• 7 Genius Ways to Get Rid of ANTS!
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    7 Genius Ways to Get Rid of ANTS!

    Your old method of dealing with ants just isn’t cutting it anymore. You need new techniques and new strategies… well we’ve got you covered… it’s time to suit up and let the battle begin. It’s that lovely time of year where picnic tables and food scraps are running a muck. But you don’t have to let the ants ruin your lovely camp out or picnic. Always bring some extra containers with you such as Tupperware or deep disposable plates… I found some pie tins that were perfect. By simply placing the legs of the table into the containers we’ll be able to make an effective barrier against creepy crawlies that…

  • DIY ไฟฉาย Flashlight 12V LED COB 70W
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    DIY ไฟฉาย Flashlight 12V LED COB 70W

    Hello. My name is M. In this video clip I will assemble Portable flashlight 12V 70W Go to see what equipment is used in the assembly. Go to see equipment Item 1 Powerball cob 12 Volt 70 Watt White light Next equipment All 3 3.7V lithium batteries Will perform the series to get a voltage of 12 Volts Next equipment bms 3 cell 12.6 Volts 20 Amps Next equipment 12 Volt On-Off Switch and DC Plug Box for carrying equipment Such as Swift batteries All of this is the main equipment used in the assembly. If you are interested in these devices I put the link on the bottom of…

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    MEGA KAMYON KARAVAN TURU 4×4 Tasarım Gezen Ev Turu / Türkçe Altyazılı (Van Life)

    Bizim Robur’umuz. Ailem biz 18-19 yaşındayken Noel hediyesi olarak bize vermişti. Artık onlarınkine sığamıyorduk. Eşim tüm karavanı kendisi yaptı. Çok az bir kısmı vardı. Şimdi içeride 4 hatta 6 kişi kalabilir. Onu çok seviyoruz. Yazları bununla dünyayı gezmeye çalışıyoruz. Bakmak ister misiniz? Elbette Görüyor musunuz? Nasıl içeri giriyoruz? Lastiğin üzerine basıp tırmanmalısın. Şu anda karavanın içindeyim. Karavan deği kamyon da diyebiliriz aslında. Hem de büyük bir tane. Eski ama harika bir şey bu. 4×4 değil mi? Evet 4×4 Burası ön koltuk Yukarıdaki yataklardan biri. Ying Yang olan yatak oluyor. O harika içeriden de görebiliriz. Telsiziniz de var burada. Burası da harikaymış. Ben de şu lambaya bayılıyorum. Açıyorsunuz ve parlıyor. Tekrar…

  • Kids Explain Vacation | Babble
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    Kids Explain Vacation | Babble

    My mom said, “Sometimes, we just need a break.” Kids Explain Vacation! My favorite part of vacation is that we get to stay in a hotel. My mom loves those tiny bottles of shampoo. Oh, my mom puts them in the suitcase right away. If I could go on a vacation, I would go in outer space to go on the moon, to put the flag on top. And that’s my moon! I would go on a vacation to… Vegas. A casino is like where there are lots of slots of games for like your mom and dad to play and their friends to play. Well, my mom won and…

  • THE FINAL REVEAL: Before & After RV Renovation | RVLOVE’s Ultimate RV Makeover (Ep 8) | DIY Remodel
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    THE FINAL REVEAL: Before & After RV Renovation | RVLOVE’s Ultimate RV Makeover (Ep 8) | DIY Remodel

    (upbeat country music) – Marc and Julie aren’t just living off grid, they did a full renovation off grid. (carpet groaning) – Yeah, it’s been very fun to be part of it. – She looks amazing. I’m really happy. – RV doesn’t feel or look like an RV. We just happened across CC, our 1999 Country Coach Intrigue really serendipitously. We unexpectedly fell in love with this old coach. Price was right and then it was made it easy for us to renovate and really make it our own without breaking the budget. – And allowed us to have the room in the budget to make some bigger upgrades too.…

  • 7 ADHD Friendly Tips to Make Your Next Vacation Awesome
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    7 ADHD Friendly Tips to Make Your Next Vacation Awesome

    Hello Brains! I’m at Niagara Falls! Aaand I’m back. Research has shown that vacations can increase happiness, improve relationships, decrease burnout, increase creativity and productivity and even make it more likely that we’ll get a raise. but for those of us with ADHD, they can also be incredibly stressful and overwhelming, often negating the positive effects they’re supposed to provide. This is especially true when half of us don’t even stop working when we’re on vacation. …It’s really hard to turn it off. If you, like me, struggle with vacation…ing… Here are 7 tips for creating an ADHD-friendly vacation that’s actually relaxing: According to research, most of the positive effects…

  • [Leather Craft] Cadillac ATS smart key case DIY / Wet forming leather
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    [Leather Craft] Cadillac ATS smart key case DIY / Wet forming leather

    Hello It’s Hahn Today, I’m gonna make Cadillac Remote Key Fob Case You can do wet forming leather in your home I’m gonna show you every detail about how to do it Hope you enjoy this! Leather : Pueblo / Thickness : 1.0t (2oz) after 20 minutes Make a shape roughly Cut rest of it Make sure it locates center next day Edge dying : Fiebings leather dye Burnishing edge : Leather gum (Tokonole) Leather bond : Intercom 1816b Smooth edges with sand paper Thank you for watching!

  • Folding Wine Stand: Perfect for Picnics. Summer Fun!
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    Folding Wine Stand: Perfect for Picnics. Summer Fun!

    Joy and Sadness made such a great team, but my favorite character was Riliey’s imaginary childhood friend, Microjig. Maker of the GRR-RIPPER Work Safer. Work Smarter. This week’s episode is also sponsored by NatureBox. If you like this stand and would like to own it yourself, I’m auctioning it off to raise money for the Make-A Wish Foundation. I’ll have more information at the end of this video. A viewer to the show recently posted a picture of one of these on Facebook and asked if I could make one. It sticks into the ground and holds a bottle of wine and a glass on each side. The top is…

  • [DIY] Leather Apple AirPods case making / wet forming leather
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    [DIY] Leather Apple AirPods case making / wet forming leather

    Hi leathercraft lovers! (Sorry about my dirty finger 😆) Today, I made a leather Apple Airpods case You can see the process of wet forming leather as well Hope you guys enjoy my video! shall we start? Airpods Leather : Pueblo Italian vegetable tanned Thickness : 1.8mm Water Immerse the leather in water for 30 minutes. Just in case 😉 Wrap in plastic wrap This pattern helps the leather to make a shape Make a rough shape Just make sure Airpods locate middle of it Hold the leather with a binder one by one 24 hours later Make the edges smooth with a bone folder Mark on the leather with…