• Gear Room – Storage for outdoor equipment – my gear room setup
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    Gear Room – Storage for outdoor equipment – my gear room setup

    hello and today’s video as you’ve probably guessed from the title is all about my gear room and those those of you who are Eagle bind have noticed that over the last few months of I have moved to a new office or a new place to do my videos and this is it here and that’s also freed up another room which used to be my office before I moved them to this office and on the video camera which ovideo it was but one of the videos that I did a few weeks ago I got asked for a tour of the gear room that was from a…

  • The Military Tough MacBook!
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    The Military Tough MacBook!

    So as you guys know i’m always looking for the next cool thing on Amazon Something that I find interesting, and this is the one of those things: It’s from a company called Urban Armor Gear It’s a case for your MacBook, they make it for a few different models, that gives it some extra shock protection and this particular case: Drop tested It passes some sort of military standard too The reason this stood out to me is ‘cuz as a kid I can remember looking at those like police laptops -those Panasonic toughbooks [to Jack] Why was I..- When was I..- Was I in the cruiser? Like how…

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    Finding a Windless Snow Campsite Above the Tree Line

    (footsteps crunching on snow) (wind blowing) – Good morning campers, it’s winter once again. There’s the snow tent. In previous years, we’ve made the mistake of putting our tent in places. where there was just too much wind, such as too close to ridge tops or mountain tops and in some of those videos, we focused on building a wall, a small wall around the tent, you may remember one video titled, Snow Tent Blasted By Spindrift. This year, we’d like to focus more on selecting the right campsite, that is a campsite, where there is almost no wind. The last few days, the wind has been traveling in that…

  • Primitive Building Skills:  Tree Shelf at Campsite
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    Primitive Building Skills: Tree Shelf at Campsite

    watch me build a tree shelf system using primitive skills and the use of modern technology and tools… this is the third stage of the “Tree Shelf” project in this video you’ll see the top and bottom shelf as well as the sides/backplate added to complete the project It will be nice to have a place off the ground to store things such as gear/equipment, food and other camping items… I will be using Cedar Trees located in the area. I use the water shelf to set my storage container full of rain water on. From there the water will filter unattended through the Sawyer Mini Water Filter plus a…

  • How to Pack for a Camping Trip : Choose the Right Sleep Pads for Your Camping Trip
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    How to Pack for a Camping Trip : Choose the Right Sleep Pads for Your Camping Trip

    Hi! My name is Dan and I am here with Expert Village today to talk about sleeping pads. There are two varieties; foam pads and air mattresses. There are a few pros and cons to each. Foam pads are light weight and durable; however, they are not very packable. You can typically only roll or fold them. You end up with quite a large package. The nice thing about them is that you can’t pop them. You can also if you blow out a strap on your backpack, you can cut a little piece off without compromising the integrity of the pad and use it as an improvised splint for…

  • Eureka Midori 2 Tent | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC
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    Eureka Midori 2 Tent | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

    This is the Midori 2 tent made by Eureka! It’s a great beginner to intermediate two-person tent. It also utilizes Eureka’s V3 tent enhancement technology, which it stands for versatility, venting and volume. Now what you can see here is the top to bottom full coverage fly, that’s made of a 75 denier polyester taffeta with an 1800 millimeter coating. Now part of the V3 system is throughout all this fly area right here. You’re going to have a hooded fly vent that you can pop up with a little pole that increases airflow throughout the tent and minimizes condensation. You’re also going to have vectored fly to tent body…

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    How to make a Tarp Tipi / Teepee Tent Shelter

    welcome to Patrick’s Bushcraft… I’m going to show you how to make your own DIY tarp tipi / teepee survival tent shelter for cheap ! I will be using a 12 x 16 foot tarp that I got for around 24 dollars, some duct tape, some string, a tape measure, a marker and some tent stakes…let’s begin making the tipi tarp shelter ! first thing is to find a flat spot and pin the four corners of the tarp down. This will keep the wind from blowing the tarp around… next, find the center line of the tarp by measuring it out or folding the tarp in half and finding…

  • MSR Tents: Elixir 3 Overview
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    MSR Tents: Elixir 3 Overview

    Hi, I’m Dale Karacostas with Mountain Safety Research, here today to introduce you to the new MSR® Elixir™ 3 tent. The Elixir™ 3 backpacking tent from MSR offers significantly more livability features than other leading tents while being as lightweight or lighter. You can set up the tent in two different freestanding modes: standard setup with the tent body, or in Fast & Light® setup with the included footprint. We designed the tent to be extremely easy to set up. Color-coded poles, clips and webbing show you how everything fits together. Once set up, you can see how the tent offers so much livable space: the symmetrical pole geometry maximizes…