• Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Sleeping Pads in Camping
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    Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Sleeping Pads in Camping

    I’m going to talk about sleeping pads and a lot of people don’t think they’re that important but they kind of are. If you’re out there getting some sleep at night, you can really mess your time on your vacation backpacking if you can’t get enough sleep because you’re not comfortable. Some people can go with a closed cell foam pad. The advantage of this is it’s light but the down side, it’s not quite as cushy. Depends on if you’re a real heavy sleeper and it’s easy for you to get to sleep this is definitely a nice way to go. Another down side, it’s not very compact, so…

  • A Tour of our Gear Room
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    A Tour of our Gear Room

    I’m Leah I’m a lead instructor for Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound. Behind me, this is a locker that we use to check out gear during any of our expeditions. Five days, it has everything that you need, backpacks with the tarps that we sleep under or water bottles. Anything that you would need outside of student specific gear. There are seven lockers here and then we have three more mobile lockers over there and that is for every crew that goes out so each crew can be up to 12 students and then up to three three instructors so that’s 15 people total. That’s the total these lockers can…

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    Stealth Camping at Tunnel Bridges / Washouts – Bicycle Road trip Tour Vlog #12

    Bicycle Touring Road Trip Eastbound Across the Southwest USA – Vlog #12 Tunnel and Bridge Stealth Camping and Tips there were many times during my cross country travel that I couldn’t find any trees or bushes to stealth camp at… eventually I figured out that I could go down around the base of the tunnel bridges, or washouts some call them, and pitch a shelter which was usually my tarp or military poncho… as you can see, I could camp in these locations undetected from passers by on the road above… this first location was a pretty good sized bridge that made for easy bicycle stealth camping. There was a…

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    Tour de Mont Blanc Detailed Packing List | Wilderness Backpack for maximum self-sufficiency

    Hello, there! We are Angelina and Dima from Walking Nature World. And we are going to show what’s inside our backpacks for Tour de Mont Blanc and Dolomites Hike. As we’ll be wild camping most of the time and we’ll be out in the wilderness we tried to be as autonomous as possible and as independent as possible. So we brought lots of interesting stuff this time and lots of new one so we are very excited to share this with you. So let’s begin with my backpack! So we’ll start right from the backpack, I have a new backpack this time – this is a 20 L Quechua backpack.…

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    Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Mummy Sleeping Bags

    Here’s a mummy bag. This is probably the most common backpacking bag. It’s thermally efficient, often they’re light. You can get all different weights in this so of course the more you pay the lighter it will be, but this one you’ll notice is tapered at the foot so there is not a lot of space to heat up before the bag starts doing it’s job. A zipper runs along the length of it. You’ve got venting options from the bottom. Some people if they get hot they’ll stick their feet out the bottom there. At the other end of the bag you have a hood. The hood is nice…

  • Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Types of Self-Inflating Mattresses
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    Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Types of Self-Inflating Mattresses

    Now I’m going to talk a little bit about choosing self inflating mattresses. So you’ve got to look at the specs on the packaging and the outfitter will help you with this. Looking at these two pads, they look different but they are actually kind of the same pad. They are both twenty inches by seventy two inches, they’re a half an inch thick, and here?s the difference, two pounds, one pound eight ounce. With this one you can knock half a pound off and also it takes up less room in your pack. Now you pay more for a pad this light but this is the type of hobby…

  • PRO CAMP TABLES – by Front Runner
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    PRO CAMP TABLES – by Front Runner

    Front Runner bietet 3 Tische in 2 verschiedenen Größen an. Der Standard- Campingtisch und den schmaleren Zubereitungstisch. So wie eine Version des Zubereitungstisches mit einem Ausschnitt für ein Waschbecken. Unsere Tische sind ideal für die Zubereitung, das Servieren und verzehren von Speisen. Einfach sauber zu halten und ideal für eine gemütliche Runde im Camp. Die Tische bestehen aus: Der hochwertigen Edelstahlplatte und einem pulverbeschichteten Aluminiumrahmen, zusammenfaltbaren Tischbeine aus Aluminium und abgerundeten Nylonecken die Verletzungen oder Beschädigungen an anderen Gegenständen verhindern. Die hygienischen, leicht zu reinigenden Edelstahlplatten sind genau das, was die “Profis” in Restaurants auf der ganzen Welt verwenden. Diese Tische sind extrem robust! Probiere das nicht mit einem anderen…