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    – [Stephen] Got it. Oh, get it, get it, get it, get it! Pull it! Daniel, what is that thing? (high-pitched beep) – The lawn crew’s here but animal control should also be here really really soon. Hey Sharers what’s goin’ on? So you saw in our last vlog that Grace and I did 24 hour overnight challenge on the inflatable water trampoline and it was going pretty well until we looked underneath the trampoline and the pond monster had been hiding and storing food under there forever. (splashing) (Grace and Stephen yelling) – [Grace] Whoa, whoa! (loud thump) Whoa! (beating continues) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! What do…

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    Stealth Camping at Tunnel Bridges / Washouts – Bicycle Road trip Tour Vlog #12

    Bicycle Touring Road Trip Eastbound Across the Southwest USA – Vlog #12 Tunnel and Bridge Stealth Camping and Tips there were many times during my cross country travel that I couldn’t find any trees or bushes to stealth camp at… eventually I figured out that I could go down around the base of the tunnel bridges, or washouts some call them, and pitch a shelter which was usually my tarp or military poncho… as you can see, I could camp in these locations undetected from passers by on the road above… this first location was a pretty good sized bridge that made for easy bicycle stealth camping. There was a…

  • Polymer Clay Miniature 1 to 12  –  Small Basket For A Picnic
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    Polymer Clay Miniature 1 to 12 – Small Basket For A Picnic

    using a piece of scrap clay I’m going to make a mold for a basket and I’m just rolling it into a ball and I am squeezing it a bit flat here on the side and I’m going to cut it and you use scrap clay this is just because the blue colors because I have so much blue colored clay so I’m using blue color so I have like a half moon here and I am going to take something to flatten it out here for the bottom my basket so I’m going to save it until I like the size and the shape and then I’m going to…

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    Add a 2nd RV Battery

    Hello YouTube I’m not Chuck and I decided to add a second house battery to my travel trailer in order to have longer times that I can use the batteries the batteries between charging as you can see my battery is located on the tongue of the travel trailer I currently only have one battery and it’s in that black case that you see on the screen first thing we need to do before we access the battery is make sure that the gas is turned completely off from the bottle on the front of the trailer that is done by turning the knob clockwise then to disconnect the cable…

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    Awesome Convertable Picnic Table / Bench Review

    Welcome to Tomahawk DIY. Today I want to tell you about some picnic tables that I absolutely love and think they’re just really cool. We’ve had these for a little bit and they work great. These are from Lifetime, is the company. And there’s one special feature with them that makes them extra versatile. If you pull, take a look, this is actually two separate tables here. The thing that I love is with the flip of a lever it becomes some benches You can turn these tables into benches extremely easily, just like that. When it’s time for picnicking, you flip them up and you’ve got a picnic table.…

  • Car Camping, Crossing River Fords
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    Car Camping, Crossing River Fords

    (gun shots echoing) (roof rack rattling) (water splashing) – When I’m driving on a road like this, I always have my headlights on just in case another vehicle comes from the other direction, because out here anyone who’s driving around is not gonna really expect to see another vehicle coming at any given moment. With headlights on, they’re more likely to see us from a greater distance. The river. – [Christina] The river. Oh my God. – Got to hold the camera steady, remember? – [Christina] I’m steady Sweety, but it’s so bumpy. – Hold it back further yeah. River, river, river, river. – [Christina] Wait, wait, wait. River. –…

  • Canada’s Best Overlanding! • TOP OF THE WORLD HIGHWAY
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    Canada’s Best Overlanding! • TOP OF THE WORLD HIGHWAY

    Well good morning guys, from Chicken, Alaska! Our journey to the Arctic Ocean continues. We had a very peaceful night at Chicken Gold Camp! It’s 20 bucks a night you know…For a level place to park and to top off the tanks, well worth it in our book since we’ve been on the road a couple days already! This is also a really cool place…. I don’t know if is like 2013 or 2014 but I actually found gold here when rolling out with them! So if you want to find gold, you got to come to a place like Chicken Gold Camp Wait for it, wait for it!…. Now….…

  • How to Make a Duct Tape Tent for your Teddy Bear | Sophie’s World
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    How to Make a Duct Tape Tent for your Teddy Bear | Sophie’s World

    hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world well you know teddy has been bugging me because he’s been wanting to go camping but to go camping you need some camping gear and so I’m gonna teach you how to make a teddy bear tent teddy bear fire and of course a teddy bear chair I’m gonna start with the tent right now so for this project we’re gonna need some scissors gonna need a ruler we’re going to need a cereal box this is super important and we’re gonna need duct tape I’m gonna be using an x-acto knife for this again remember always using an x-acto knife safely…