• ‘We Live With 220 Lions And Tigers’
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    ‘We Live With 220 Lions And Tigers’

    LAUREN DROPLA: These guys are our kids. We love them and we’d do anything for them. JEFF LOWE: This is Lisa Marie. She is our maybe 14 month old golden tabby tiger. COMM: A year ago, Jeff moved from his luxurious home in Colorado to a cabin in the grounds of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma. JEFF LOWE: I’ve managed Robbie Knievel for years. And I always wondered what that exhilaration of flying through the air on a motorcycle, 60 feet in the air, felt like and I think as close as I can get to it is being with these cats. It’s, you know, it’s almost…

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    Darwin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory, in a place Australian’s like call, “The Top End”. Situated at the edge of the Timor Sea, the city is closer to Bali than to Australia’s other major capitals. Traditionally the home of the Larrakia People, Darwin was settled by Europeans in 1869. The city’s isolation has meant that it’s population has always been low, and that’s just the way locals like it. Darwin is very much a gateway city. It’s the gateway to wild outback adventures, …it’s the gateway to the Aboriginal Dreamtime, …and, it’s the gateway to a relaxed state of mind that you can only appreciate once you’re here.…