• 2018  Lexor-TS By Pleasure-Way B At The 2017 Dallas RV Super Sale
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    2018 Lexor-TS By Pleasure-Way B At The 2017 Dallas RV Super Sale

    alright we will take a look and a player away Class B diesel this is all a beat built on a ram chassis fully self-contained Class B diesel was holding tanks for fresh and wastewater 12v power supply into a power places and this one even has a generator Class B diesel maybe you do some serious serious boom document this or just some weekend family traveled up the seats back here that convert into a bed together we got a two burner propane fired stove for cooking up dead by an egg break this is ashley Lou stainless steel sink for washing your big and you think Class B…

  • Easiest chair you can make in about an hour. Great for camping! | MERE MINI
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    Easiest chair you can make in about an hour. Great for camping! | MERE MINI

    I’m gluing together half-inch plywood to make one inch thick boards. I’m going to make the seat one third of the way up. And I’ll make that cutout the same thickness as this board. Now I can mark out where this long tenon goes. This is the part I’ll cut away on the band saw. And that’s all there is to the two-board Viking Chair. It’s super-simple to make and You can build this in about an hour. Here are the dimensions I used, but you can adjust them however you like.

  • Outwell Nevada 4P & 5P Family Tent (2019) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Nevada 4P & 5P Family Tent (2019) | Innovative Family Camping

    Sleeping 4 and 5 respectively, our classic Nevada 4 and 5P, are packed with innovative Outwell features Four zip-sliders at the panoramic front door, allows for flexible opening options and is backed by a full mesh panel, for insect free ventilation With a generous 230cm depth, The Darkened Ambassador Master Bedrooms offer plenty of floor space and full standing height combined with mains cable entry for enhanced levels of comfort Thank you so much for watching, now go check out the rest of the details for the Nevada tents at Outwell.com

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    Outwell Mayville 6SA Air Tent (2019) | Innovative Family Camping Gear

    Packed with inspired features, the Mayville 6SA is a superb tent for long camping holidays The full width front door truly lets the deep canopy extend upon the sheltered living space letting you enjoy and utilize every bit of the tent The very large windows, and light, warm-toned flysheet roof creates an unparalleled bright and airy feel inside the tent Thank you so much for watching, you can find more details for the Mayville 6SA or go check out the Mayville 3 and 5SA at Outwell.com

  • 🔥CAMPING Newbie⛺️
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    🔥CAMPING Newbie⛺️

    – Almost done! – [Mom] We’re almost done. (upbeat music) – I think they’re done! (giggles) – [Mom] Today’s video is sponsored by the National Pork Board. Who’s making silly faces? (blows raspberries) – Nae nae! (blows raspberries) – This a is boneless, rib eye pork chop. And that’s what’s for dinner. Pork chops is our go-to when we’re barbecuing, and I think one of the reasons is because it’s a really budget friendly option for families and we have a big family. So to go with the pork that we’re having for dinner tonight, I’m doing some oven roasted veggies, and some boiled potatoes. I love oven roasted veggies,…

  • Baby Loves a Sunrise – Camping Day 5
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    Baby Loves a Sunrise – Camping Day 5

    – Look at this guy’s new swimsuit. Check this out. Watch this. He’s a shark! (upbeat music) Good morning, everyone. It is another bright early morning, 5:00 a.m. Duncan and I are the only ones awake, but we’re happy about it. I’m not gonna lie, the mornings have been kinda hard for me, but we have gotten some good time to bond together, Duncan and I. Yeah. And right now, we’re going on a morning hike, which I haven’t had a chance to do yet, but I’ve always wanted to go down to the lake and check it out as the sun is rising. So far, very impressed. It’s very…

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    How to Repair a Broken Tent Pole – EASY

    – Welcome to Tomahawk DIY everyone, I’m Mike. (rushing water) Here I am camping in the beauties of Yellowstone (National Park). Enjoying geysers, wildlife. And, my tent here had a great big wind storm come through on our last camping trip down in Southern Utah. Tore it up, and it broke at least three tent poles. I want to show you how I used FiberFix to fix them. So, you can see when this windstorm blew the whole tent over, it was staked down, and yet the whole thing blew over, filled with our gear. It was quite wind that came through. Ripped some holes in it and broke some…

  • Naeun “Gunhoo, I will teach you Korean!”  [The Return of Superman/2019.05.05]
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    Naeun “Gunhoo, I will teach you Korean!” [The Return of Superman/2019.05.05]

    – Bye. / – Bye. Bye. (Thank you for lending me the tent.) Bye. Why is he going back? (What is up with your face?) How adorable. (Smile, Uncle.) – Gunhoo, wait. / – Naeun is up. I will make you something tasty. (What snack will Naeun prepare?) It’s natto. Naeun loves natto. She’s been eating it since last year. (Eating) But Gunhoo… He likes it as well. What? Does he like it? – There you go. / – The taste for natto must run in the family. That must be why he farts frequently. (Naeun takes a bite as well.) It’s my turn. (I thought I will have all…