• Japanese Convenience Store Picnic
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    Japanese Convenience Store Picnic

    So even though we’ve been married for over ten years now It’s still really important for us to go on dates and one of the things we like to do here in Japan is fill up A picnic basket and go down to the park. Today we’re going to take you on one of our picnics So you can see what we do I will say: the one thing that’s quite different is we usually come out really late at night time — (Right) because all the mosquitoes are usually gone they’re sleeping. We might be here during peak mosquito time period. Now, you know what? Let’s just set the…

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    Korean Camping Tips

    So we are–Are we actually recording? Yes. We’re trying to enjoy a relaxing picnic weekend with friends and there’s like a rock festival! Hahaha Time to set up our tent! LET’S DO IT! Blip!Blip!Blip! Hahaha! What’s happening there? We’ve been here for over seven years now and we’ve done so many things in Korea, but we haven’t done one of the most fundamentally important Korean things to do– and that’s camping in the city park. I wanna say camping for free in the city park! Exactly! You can just come out here for a bike ride. You can come out here with just a basic mat to throw it out,…

  • Vacation in Vietnam: InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort
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    Vacation in Vietnam: InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

    In less than a week we’ll be moving to Tokyo, Japan So we decided for this last Christmas, instead of buying each other presents We decided to buy each other a vacation.. to Vietnam! um.. so we are the only people on this entire glorious beach yep.. this beach is for me I love you girl I love you too, Sunshine Happy vacation One of the best things about coming to a resort like this is that you feel like you can really reconnect with nature [screaming] Oh my god, there’s fish coming oh my god, there are fish coming! ahhh… fishies.. huh.. shark [screaming] I don’t want to be…

  • Korean Grilled Meat aka Samgyeopsal…Camping Style!
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    Korean Grilled Meat aka Samgyeopsal…Camping Style!

    It’s time for food adventure program for awesome people the outdoor camping grilling edition I know that we’ve done samgyeopsal before which is you know thats so so long ago and it was really at a more traditional normal kind of Korean restaurant today we are taking you to a very special grilling restaurant It’s called The Outdoor Factory This place tries to imitate the outdoor camping experience when it comes to grilling meat and it’s totally glorious ironically rather than sitting outdoors they’ve built a small house that you go in to and they provide blankets and everything and you’re grilling your meat on an actual fire so it’s…