• YMCA Camping – Anglesea Recreation Camp
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    YMCA Camping – Anglesea Recreation Camp

    Anglesea camp it’s in a magnificent environment, the beauty of Anglesea is that we’ve got the beach, we’ve got the bush and we’ve got the river. We’ve got a fantastic supportive community here. As far as the camp goes we can accommodate up to 150, in a variety of configurations. One of the strengths of Anglesea is that we can multi-group, so we can just as well take a large group of 150, as three smaller groups of around 30 or 40. Anglesea is one and a half hours from Melbourne. It’s on the Great Ocean Road. Anglesea is a great destination as there are 7 camps here in Anglesea,…

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    Outwell Touring Canopy – Campervan Canopy (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    Fitting attachment heights between 180-240 cm and featuring our innovative Dual Beading the updated Touring Canopy suits a wide variety of vehicles With a width of 3 meters 20 at the front the Touring Canopy provides ample and easily pitched shelter against the sun and rain Thank you so much for watching, now go check out the Touring Canopy or our Drive Away options at www.Outwell.com

  • The Eurohike Buckingham 6 Man Tent
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    The Eurohike Buckingham 6 Man Tent

    Hi, today we’re going to be taking a look at the Buckingham 6 by Eurohike. The Buckingham 6 is a versatile six birth family 10 with a clever internal layout made with a tunnel style configuration. It is simple to pitch and also maximizes internal the fabric is Eurohike fibre seal 3000 that waterproof seam sealed fully the outer is equipped with color-coded pole sleeves to further ease the pitching process and the guylines are attached with riveted metal eyelets that are really secure fixing to my right here you can see one of the ventilation pods this also to my right also in the roof you’ve got the central…

  • Outwell Montana 6P – Steel Poled Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Montana 6P – Steel Poled Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    Let’s have a closer look at the updated 2020 version of the Classic Outwell Montana 6P with abundant living room space, and accommodation for 6 persons The Outwell Power Stability System, is a full steel frame that works with the wind stabilizers and storm guylines to provide unrivalled protection against rough weather The Quick and quiet inner door provides silent and easy access to the bedroom if you need to sneak out during the night For the best comfort in sleeping bags, mats and everything camping come visit us at www.Outwell.com

  • Outwell Hartsdale 4PA & 6PA – Inflatable Air Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Hartsdale 4PA & 6PA – Inflatable Air Tent (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    With lots of windows and a warm light toned roof the Hartsdale 4 and 6PA are versatile, bright and airy tunnel tents sleeping four or six in two dark Premier bedrooms The deep front canopy with side walls and windows offers full shelter against sun and rain and allows the panoramic front door to remain open even in heavy rain The Wing lounge area really adds to the living space and is perfect for dining or relaxing, or simply as added storage Thank you for watching, now go check all the other features like Cable Entry points, Toggle-up curtains and many more at www.Outwell.com

  • Glaskogen, Sweden – 8 days in a canoe (and some trekking)
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    Glaskogen, Sweden – 8 days in a canoe (and some trekking)

    After a long time of planning, preparing for our first trip outdoors in this fashion, a whole lot of bought equipment praticing to pack our bag, Test-runs and exercises (like making fire in the rain) we were finally on the verge of testing our proficiency in the outdoors. The setting of this act should become the nature reservation of Glaskogen, in Sweden, that we were to explore in a canoe on our own, before hiking back to Oslo, Norway, to catch our flight. The first difficulties we encountered came early: during the journey to get there. This is our story 🙂 Oslo Airport – customs inspection (empty all your pockets…

  • Going On Holiday VR Vacation Simulator!
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    Going On Holiday VR Vacation Simulator!

    – Hi buddies, you guys are watch Kawaii Kunicorn, and I am on VR Vacation, so this is the brand new VR Vacation simulator from the same people that made the job sim games that I know you guys love so I am so excited to get my first look at what it is like to be on vacation. – Hello buddies of the internet, it’s Kawaii Kunicorn. – Oh my gosh, I’m in the vacation museum. This is so cool. All right, so, hello human, waiting for guest pass. All right, so let’s load a guess pass into the machine and oh my gosh, we are going on vacation.…

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    Outwell Blossburg 380 Air – Inflatable Drive Away Awning (2020) | Innovative Family Camping

    Pitching parallel alongside your vehicle, our new inflatable Blossburg 380 Air requires minimum pitch size while maximizing sheltered space The extremely versatile Link Access Zone, can be placed at either side of the awning or completely removed to use the Blossburg as a stand-alone tent The optional extra inner tent adds to the already versatile Blossburg, by adding sleeping options for guests or when using the awning as a regular camping tent Thank you for watching, for all your camping comfort essentials come join us at www.Outwell.com

  • Outwell Ripple Motor – Motorhome Air Awning (2019) | Innovative Family Camping
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    Outwell Ripple Motor – Motorhome Air Awning (2019) | Innovative Family Camping

    Available in two sizes, our Ripple Motor 380 and 440SA are easy to pitch and great additions to any motorhome Both the entire front- and side panels can be fully removed Instead of the side panels the optional Air- or Sleep annexe can be installed adding to the versatility of the awning The Outwell height adjustment system allows you to level out each tube individually in 5cm increments to a maximum of 20cm, just as you would a telescopic pole on a poled awning. Thank you for watching, to study all details and specifications for the Ripple Motor awnings go to Outwell.com you