• Bushcraft Rocket Stove Campfire
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    Bushcraft Rocket Stove Campfire

    we get this kettle on the go in a second but what I’d like to try is that rocket stove I think I talked about it before but it’s extremely efficient extremely it’s an extremely good burn and you can boil it well a kettle cook on it if you need to I’ve got a very small logs I’m not going to cook tonight’s dinner on that so here we have it this is a pre-prepared rocket stove I’ve drilled a hole through there and another one about halfway down and they’re interlinked drilled in through screws on which my kettle will sit so let’s have a go let’s see…

  • How to light a canister stove, stay tuned for the ultimate technique.
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    How to light a canister stove, stay tuned for the ultimate technique.

    senior hiker 77 welcome to my channel I have become a avid YouTube channel watcher last week I was watching a channel jeremiah stringer hikes that I think it was at Red River Gorge and he had his wife Bridget with him and I heard her mention doing the video that she didn’t like using this little bic lighter because it would burn her finger of course I had the same issue but we all carry one as a backup then just about everyone I know at least has one of these but I wanted to show her and demonstrate a couple of ways that she could start a canister…

  • Winter Camping 3 Days in the Québec Wilderness
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    Winter Camping 3 Days in the Québec Wilderness

    hey guys thanks for joining me on this adventure! Me and my buddy are going to be winter camping three days and two nights in Jacques Cartier National park. it’s going to be a great trip we had the chance to see a nice little red fox coming in had a chance to film it a little bit and yeah we got a ton of gear i’m going to be carrying a sleigh and my buddy Claude is going to be carrying a big backpack we’re going to try these little skis out we have a ton of food for our three days out so we’re going to do a…

  • Rocket King Camp Stove
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    Rocket King Camp Stove

    Hey everyone this is Chad and today I’m in beautiful Stone Mountain Park just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. This is one of my absolute favorite places to go. There’s a beautiful mountain right behind you and I climb that sometimes as many as four times in a week. I love coming here. I have not really spent much time in the picnic areas but I thought this would be a great place to do this video and the reason for that is a friend of mine, he’s here on YouTube his channel is GreenShortz DIY. He just lives down the road from me and his name is Tom Mills and…

  • Winter Camping in a Canvas Tent with Woodstove in Québec
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    Winter Camping in a Canvas Tent with Woodstove in Québec

    [Music] hey guys thanks for tuning in so I’m in Jacques Cartier national park in Quebec going winter camping you saw all the gear that we got I got my canvas tent and my wood stove so it’ll be super comfortable with my father-in-law here just that Christmas holiday you know the woods and camp so we’re just arriving at our spot it told me like a 3-kilometer hike for this spot and it’s a whole have to cross this bridge and then we’re camping right in the back and there I’ll show you in a minute so this is the map where we are you can see so totally…