• GAO: Poor Conditions at Military Depots
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    GAO: Poor Conditions at Military Depots

    [ Background Music ] About 80,000 people work at 21 Department of Defense industrial depots all over the United States preparing ships, aircraft, and ground vehicles. Many of these facilities were originally designed and built during World War 1 and World War 2. As a result, many facilities are not up to modern standards or large enough for efficient work. And more than half of all the depots rely on facilities that are on average in poor condition. For example, in one hangar, maintainers can only work on a single FA-18 Super Hornet at a time because the facility was never designed to handle the power requirements of modern aircraft.…

  • What’s in the Box? A Dream Vacation!
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    What’s in the Box? A Dream Vacation!

    All right, today’s game is vacation themed because one of today’s boxes has an unforgettable vacation experience. One of you could win a three night stay at any of the amazing hotels from Diamond Resorts International. You could go to Maui, or Mexico, or Spain. And they believe that regular vacations- >>[APPLAUSE]>>All right let’s find my first contestant.>>[APPLAUSE] >>So do you want what is behind the curtain that the captain is waving his hand at?>>[LAUGH] >>Or do you want what’s in my pants?>>What’s in your pants.>>You want what’s in my pants?>>Yes.>>All right, sorry captain, it is lint, there you go. And a $500 gift card for Best Buy.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[MUSIC]>>I’m gonna give…