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    FLOOR iS LAVA!! Breakfast Picnic at the Park with Adley and Baby Niko! (and learn about fish)

    – [Dad] Careful, being careful? – Yeah, whoa! – [Dad] This is actually so cool! Whoa, we doing this, Niko? We did it! Right there? – Yeah, right there. Try and catch a fish. – [Dad] Watch. – [Adley] Gonna catch one. – [Dad] Yeah, watch. – [Adley] Catch one, catch one, hurry, hurry. – [Dad] I touched it! Oh! Adley, I almost caught it, did you see? – No! I didn’t, try again! – It is eight thirty in the morning, why are we awake? And in the car? – ‘Cause last night we were craving scones. – So we woke up early to go get scones. Niko, shut…

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    BACKYARD TENT!! First Time Camping with Adley and Baby Niko! Smores routine by the Camp Fire 🔥 🍫

    – Welcome to the best day ever. (dramatic music) – [Man] Oh, that was creepy. – We’re at the store. – [Man] Why are you in your pajamas? (laughter) – Cause we’re gonna camp outside (gun fire) – What? That’s right. Today’s gonna be the best, best day ever, ever. – We don’t have a tent at our house. – We don’t have a tent. – So we’re buying a tent. – Why do we need a tent? – Sleep in our back yard. – We’re going camping in the back yard. This is our very first camp out. – Oh boy. – Huh, Nico, are you ready? – I…

  • FIRST RIDE ON A BOOSTED BOARD (Day 1442) | Clintus.tv
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    FIRST RIDE ON A BOOSTED BOARD (Day 1442) | Clintus.tv

    – Good morning, clan. Welcome to PIR. It’s Saturday. We’re kicking things off bright and early. Like I said yesterday, generators kick on because everyone’s starting up their coffee makers and starting up their stoves and they’re cooking breakfast and getting all chipper and cheery and whatnot. I just got done editing the vlog. It’s getting ready to start uploading here off my hot spot. Hopefully, the connection speeds are good because there’s a lot of people here, lot of cellphones so a lot of interference, lot of draining the towers so hopefully. We’ll see. Hopefully, it goes fast because I don’t want to sit in here for hours. Good…