• MSR Tents: Elixir 3 Overview
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    MSR Tents: Elixir 3 Overview

    Hi, I’m Dale Karacostas with Mountain Safety Research, here today to introduce you to the new MSR® Elixir™ 3 tent. The Elixir™ 3 backpacking tent from MSR offers significantly more livability features than other leading tents while being as lightweight or lighter. You can set up the tent in two different freestanding modes: standard setup with the tent body, or in Fast & Light® setup with the included footprint. We designed the tent to be extremely easy to set up. Color-coded poles, clips and webbing show you how everything fits together. Once set up, you can see how the tent offers so much livable space: the symmetrical pole geometry maximizes…

  • REI | Co-op Tested, Co-op Made: Tent Poles // Ep3
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    REI | Co-op Tested, Co-op Made: Tent Poles // Ep3

    – Hey, guys, it’s Dave from REI Mag Lab. Got something cool to show you today, we’re going to see how we test tent poles for salt corrosion. (upbeat rock music) Here we’ve got Jim. Hi, Jim. – Hello. – [Dave] Jim’s getting set up to run a test. What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna mount some tent poles in an arc. It’s a little more stressful than what it would be in a tent, just a little bit tighter radius. We’ve dunked them in water, some salt water, to get ’em nice and soaked. We’ve got some sprinklers in the ceiling that are gonna run and spray salt water…

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    Eagles Nest Outfitters ProPillow Compressible Pillow

    Lightweight and compressible, the Eagles Nest Outfitters ProPillow is a good option for those traveling or who want some extra comfort in the backcountry. Let’s take a look at its features. Taking a look at the construction and the build of the pillow, you have got a nice light-weight, but high loft synthetic insulation. So it is really good, like I said, really lofty. It is going to give you some good cushion and off the ground comfort. It has actually got a neat two sided design, so multiple season use. On one side you have got a nice polar fleece and the other side is a lightweight micro fiber.…

  • Fastest Tent Set Up in the World 2018: Black Pine Sports Turbo Deluxe Review
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    Fastest Tent Set Up in the World 2018: Black Pine Sports Turbo Deluxe Review

    Welcome to weekend voyagers where we do the reviews you’re looking for today We’ve got the pine deluxe turbo four person tent. And this tent company is owned out of Salt Lake. It’s a family-owned business. They sell tents backpacking toilets Lots outdoor gear. All kinds of stuff so today. We’re gonna jump in with this tent It’s six hundred nineteen dollars, so it’s kind of a pricey tent you might be like dang I dont have that kind of money But let’s kind of jump into it is it worth the price tag well so to start off We’re gonna Talk about the cons of this tent it takes…

  • PLEXAMID REVIEW: The Lightest 1-Person Tent on the Planet (13.8 oz!!!)
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    PLEXAMID REVIEW: The Lightest 1-Person Tent on the Planet (13.8 oz!!!)

    so I’ve spent over three thousand miles backpacking with this tent when I really wish I would have had this one today’s video is going to be about the plexamid so this is the tent that Zpacks came up with to fully replace the solplex they are kind of similar but also not. this one’s lighter and in my opinion better this video is gonna be about why you should get this tent if you’re looking for the lightest it’s most spacious one person tent on the market right now i’m gonna talk about some pros and cons and yeah let’s get to it so right before my hike on…

  • Robens Arrow Head Trekking / Hiking Tent (2019) | Pure Outdoor Passion
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    Robens Arrow Head Trekking / Hiking Tent (2019) | Pure Outdoor Passion

    The compact, lightweight Arrow Head 1-person tent is great for solo trekking and packs down small enough to fit any backpack Our tough, durable Hydrotex Core fabric is a 75 denier, PU coated polyester ensuring waterproofing and tension trough rainy nights The wide side entry inner, provide comfortable sleeping space with enhanced headroom at the front. The inner is offset to maximise porch space, allowing rain safe storage of boots and backpack Thank you for watching, to check out every detail for the Arrow Head tent, go to Robens.de

  • Tyvek for Backpacking Ground Cloth Cover (Winter Camping)
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    Tyvek for Backpacking Ground Cloth Cover (Winter Camping)

    Heker J here this week I’m going to share with you one of the simplest backpacking hacks that I’ve used and that is taking a chunk of tyvek backpacking with you tyvec is the material that they use to wrap houses in construction super light super durable and completely waterproof so I use it to keep my gear dry or keep myself dry from the ground. I’m going to show you several different ways that I use Tyvek in the wilderness that could be really useful for you first one is kind of the obvious one I keep it in my side pocket so I can pull it out easily…