• snow camping – 2010 – Schneezelten (English subtitles)
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    snow camping – 2010 – Schneezelten (English subtitles)

    OK It’s shortly after 5 pm, the tent is put up (more or less). Let’s step back a bit for a better view. Looks a bit botchy 😉 We’re somewhere in the Franconian Forest, the depth of the snow is far beyond half a meter which we had to shovel away nearly to the ground level, (here you can see the wall) to drive the tent pegs into the earth. But now the tent will keep stable, here we’re going to spend the night. The sun has (as you can see) already set. Everywhere… nothing. We take up quarters now, 9:45 pm, pitch-black, cold as ice 11 pm, nearly -17°C…

  • Shelter In Place Procedures
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    Shelter In Place Procedures

    Listen and learn about campus safety with Purdue Pete! Today’s topic: Shelter-in-Place. Whoa! It’s gotten really nasty out here! Come on, we need to go! Watch Purdue Pete spring into action as storms approach! This is a great song! Purdue Pete! I just got a text! It’s from the Purdue Police Department. Purdue Pete says Shelter-in-place immediately if you hear outdoor all hazards emergency warning sirens. Or receive a Purdue emergency warning text alert, or are directed by police or fire department personnel. Shelter-in-Place means head for a designated area of safety. For tornado warnings, it’s normally a basement, away from windows or doors. Facing a wall, kneel and cover…

  • How To Choose a Tent | ProTips by DICK’S
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    How To Choose a Tent | ProTips by DICK’S

    How to Choose the Best Tent for You [INTRO MUSIC]>>BRAD DEVINE: Hey, everyone. My name is Brad Devine with DICK’S Sporting Goods and today we’re going to discuss what to look for when choosing your next tent.>>BRAD DEVINE: Whether setting up at the family campgrounds or backpacking through the mountains, having the right tent for your needs can help improve the comforts of your campsite. There are a few features and qualities to consider when deciding on that perfect home away from home. Let’s start with shape and style.>>BRAD DEVINE: Tents can come in a variety of designs, each with a purpose and function. For example, cabin tents and multi-room…

  • Robert Reich: The Military-Industrial Drain
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    Robert Reich: The Military-Industrial Drain

    As Trump stokes tensions around the world, he’s adding fuel to the fire by demanding even more Pentagon spending. It’s a dangerous military buildup intended to underwrite endless wars and enrich defense contractors while draining money from investments in the American people. President Dwight D. Eisenhower once noted, “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.” Eisenhower was a Republican and a former general who helped win World War II for the Allies, and yet, he understood America’s true priorities. But Washington–and especially Trump–have…

  • Veterinary students are helping shelter animals become more adoptable
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    Veterinary students are helping shelter animals become more adoptable

    [intro music] it’s just cats and dogs in this lab so it’s a surgery anesthesia and community outreach program where third-year veterinary students are learning basic surgery skills using shelter animals and learning skills to take care of them before surgery during surgery and after surgery this semester is extremely good and helping us learn our clinical skills we have so many opportunities to work with so many different animals of different personalities which is really helpful and very representative of what we’re going to be seeing in the clinics I think so we use shelters all throughout Iowa and I believe there’s a few from Minnesota and even Nebraska…

  • Best Time to Visit the Bahamas for Vacation
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    Best Time to Visit the Bahamas for Vacation

    Hi, my name is Scott Bateman. I’m a professional journalist and publisher of Caribeez.com, a Caribbean travel guide. I have some tips to offer you about the best times to visit the Bahamas. This brief informational video will show how to plan for better weather. First we look at total rainfall in inches each month. This chart shows Nassau has a dry season from December through April. Nassau also has a rainy season that goes from June through October. Rain jumps in the summer and early fall because of the Caribbean hurricane season. Islands throughout the region between June and late fall have a higher risk of heavy rain, storms…

  • Wild Times At the Westway Homeless Shelter
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    Wild Times At the Westway Homeless Shelter

    We returned to the Westway Motor Inn in Queens – which now operates as a full time homeless shelter – to confirm a broken air conditioning system we exposed in last week’s report…had in fact, been repaired – as promised by WIN, the non-profit that runs the facility. If you recall, homeless mother Medena Greene took our thermometer inside her single shelter room, where it was ninety-five degrees. “INSIDE TEMPERATURE IS 95.1.” But fast forward a week…and homeless families tell us everything is cool once again at the Westway. A WIN spokesperson even sent us a photo of the new A/C system. A spokesperson for WIN tells PIX11, But while…