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    My SUMMER Holiday Routine … | #Vacations #Sketch #Fun #MyMissAnand

    you thought what I am doing wake up early at 6:30 in summer vacations I’ve joined Summer Theatre Workshop this summers which starts at 8 O’clock so I need to get ready for it today I am going to share with you My Summer Vacations Routine and i’ve brought it for you on your demand s so must hit Like to this video and get this video to 1,50,000 Likes you know I always ready my bag keeping all that important stuffs at night now need to have only lunch and bottle and we have so fun in theatre workshop like playing games, skits, drawings also do things to save…

  • Bullies Ruin Our Picnic! | Babyteeth More!
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    Bullies Ruin Our Picnic! | Babyteeth More!

    hey guys we have a special episode for you today not only are we going to unbox these two lovely boxes we are going to try to make a skit at the end of this video using the stuff in here we have absolutely no idea what’s inside of these two boxes so I’m a really exciting where’d you get those boxes Doki Doki which is by Japan crate and we’d like for providing these products you can get your own at japan crate dot com it’s an outdoor man penguin sailor a change purse Pokemon hook a ball all right a drinking cup this is solid color English that…

  • Christmas Vacation (2/10) Movie CLIP – The Griswold Family Christmas Tree (1989) HD
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    Christmas Vacation (2/10) Movie CLIP – The Griswold Family Christmas Tree (1989) HD

    Made pretty good time. [wolf howls] Russ: Dad, didn’t they invent christmas tree lots So people wouldn’t have to drive all the way out to nowhere And waste a whole Saturday? They invented them, russ, Because people forgot how to have A fun, old-fashioned family christmas And are satisfied With scrawny, dead overpriced trees That have no special meaning. Audrey: My toes are numb. You see, kids, this is what our forefathers did. Audrey: I can’t feel my leg. They walked into the woods, They picked out that special tree, And they cut it down with their bare hands. Audrey: Mom, I can’t feel my hips! Yes, honey? Clark? Audrey’s…

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    Becoming Tana Paul.

    Once upon a time in a land far far away. I married Jake Paul and this Is that vlog but a lot of shit went down in between those clips, so without further ado here’s my wedding vlog That’s three weeks late and you’ve already seen everyone else cover first things first. My assistant, I went shopping for the perfect wedding dress I started Driving in silence like Falling over and I realized like don’t get me wrong. This is my wedding. I’m appalled I’m getting paid I’m excited but This is also gonna be one of the funniest YouTube videos of my life, uh-huh I just started the hashtag…

  • Masha and The Bear – Home-Grown Ninjas (Episode 51)
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    Masha and The Bear – Home-Grown Ninjas (Episode 51)

    Home-Grown Ninjas You won’t catch me! You won’t get it! Na na na na, na naa naaaa! And no, you didn’t catch me! And no, you didn’t get it! Na na, na na naaaa! Oops. Oops. Ne-ah, this is really too much! Neen-who? Ninja? And who is that? A! Cannot see them, cannot catch them! Then I am ninja! Hmm, this costume is OK, I guess… Na na na na, na naa naaaa! Hm… Oh, ah, ah, ah, oh, ah! Na na na na, na naa naaaa! Hey, you should come again! We really liked it!

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    Camping with ZOMBIES (ROBLOX Animation)

    huh? Hey Rick, Rick you hear that? I didn’t hear anything, put out the fire and go to bed. Leaves Rustling. Well that time I heard something. I’m gonna go take a look. Let me get my phone I want to record this. You ready let’s go. Yeah I’m ready. Probably just a raccoon or something. (Foot steps in the leaves) Why did you stop? I heard something over to the left here. Lets go. Wait a minute I think I see something. Whatever it is it’s right here I see it did you see that Rick? Rick? Oh Great. Hey Ratrace! I think I found it wait wait, OH…

  • Superhero Summer School Water Balloon Challenge! Hope vs Noah’s | SuperHeroKids
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    Superhero Summer School Water Balloon Challenge! Hope vs Noah’s | SuperHeroKids

    (upbeat music) – Guys, hello? (upbeat music) Guys, hello? Where is everyone? I cannot believe that everyone has ditched me. (upbeat music) “I want you for Noah’s Super Summer School “in the nearest neighborhood park.” Super Summer School? – All right class, this is Noah’s Super Summer School, lesson one, you have to listen closely. This is very important. All you have to have to be a superhero is a cool nickname, super speed, and pizza. They all worked for me and now I’m gonna teach ’em to you. Are you ready? – Yeah! – Yeah! – [Noah] Then let’s get started. – Nicknames, super speed, and pizza? I could…

  • Every #Mom On Summer Vacation Ever – #Funny
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    Every #Mom On Summer Vacation Ever – #Funny

    Kids this is gonna be the best vacation ever! Ever!! Leave her alone! Well, It’s not my fault you didn’t eat breakfast. Stop fighting! Stop the car. We gotta get a picture. Stop fighting! Would you leave each other alone! If you don’t stop fighting we’re gonna pull this car over and you will hold hands until you can get along. Stop fighting. We are in public! Who cares who pushes the button? You can push it up the next time. Stop fighting! Stop fighting! Stop fighting! No, I’m not buying you that. Picture Picture No. I get a picture. You lost your charger!? That’s the third charger this trip!…

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    Kashmir Travel and Food Vlog | Travelling Srinagar, Pahalgam | Kashmiri Cuisine – Camping

    Hello, viewers welcome to our channel. Today I have reached Srinagar. And now at Srinagar’s Dal lake. Can you see this? This is the complete Dal lake. I’m having so much fun as the weather is so calm to roam about. It was too sunny yesterday and couldn’t make out. Actually I reached here yesterday but it was too sunny hence couldn’t visit. Today the weather is so warm, the only thing has happened with us the markets over here are closed. Maximum shops are closed only a few are open. So today I’ll share with you the fascinating Dal Lake, Srinagar and Kashmir. So, friends, it was a pleasant…

  • Picnic Area 11
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    Picnic Area 11

    RUSS: Morning. JAMES: Hey. RUSS: What’s up? You got work tonight? JAMES: Uh, yah. I think so. But not till later. How about you? I noticed you got in pretty late again last night. You still working on that big meeting? RUSS: it’s a business proposal man, and yeah, I have been working on it for weeks. But…It’s finally going to be all over with today. 9am man. 9am proposal and then….well, depending on how it goes…we’ll see. All this work…but, this is determining my future in the company and hell, maybe the next twenty years of my life. JAMES: Wow, good luck dude. Beers tonight? RUSS: HELL YES! Hopefully…