• Japanese Convenience Store Picnic
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    Japanese Convenience Store Picnic

    So even though we’ve been married for over ten years now It’s still really important for us to go on dates and one of the things we like to do here in Japan is fill up A picnic basket and go down to the park. Today we’re going to take you on one of our picnics So you can see what we do I will say: the one thing that’s quite different is we usually come out really late at night time — (Right) because all the mosquitoes are usually gone they’re sleeping. We might be here during peak mosquito time period. Now, you know what? Let’s just set the…

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    Date Night Backyard Camping And Fireworks – Recap Video

    Hace poco tiempo desde he grabado un vídeo Hemos estado demasiado ocupados Trabajando mucho trabajo y también preparando vender la casa Y no pude hacer vídeos completos … Resumen de lo que pasa — Los niños cumplieron sus clases Entonces están listos para fiesta de pijamas y camping ¿Te gusta? No me gusta está parte ¿Qué parte? Está parte (quemado) Aunque cumplieron con las clases todavía necesitan aprender Ayer Quinn no quería nadar… estaba gritando tanto y llorando Después platiqué con él y le dije que “necesita parar de llorar … no puedes hacer” “… Y mañana necesitas nadar” Llegue hoy y le dije que no puedes llorar y me…

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    FLORIDA TRAVEL VLOG! Couples Vacation (Summer, 2019)

    I leave for vacation in two days and I am so excited this Will also be the first time in a little over two months that me and Eric have seen each other So I am just like so so so excited to not only see him again but to also go on a trip together tonight I am working what’s called an all-nighter turn. So I am flying from Dallas to Fresno, California tonight at 10:20 p.m. And then we turn right around and fly back from Fresno to Dallas and I’ll be home by I think 6:00 a.m Back to DFW its 6:50 a.m man, those overnight flights…

  • Hot Tent Camping: Rock Beach Overnight with Girlfriend
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    Hot Tent Camping: Rock Beach Overnight with Girlfriend

    What’s up everybody, we just woke up and we’re about to do a little hike down the beach. We just stayed the night in the camper right over there and it was a beautiful place to stay. We woke up nice and early and we’re gonna go all the way down the beach down there. Apparently there’s some tidal pools that we’re gonna go try to check out and see if we can’t find any cool animals. Crossing into the shade now I’m not very happy about that. It’s kind of cool how this whole beach is made of pebbles. And they got this crazy seaweed that washes up everywhere…