• Bushcraft Rocket Stove Campfire
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    Bushcraft Rocket Stove Campfire

    we get this kettle on the go in a second but what I’d like to try is that rocket stove I think I talked about it before but it’s extremely efficient extremely it’s an extremely good burn and you can boil it well a kettle cook on it if you need to I’ve got a very small logs I’m not going to cook tonight’s dinner on that so here we have it this is a pre-prepared rocket stove I’ve drilled a hole through there and another one about halfway down and they’re interlinked drilled in through screws on which my kettle will sit so let’s have a go let’s see…

  • How to Make Camping More Comfortable
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    How to Make Camping More Comfortable

    How to Make Camping More Comfortable. You can enjoy nature while taking advantage of some old camping tricks and new comforts. You will need Sunscreen Bug spray First-aid kit Tin canisters Coffee cans Screw-top jars Tents Bubble wrap Foam or air mattress Aluminum foil Duct tape Lights White vinegar (optional) and cooking stations (optional). Step 1. Pack extra clothing for all sorts of weather, including rain gear and extra boots. Remember to pack sunscreen, bug sprays, and a first-aid kit. Nothing is less comfortable than suffering burns, bites, and injuries. Drink a tablespoon of white vinegar three times daily for the week before your trip, as well as during the…

  • Day Hiking Backpack Checklist
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    Day Hiking Backpack Checklist

    This is Kullcraven Bushcraft and you’re watching the Bush Channel. Enjoy. (guns shots echoing) – [Voiceover] So here’s all the day hiking equipment laid out that we carried here today. First thing’s first. There’s the backpack. That’s a 40 liter backpack, quite light. Only weighs 1.2 kilos empty. So on the right side here, we have all the gear that Christina has been carrying in this six-liter bum bag. Just start over at the left side here. Firstly, so it is a sunny day today, but a lot of this gear is emergency stuff that we carry just in case we’re stuck here overnight. So starting off with a Gore-Tex…

  • Best Folding Wood Stove
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    Best Folding Wood Stove

    What’s up guys how y’all doing? I know you want to see another Harvesting honey video, but I need to take a break because lifting all those boxes and doing this all day I need a break so tomorrow. I’ll probably do part 3 harvesting video But today I got something awesome to show you look how little this thing is This is actually a folding wood stove let’s see what this thing is all about. Look how amazing this thing is you open it like this pull it out BOOM! Now what we do is open it, whoa. That’s a lot of opening stuff I Have no idea how…

  • How to Choose 12V Camp Lighting for Beginners
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    How to Choose 12V Camp Lighting for Beginners

    (upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Ben from Snowys here today. I want to give you a very brief rundown on 12-volt lighting for those who might be new to the products. In particular, strip lighting. Come in two types. The first one I’m going to show you is this flexible strip light here. This plugs into your 12-volt power source. Many of these you can cut to length; great for going inside door jambs and places where you want to permanently mount it. Maybe inside a storage box in the back of your car. Good tip, though, make sure you use quality 3M adhesive when you’re attaching this anywhere.…

  • 4 Nights Camping in Wilderness (PNW) | Bear Sightings and Fishing
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    4 Nights Camping in Wilderness (PNW) | Bear Sightings and Fishing

    we’re at the beginning of our, Seven Lakes Basin Trip, about 4.5 miles in at Rocky Creek, Day 1. Night 1: Here we are at High Elk Camp, you can see the Baileys in the background and Mount Olympus on the left. Here is a view from our camp, we are watching some bears graze on some blueberry bushes over there, and playing next to that tarn down there. You can see some elk grazing by those trees. Sunrise, over Mount Olympus. You can see that little bear, grazing on the last of the fall berries. Here we are on the shoulder of Cat Peak, and we are looking at…

  • Scrub Road Bush Camp
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    Scrub Road Bush Camp

    my mate Wayne n I heading to scrub road bush camp it’s now winter andgetting cold so were camping in cold, can’t wait to camp in the cold it should be good but I’m just going to show all the gear I need to take with me on a overnight camping trip well this is a gear I can carry I’ve got try and cram this lot all into my pack and I’ve got so many things here that once they all get packed into the pack it becomes quite small and manageable but it just looks like an awful lot I’ll start with my boots which will be on…

  • I Tried To Backpack Alone And Make Zero Trash
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    I Tried To Backpack Alone And Make Zero Trash

    – In two days, I’m gonna be hiking The Trans-Catalina Trail. I’m running around trying to get last minute supplies. I’m excited for my trip, but I’m also feeling very anxious because this is my first serious backpacking trip. I’ve had a hard time this past year with some things in my personal life and also with the death of my grandpa, who I was close with, so I’m doing this hike in hopes of clearing my mind and letting go of some things. I’m also trying to do this zero waste. So, I’m gonna be packing all my food as much as possible zero waste. Zero waste means trying…

  • The Ultimate Chicken Stir Fry – Cooking in the Garden – Bushcraft Style Cooking
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    The Ultimate Chicken Stir Fry – Cooking in the Garden – Bushcraft Style Cooking

    the ultimate chicken stir fry – cooking in garden – bushcraft style cooking collecting leaves for fire making outdoor kitchen outdoor campfire tomatoes egg plant green mangoes cabbage add cooking oil add chicken cook chicken until it gets brown add cooking oil red onion green tomatoes add red tomatoes egg plant, cabbage, carrots, green chilli when these vegetables cooked, mix them with already fried chicken now add fresh lemon again put on fire our chicken stir fry is ready

  • 10 Best 1 person tent
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    10 Best 1 person tent

    rocks wiki dot-com best product advisor behind Amazon rocks wiki dot-com presents 10 best one person tent let’s see which one person tent is best for you to buy starting with the list number one tent name snug pack the ionosphere one man dome tent 94 inches by 39 inches by 28 inches nylon tent information the ionosphere by snug pack is an extremely small and compact 1 person tent the ionosphere has a very low profile and is great for those looking for a one-person tent to keep out of the elements just like the bunker the scorpion three and scorpion two the ionosphere also has a 5,000 millimeters…