• How to Pack for a Camping Trip : Choose the Right Camping Stove
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    How to Pack for a Camping Trip : Choose the Right Camping Stove

    Hi! My name is Dan and I am here with Expert Village. Today we are going to be talking about stoves. If you are going camping you don’t want to build a campfire, you want to bring a camp stove with you. There are many different kinds of stoves; there is light weight stoves, slightly heavier weights, there is also can fuel as opposed to liquid fuel stoves. Can fuel stoves tend to perform coldly in cold weather and high altitudes whereas stoves with liquid fuel and a pump on them can perform well in almost all circumstances? There is a variety of different options you can get with a…

  • Camping Gear : Camping Gear Compasses
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    Camping Gear : Camping Gear Compasses

    I am going to talk about campuses now there a handy thing to help you keep on track. There is a number of different styles of campuses and you can really get confused looking at them. But you really need to look at what kind of navigating your going to do. If your going to use a map my preference is some form of a base plate campus. Base plate campus has a little plate and you can use that plate to line up between a couple objects on the map. There are also ones with a sighting mirror that allows you to hold it look through it like a…

  • Rescuing Richard From Lone Wolf Mountain | Top Gear | Series 22 | BBC
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    Rescuing Richard From Lone Wolf Mountain | Top Gear | Series 22 | BBC

    rivers as we know are level unless their waterfalls just hope we don’t encounter one of those there’s my camera yep I can now see what I’m doing two miles completed no serious problems geez yes good work I love my pickup truck I really love it both of us were now off the beaten track and full of steely determination need to get there first the bird one is Paris fighting oh yes this is called wrestling with the controls whoa I’m getting deep into the woods here steady temperatures and pressures all in the green this is shouting and power versus thought and talk I’ve got some rooster…

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    Camp Gear – Survival and Navigation (Napisy PL) Sprzęt Obozowy, Survival i Nawigacja

    and now for the gear guys I’m sure you’re gonna want me to tell you what I’ve brought with me so this is my Kelty yukon 48 48 stands for 48 leaders but I’m sure I packed much more than just 48 litres because that’s why I like external frame packs because you got this extra attachment points so just take a look at the gear on the outside my tactical crocks I’m just gonna jump in them in a second because my feet are freakin dying remember kids it’s very important nobody sees your eyes so I’m gonna cover most of my equipment back at home because I want…

  • 5 Mistakes Beginner Backpackers Make
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    5 Mistakes Beginner Backpackers Make

    Hey y’all! Dixie here. Today I wanna talk to you about five common mistakes that beginning backpackers often make. Now, I’m not knocking the beginners, but, any professional just wasn’t born a professional. I mean, Michael Jordan didn’t pop out of the womb, start taking his first steps while perfectly dribbling a basketball. It takes time to learn things, and that’s normal, but I’m hoping that maybe this video will help some of the beginners to learn from the mistakes of others and I’m willing to bet even some of you experienced backpackers who are watching can admit to probably making one or more of these mistakes yourself For this…

  • Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Camping Backpacks for Women
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    Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Camping Backpacks for Women

    I am going to talk a little bit about women specific packs. We all know women are shaped a little different then men and so maybe the pack should be as well. If you will notice on these twp packs here we have an Osprey Aether notice the straightness of the hip belt. Men are shaped like this. We don’t have very much in terms of hips. Women are shaped like this and they need a different shaped hip belt. You will notice here the up swing of the hip belt. The hip belt comes up when it wraps forward and it creates a cone and that places it in…

  • Stealth Bug Out Survival Vehicle Camping Bikepacking Bike
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    Stealth Bug Out Survival Vehicle Camping Bikepacking Bike

    This is a short video (available in 720 HD) where I do a walk around my Stealth Bug Out Survival BushcraftCamping Mountain Bike… at this point in the mountain bike build project I’ve got it to about 50% complete… you can see since the last video, I’ve upgraded the entire drive train and wheel set… to some parts I took off of a Specialized Rockhopper Mountain Bike… they’re a little bit used, but in good shape… they’re much lighter in weight than the old ones and much better quality. The drivetrain includes chain rings (where I only put two on instead of 3), cassete (9 speed), new chain… and then…

  • Camping Gear : Hiking Trail Sanitation
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    Camping Gear : Hiking Trail Sanitation

    Despite popular belief, there is actually sanitation on the trail. A lot of people, more so than getting sick from contaminated water, will find themselves getting sick because their just not taking care of their sanitary needs. Simple things like washing your hands, will keep you a lot healthier than even filtering your water. I would recommend a multi purpose soap, so you have a soap that can do multiple things. It’s much better than having a bunch of different things in your pack. Here’s a couple of biodegradable soaps. They’re very concentrated so it doesn’t take very much, I’d actually recommend maybe even putting it in a smaller bottle.…