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    Holland, Michigan: Things to Do on Summer Vacations

    Holland, Michigan, is a historic community with deep Dutch roots and lots of charm, but with its own style and American flavor. Located within close proximity to Canada, this makes for a perfect spontaneous trip or planned vacation. Friendly, clean, and filled with fun activities, Holland has an array of venues to entertain and inspire the senses. Hello, I am Shannon. Thousands of tourists visit Holland each year to discover why Downtown Holland has earned the “Great American Main Street” award, and I am thrilled to be one of them today. Join me as we discover Holland’s rich Dutch cultural heritage, gorgeous Lake Michigan beaches and an eclectic downtown district.…

  • Finally Taking a Summer Vacation! | MOM VLOG
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    Finally Taking a Summer Vacation! | MOM VLOG

    (upbeat music) – Special thanks to Fabletics for sponsoring this video. (chill music) Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Raven. Welcome back to another vlog. I am packing right now because for this vlog I am taking you along with us. Me and my mom and Ziya are taking a little weekend trip, weekend getaway, mini-vacation type of thing. I had really wanted to take, like, a big, fancy tropical beach vacation this summer but my plans kept getting messed up and canceled and having issues with passports and booking things and just all types of bad luck. It just wasn’t meant to be. I still wanted to kinda do something…