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    Top 10 Worst Vacations Ever

    Top 10 Worst Vacations Ever 10) Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic British holidaymakers at this luxury Caribbean resort held a two-day protest after hundreds of drunk and rowdy locals raided the hotel on a cheap package deal. The islanders were accused of defecating in the pool, eating all the food in the buffet, and peeing on guests while they lay on sun loungers. Up to 100 hotel guests were eventually moved to an alternative hotel but were offered just $45 compensation. 9) Essex, England A group of friends on a bachelorette party had their seaside break ruined by a foul stench coming from the room next door. The bride to be…

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    What Powers Does the Queen of England Actually Have?

    A short while ago we wrote about the fact Queen Elizabeth II needs neither a passport nor driving license thanks to a quirk of British law. But what other powers does the Queen of many titles have and what could she theoretically do if she decided to flex the full might of the authority she wields? As it turns out, thanks to the Royal Prerogative, a terrifying amount if she really felt like it, or, at least, assuming parliament went by the letter of the law and they and the people didn’t decide to stage a little revolt. In reality, the Queen rarely exerts even a fraction of the power…

  • REAL Mermaid Sightings Around The World!
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    REAL Mermaid Sightings Around The World!

    Legends about mermaids go back thousands of years. From the Netherlands to South Africa, here are ten famous mermaid sightings from around the world. 10. British Columbia, 1967 In 1967, British Columbia became a hub of mermaid excitement when, one day, Ferry riders spotted a mermaid lounging on the shore of Mayne Island. They claimed they saw a topless, blonde woman with the tail of a porpoise sitting on the beach shore. Some witnesses even became very upset, as they believed they saw the mermaid eating a raw salmon. One tourist from Iowa even managed to take a picture. After the sighting, the mermaid was seen one more time the…

  • Problems Only Campers Understand
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    Problems Only Campers Understand

    Problems Only Campers Understand Planning – Are there any campgrounds available here? – Campgrounds actually full. Full of people who know how to plan in advance. Necessary Trespassing – This doesn’t feel legal. – [man in baseball hat] We’re going camping dammit. Getting Too Close To Nature – [man in red plaid shirt] I don’t know about this. – It’s fine. It’s an otter. – [man in red plaid shirt] There’s nail marks on the ground. – [man in baseball hat] Otters have nails. Fireside Cooking – You got the food. – Yeah. – Where’s the can opener? – I’m so hungry. Seasonal Rules – This little fire you got…

  • 10 Best Camping Tents 🏕 ⛺️
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    10 Best Camping Tents 🏕 ⛺️

    the remote tent the thermo tent had its origins in Ireland and it offers both heat and sound insulated properties to suit your camping needs it achieves this through a double layer of poly cotton which possesses thermal and acoustical insulation in addition to this the thermo tent provides you with wide windows to ensure a clear view of events transpiring outside and stable state-of-the-art ultrasonic pegs guaranteed to stay fixed even in the worst of weather conditions the dimensions of the thermo tent include 23 by 13 by 7 point two feet of livable area with the dimensions of seven point nine by six point five feet inclusive of…

  • 10 Amazing Camping Tents 🏕 ⛺️
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    10 Amazing Camping Tents 🏕 ⛺️

    welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new world of tents and camping this video will amaze you because of its crazy and super innovative designs so let’s go camping core 12-person instant cabin family tent this innovative camping accessory costs less than your average tent at two hundred seventy seven dollars it can comfortably accommodate up to twelve people with us stunning 180 square foot of space and it’s available in two colors light grey and white in addition to this the core 12-person instant cabin family tent is easy to set up with the average set-up time of less than two minutes and offers a suitable amount of…