    Low-season camping benefits with CampingCard ACSI

    I’m here at the NEC show with David Wilkinson from the club’s travel service David at this for review there are many bargains to be had for low season campus can you tell us how to get the best deals club travel service has a very good relationship with AXI and as such you can buy the camping car taxi either online or through our contact centre which is basically a discount card valid in over 3300 campsites in 21 countries we also partner with actually for some of our escorted tours to Scandinavia and the Balkans and also some of our worldwide motor homing holidays around New Zealand and…

  • Solar & Lithium Battery Set Up | Camper Van Life S1:E29
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    Solar & Lithium Battery Set Up | Camper Van Life S1:E29

    Thank you guys for joining our campervan life Q&A. Today we’re gonna talk about RV solar and living off-grid and as always if you’re joining us live we’d love to know where you’re tuning in from. So leave us a note and before we get started I just want to say if you have general questions about living in a van we’ve answered a lot of those in a previous Q&A which you can find in our campervan life series video playlist. So if you have questions about mpg for the van where do we shower how do we shower what is the layout of the van like tank capacity…

  • Caravan Palace – Miracle (official audio)
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    Caravan Palace – Miracle (official audio)

    Can you feel the pain See the mess and trouble in your brain Anger you retain Pressure rocks you like a hurricane Is it time for You to jump into the next train Change of hand, make a stand I can see your heart change Wake up! No more nap, your turn is coming up You feel lazy but Stop the fantasies and bubble butts If you need to hear Go for it! I will teach you how to feel the things So close to you, connect it all (Act like a brother) Every day is a miracle (Help one another) Connect back with the people (Give it to your…