• Shooting the Biggest Guns Money Can Buy | The Big Sandy Shoot
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    Shooting the Biggest Guns Money Can Buy | The Big Sandy Shoot

    [GUNFIRE] THOMAS MORTON: Hi. It’s Thomas. We’re in Arizona at the Big Sandy Shoot Off. This guy’s about to fire. [GUNFIRE] [LAUGHTER] That was fucking insane. Look out, and almost there. We are in an RV in the Sonora desert, in Arizona. We’re headed to a place called Big Sandy, which is close to the Big Sandy Shoot Off, which is an annual event where people with guns get together and shoot their guns. Except their guns happen to be anti-aircraft guns, heavy artillery, those kind of RoboCop rifles that’ll explode a Ford Pinto on one shot. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hooah. So that was comfy. We are parked right next to…

  • Camping Doku, Wild Campen Adventure trip
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    Camping Doku, Wild Campen Adventure trip

    During 3 days 3 friends fought there way through the woods of Germany. The compass showed them the way. Besides, they slept under free sky, conquered many obstacles and experienced thus a small adventure directly before the front door. The city we have left behind us and now we are running just next to a gravel pit. Matze has a little too much in his backpack. Now the shoulders already hurt him. We just found an old military hall. Earlier we have also found something metal what we didn´t want to touch. Well let’s see where we get out again. Here you have to be careful, that can realy hurt…

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    Boot Camp: Making a Sailor (Full Length Documentary – 2018)

    RDC: Come on, let’s go! Hurry up, let’s go Get on the bus Let’s go All the way in the back – all the way in the back – let’s go! [birds chirping] Simon: Oh, wait. Are you going first or I’m going first? Gabriel: I’ll go. Simon: Okay [laughing]. You introduce yourself and I’ll introduce myself. Gabriel: All right. Hi, my name’s Gabriel Cashat. I’m 18. Simon: I’m Simon Cashat and I’m also 18. We’re from Australia, but we were born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Gabriel and Simon: And we’re shippin’ out to Navy boot camp. Simon: Ugh! We get asked everywhere we go. Yes, we are twins. We’re…

  • THAILAND VACATION – Secluded Beaches and Wildlife Heaven
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    THAILAND VACATION – Secluded Beaches and Wildlife Heaven

    We had two weeks to spend traveling Thailand. She likes sugar and spice and everything nice. I liked snakes, snails and puppy-dog tails. She was seeking crystal-clear waters and beautiful resorts on Private beaches. I was there to rough it in the jungles and see the wildlife, the elephants, the monkeys and lizards and snakes! We were both there for the food, to spend as little money as possible and to avoid these guys at all costs. This is our quest for the perfect dream vacation in Thailand first Stop, Khao Sok. We’re boating with a small group to our isolated floating bungalows for a night. our tour guide reassured…

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    Niger: The Land Of Fear with David Adams (Trade Route History Documentary) | Timeline

    It takes its name from the Arabic word for emptiness al Zahara But the Sahara is really a collection of deserts and the most remote is the Tenere I sit had to cross the ténéré in the way caravans have done for a thousand years it’ll mean a journey of 1,200 miles over rock and sand by vehicle camel and on foot and It’s a dangerous journey For in the sweltering dessicated furnace death strikes the week the ill-prepared or the unlucky They call it the land of fear My name is David Adams and as a photojournalist, I’ve made a point of going to some of the world’s most…

  • Minimalist Couple Living in a Tiny Camper Trailer That Cost Only $1,800 – RV Life
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    Minimalist Couple Living in a Tiny Camper Trailer That Cost Only $1,800 – RV Life

    [Music Playing]>>KATHLEEN: I think our lives will forever be changed by this experience. I don’t think we’ll ever be comfortable in a big house. We’re just more comfortable in a smaller space surrounded by nature. That’s where we feel at home.>>GREG: Living in the camper is very powerful in the sense that you hear the rain on the roof, and you feel the wind blowing through the camper, and you can feel the crisp in the breeze. It’s nice. [Music Playing]>>KATHLEEN: We’re in Colorado and this is our 1969 Terry camper trailer that we live in so come tour our house. [Music Playing] When you first walk in we have…

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    The Weird, Wild World of Skunk Owners

    I’ve had cats, I’ve had dogs, I’ve had gerbils, I’ve had rabbits. But skunks grab your heart. For those of you, new to the Skunk Fest, we see lots of new faces this year, which is great. So if we can start having everyone show up by the tent with your skunks in your arms, our judges are getting ready to start judging for Skunk Fest 2017. He gets extra points for being so cute! Have you had fun today at the Skunk Fest? Yes, this is the best day of my life. They’re the best things ever. Who can top the Steampunk skunk? So are you here with Pepe…

  • How to Get High AF in Alaska
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    How to Get High AF in Alaska

    Hey, this is Trey. We’re in Alaska. Oh, hell yeah.This is Blunt Reviews.A weed travel showwhere we review things to dowhile you’re stoned.So much weed.Just woke up in Anchorage.It’s very, very beautiful outside. We’re at a B&B that’s right on the inlet.We are going to get high,and then go eat breakfastwith Cecelia,who is the owner of the B&B.She’s making us an infused breakfast.Not a bad breakfast joint.So this is a weed friendly B&B,and then some.Cecelia’s making breakfast,so she invited a bunch of peoplefrom the local weed industryto come join us.And because Alaska was thethird state to legalize weed in 2015,they came bearing gifts.I got something for you, I’ll get my…

  • We Went To Gay Conversion Therapy Camp (Part 1/3)
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    We Went To Gay Conversion Therapy Camp (Part 1/3)

    Look at the outside of this man Look at his physical appearance Look into this man’s heart Look into his soul Now look more deeply… I feel this emptiness inside me every time I look into the mirror The impulse I want to do is just punch that mirror because I can see my fucking parents in the background Just staring at me and doing nothing as I’ve gone through this my entire fucking life and I want to scream ‘What the fuck is your problem!?’ ‘Where were you?!’ ‘Why did you leave me here?!’ Conversion Therapy is a set of dangerous and totally discredited practices That attempt to change…