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    The KKK vs. the Crips vs. Memphis City Council (Full Length)

    -Klansmen, salute the cross! -White power! -White power! -White power! -White power! -Who is Nathan Bedford Forrest? -He was the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and he was a freedom fighter for the southern colonies, the colonies of southern independence. The Confederate States of America. -Nathan Bedford Forrest was a racist. It’s a symbol of a negative part of the past that many African Americans in this community simply don’t want, and they don’t like. -He was a very prominent man, a very wealthy man. And he was a self made man. -He was another Adolf Hitler, in my mind. -Our hero for every member of the…

  • How the light changes: South Dakota
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    How the light changes: South Dakota

    (intense music) – What’s so special about South Dakota and why I keep coming back here, is because there’s just so much space. (intense music) I spend a lot of my time outside in the mountains seeking inspiration, but also looking inwards, feeling how my body connects to the landscape. (intense music) But the other side of me is that I’m an artist, and I enjoy plein air painting. Really observing the landscape through my activities, and then spending time immersed in those places, actually painting what I see. (intense music) (laughing) Be curious and watch as the light changes throughout the day, and that’s one of my favorite things…

  • The Story of “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65
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    The Story of “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65

    ♪♪ -Back then, none of the studios were actually soundproof, so you could always hear what the others were working on, and I was working in my studio. I was hearing, you know, this piano melody coming from Maurizio’s studios, and I remember I thought, “Wow, this is beautiful.” ♪♪ -When I first heard the melody, it was a piano melody, but it was really hard to imagine where it would fit. And Massimo goes, “We’re going to make a dance track out of it.” -And then we turned on the radio, and the song was there. -That’s when it really blew up. It was like, bang! ♪ I’m blue,…

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    Undercover Cop Tricks Autistic Student into Selling Him Weed (Full Length)

    First and last name? My first name is Jessie My last name is Snodgrass Have you ever sold drugs at Chapperal High School? Nope You’ve never sold drugs to any students there? No sir. No? Okay. Do you know who this is? Nope You sure? Yea, I’m sure Daniel? It was the first thing he said when I spoke to him on the phone. It was… not “Mom I got locked up” But he said: “Mom do you remember my friend?” And I said “Yes” And he said: “He’s a cop”. The war on drugs is still going strong in America. Even though states like Colorado and Washington have legalized…

  • Footage of Korean women sexually enslaved by Japanese soldiers in WWII revealed for the first time
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    Footage of Korean women sexually enslaved by Japanese soldiers in WWII revealed for the first time

    Japan’s sexual enslavement of Korean women during World War Two. More than just another unresolved issue that strains bilateral relations, there are survivors of the atrocity and their families who more than deserve apology and compensation. However Tokyo has been devoted to denying and burrying its wartime sins. At long last crucial evidence that should aid efforts to corner Japan into acknowledge historic facts and face reality has been found. Lee Ji-won tells us more. Women,… with faces full of fear,… are lined up against a wall. A man, presumed to be a Chinese officer, talks to them. This short 18 second video is of seven Korean women sexually enslaved…

  • Deaf in the military [Subtitled] | Keith Nolan | TEDxIslay
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    Deaf in the military [Subtitled] | Keith Nolan | TEDxIslay

    Translator: TED Translators admin Reviewer: Claire Ghyselen (Interpreter voice-over) Hello, everyone. My name is Keith Nolan. I’m a cadet private. My talk today is on the topic of the military. How many of you out there thought you’d ever like to join the military? I see a number of you nodding. And I thought the same thing ever since I was young. Growing up, I’d always wanted to join the military. I loved military history and I’ve read a great deal on the subject. Also, I have various family members, such as my grandfather and great uncle, who fought in World War II. And like them, I wanted the same…

  • 13. Notre voyage au Balouchistan (*zone rouge)
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    13. Notre voyage au Balouchistan (*zone rouge)

    we just went through a military check point as we always have in Iran but this one didn’t went too well we woke up this morning discovering our camp : sea on our side, mountains on the other side and some camels over there this morning it is time we explain where we are going and why are we heading straight onto a “red zone” according to french diplomacy welcome to a new video it is our last week in Iran but to be honest it feels like we already left the country the region where we are is so different it is a place very little visited by tourists…

  • The Métis of Fort Walsh and Cypress Hills Massacre National Historic Sites
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    The Métis of Fort Walsh and Cypress Hills Massacre National Historic Sites

    Cypress Hills are unique to Saskatchewan. When you think of Saskatchewan you think flat, but this area here was missed by the last ice age so you have a flat plateau on the top and folks around here call that the bench and then you have all these coulees and valleys and creeks and springs running through them. Fort Walsh was founded in the mid-1870s as a result of the journey west of the North West Mounted Police to stop the whiskey traders. A lot of the Métis families like the McKays and the La Valais that worked as interpreters were connected to it and some of the daughters of…

  • A Day at a Japanese Cat Shelter in Tokyo / JAPAN VLOG
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    A Day at a Japanese Cat Shelter in Tokyo / JAPAN VLOG

    Hi there! So, today I’ll be going to a cat shelter with 2 friends in Tokyo. I think that it’s about the fifth time that I’m going but I still love it there every time! You’ll see why! 🙂 The concept of the cat shelter here is that they, of course, rescue cats, transport them to the shelter, take care of them rehabilitate them if necessary and then, people can go to the shelter first they have to pay 1000 yen (about 8 euros) as an entrance fee and then, they can get to know all of the cats with the main objective of adopting but you’re of course also…