• RV Living | VALLEY OF FIRE State Park | Arch Rock Campground (EP 12)
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    RV Living | VALLEY OF FIRE State Park | Arch Rock Campground (EP 12)

    Shut the vents off We got our shade pulled down Of a vent being shut Equipment Hi, mr. Bali the fire state park, Las Vegas Okay, here’s a fun fact for Those of you that are movie buffs there’s a 80s film with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it called Total Recall and The scenes where they shot on Mars was filmed here and family a fire piston resembles Mars apparently Does I’ve been there at the time of – it does look like money Little ground squirrels anything cute Yeah, we brought costs get out to the valley of fire for this little brown squirrel Squiddy’s or whatever you call them.…

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    Missing California mother who disappeared at campsite found

     A 60-year-old Huntington Beach camper reported missing in Inyo County has been found safe, CBS News Los Angeles reported The search for Sheryl Powell, 60, of Huntington Beach resumed Monday morning after she went missing in the Bristlecone Pine Forest area on Friday  She was found alive by ground search team members near the Montenegro Springs area, near an area where her dog was found hours earlier  Powell’s family said she is an experienced camper and hiker. Joe Powell, her husband of 40 years, dropped her off with her 5 pound dog Miley to take him for a walk while he went parked his vehicle But when he returned a…

  • How to Survive in the Desert : How to Find a Campsite in the Desert
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    How to Survive in the Desert : How to Find a Campsite in the Desert

    Hi. I’m Mike Meyers of Zion Wilderness Survival School for Expert Village. One might wonder why campsite selection is important in a survival situation. Certainly the comfort portion may not be important. But, there are things that need to be considered when you decide to bunk down for the night. There are a lot of dangers that exist in the wilderness that can effect where you camp. For instance, the area that we’re standing in right now, if you look behind me, we have this wall of rock. And, one would have to be concerned that any loose rock could fall down if you were camped below, and injure or…

  • West Coast Trail Hiker Preparation Guide
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    West Coast Trail Hiker Preparation Guide

    [music] [Narrator] The West Coast Trail is a multi-day backcountry hike along the west shoreline of Vancouver Island. the trail lies in the traditional territories of the Huu-ay-aht, Ditidaht, and Pacheedaht First Nations. These Nations have been here since time immemorial and continue to call Vancouver Island home. Today, through cooperative management, the West Coast Trail Guardians from each of these Nations help maintain the trail, share stories and welcome hikers. This is one of British Columbia’s most challenging hiking routes. It covers extremely difficult terrain and should only be attempted by seasoned backcountry hikers with multi-day trek experience. Before reserving your space, know what you’re signing up for to…

  • Hiking Mussoorie Hills (PART 2)
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    Hiking Mussoorie Hills (PART 2)

    we have crossed the treeline now well I’ve been to Bedni bugiyal once and this part, especially this one it looks like, it’s similar to Bedni bugiyal when you are about to enter the Bedni bugiyal and after crossing the meadow you’ll come to this temple, this is called the Jawala ji temple. I guess there is probably one reason why these Hindu temples are made in such Heights even if you are atheist you’ll probably attain the peace of mind brother, come here (calling out to Daniel) now my metaphors will never stop like the mountain the mountains are literally Islands and now that the cloud which is coming…

  • Camping and Bushcraft in Finnish style – Parody or not?
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    Camping and Bushcraft in Finnish style – Parody or not?

    Hallo Well hi… No, I am here in the wilderness This is a bushcraft trip, you would not understand Yeah… This could take week or two Yes… What? Yes, I can bring wait a second, I´ll write it down Yes, go on… milk… bread… cotton pads…cotton pads? what is that for? ah, alright. That is ok, well… I will come when I will… Love you too Kiss kiss Take it well I will beat you… Such a trip this time Hi, where are you going? To Helsinki Well let’s go, get in

  • Snowshoeing & Camping : Snowshoeing: Securing a Campsite
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    Snowshoeing & Camping : Snowshoeing: Securing a Campsite

    In this clip we’re going to talk about how to secure your camp before going on a day hike. First of all of course is your food. You’re going to want to have it either in a bear canister or a bear bag and secured according to those directions so that when you come back, you’ll still have a meal. Your tent, you want to make sure it’s well anchored down and all zipped up tight so no creatures can get in it and so no wind can catch it and take it away. Also your backpack. You’re going to want it all zipped up and covered with a waterproof…

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    Chilling out and trying traditional Italian food |Day off the Tour du Mont Blanc in Aosta Valley

    Good morning! It’s Angelina and Dima here. This night was heavy raining with a thunderstorm. But we are all dry because we set up a tent in time. Starting from 7pm till 7 am it was 12 hours of straight rain. It was raining non stop and we were enclosed in our tent. We were sleeping like bears on a winter break. Now we are feeling fallen apart because you know when you sleep too much the head is not working. For today we see that the weather is still unstable. According to the forecast, now it’s sunny, the morning is fine and then in the afternoon there is a…

  • Santa Cruz Island Kayaking trip – paddling around Channel Islands National Park – Epic Adventure
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    Santa Cruz Island Kayaking trip – paddling around Channel Islands National Park – Epic Adventure

    hey there I’m Jan and I recently went on this amazing adventure over to Santa Cruz Island with my daughter and some of our friends we spent about 24 hours over there so why don’t you check out what we did let it go there’s a spark sir I can feel it the sky the number-one rule on the island please don’t get hurt please don’t burn the island down no campfires allowed don’t fall off the foot throw any rocks over the people kayaking underneath you other main blog here on the island is food storage you will definitely see foxes around the campground they will try to use…