• YMCA Camping – Anglesea Recreation Camp
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    YMCA Camping – Anglesea Recreation Camp

    Anglesea camp it’s in a magnificent environment, the beauty of Anglesea is that we’ve got the beach, we’ve got the bush and we’ve got the river. We’ve got a fantastic supportive community here. As far as the camp goes we can accommodate up to 150, in a variety of configurations. One of the strengths of Anglesea is that we can multi-group, so we can just as well take a large group of 150, as three smaller groups of around 30 or 40. Anglesea is one and a half hours from Melbourne. It’s on the Great Ocean Road. Anglesea is a great destination as there are 7 camps here in Anglesea,…

  • SUMMER VACATION: Nashville + Chicago
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    SUMMER VACATION: Nashville + Chicago

    Hello, family. Say “hi”, mom. Say “hi!” Going to watch Brittany defend her thesis. Woo-hoo! He said, “I want you to be the best little scientist you can be!” And I was like — *laughter* So back to why we’re all here, let’s wrap this story up. Um, uh, the gravitational waves the contraints… *applause* Woooo! That is NOT the same as the one I ate. And I never even ate it! I just stuck it in my mouth and I spit it out! Carolyn: Na na na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN! Rachel: Kay, tell –…

  • Stout Tent Presents Nomads- Canvas Bell Tent Glamping
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    Stout Tent Presents Nomads- Canvas Bell Tent Glamping

    mankind has been roaming this world for quite some time now in school you learned about great explorers and pioneers who experienced the wonders of undiscovered lands at unseen beauty tales of adventure enticed others to take them trip and find their own frontiers then came new inventions and devices that brought the frontiers to your doorstep and for a moment you thought that could be enough but you quickly realized that you can’t feel the salt of the sea breeze or the rush a mountain peaks through a scream it’s human nature to live life through experiences in the search for the unknown you were born into this new…

  • MSR Tents: Papa Hubba NX Overview
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    MSR Tents: Papa Hubba NX Overview

    Hi, I’m Dale Karacostas of Mountain Safety Research, here today to show you our new Papa Hubba™ NX 4-person tent. It joins our bestselling line of Hubba™ 3-season tents. Backpackers who are traveling with a large group or want a lot of space will love the Papa Hubba’s light weight: 2.67 kg (5 lb 15 oz)—less than .7 kg (1lb 8 oz) per person. If your group consists of minimalists, you can go even lighter by setting it up in Fast & Light mode. But where the Papa Hubba NX truly excels is in livability. And here’s why: The symmetrical pole structure maximizes head and shoulder room throughout tent, so…

  • Vi är nybörjare – Nya Zeeland VLOGG
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    Vi är nybörjare – Nya Zeeland VLOGG

    Hey everyone, and welcome back to the life in a campervan in New Zealand! What are you doing? I’m rocking Fanta. Fanta is my baby. Look! It seems like it’s my baby. I’m going to go jumping now. On the trampoline. Let’s go! We are such amateurs at this. Last night we slept at a paid pan… “Panking ground”… “Paid pancake”. Paid camping ground – where you pay to stay and you have access to electricity… …and a kitchen, and things like that. Mhm. We really needed this, because the poop tank was full and we were out of tap water. There was chaos in our home. It’s a good…

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    Camping Can Be Fun sleeping pad leisure sleeping system self inflating sleeping pad memory foam two layers of foam about four inches thick. dig a shallow indention in ground under tent floor for you hip. choosing the right sleeping bag for the trip is the most important detail sleeping bags have a temperature rating if you are a warm sleeper, pick a cooler rated bag. if you are a cold sleeper, bring a warmer bag. a sleeping bag liner adds a few degrees to your bag, and helps to keep the bag clean sleeping bag liners are made of cotton, silk, or synthetic material. expansion tubes add more space, but…

  • The River Rats do Glamping: Inks Lake, TX
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    The River Rats do Glamping: Inks Lake, TX

    so we’re in inks Lake this week Monday through Wednesday and we are glamping I’m here with Luis, Haley, Alley and Tessa and our first task was to make sangria Alley: we failed so trashcan punch Luis: you did brilliantly we know that the hammock and our tents I did it! Luis starting our first fire. Luis: Don’t get the lighter fluid in there. (the shot) haha natural burnt up. lol the bun! That is so funny. I love that im roasting a hot dog and bun come into frame. this little babybird is just making himself at home he is like making a little hole, aw, I scared him…