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    Holland, Michigan: Things to Do on Summer Vacations

    Holland, Michigan, is a historic community with deep Dutch roots and lots of charm, but with its own style and American flavor. Located within close proximity to Canada, this makes for a perfect spontaneous trip or planned vacation. Friendly, clean, and filled with fun activities, Holland has an array of venues to entertain and inspire the senses. Hello, I am Shannon. Thousands of tourists visit Holland each year to discover why Downtown Holland has earned the “Great American Main Street” award, and I am thrilled to be one of them today. Join me as we discover Holland’s rich Dutch cultural heritage, gorgeous Lake Michigan beaches and an eclectic downtown district.…

  • Amsterdam Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Amsterdam Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    With just over 1.2 million people, Amsterdam is the largest city in The Netherlands, a country most people know as Holland. This multicultural city warmly embraces tourists, with over 3.5 million people visiting each year. The Dutch are very tolerant and fun to talk with, and everybody speaks English. The heart of the city is so picturesque that it is like an historical open-air museum. No wonder that the inner canal district is an internationally protected heritage site. In the 17th century Amsterdam was a center for world economy and many of the canal houses and old warehouses date from this Golden Age. Some landmarks, such as the Oude Kerk…

  • Amsterdam, Stolkse Weide och Kinderdijk – Gone Camping åker till Holland
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    Amsterdam, Stolkse Weide och Kinderdijk – Gone Camping åker till Holland

    The Netherlands must be the promised land of camping. Few other places offer so much camping in such a small area. We’re visiting two places, starting with Amsterdam. This is Gone Camping. You’re welcome to join us. If you want to stay close to the city, Camping Zeeburg is a good alternative. It’s on its own island, 7 kilometers from the city center, and offers a playful and varied place to stay. The mood is very relaxed and it feels a bit like being at a music festival. It’s almost like a maze, making the campsite feel smaller, but the lots are only 50 square meters, so I advise against…

  • Oranje-gekte op Francorchamps voor Max Verstappen
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    Oranje-gekte op Francorchamps voor Max Verstappen

    Een klapper van Max Verstappen. Het is niet te geloven. En het is al over en uit. Voor de allerlaatste keer de plaatsing van de startgrid. Het lijkt wel een crematorium. Hup, hier gaat er weer een. Welkom bij onze Vriendengroep Limburg in ons feestpaviljoen. Gaan we eerst naar het belangrijkste gedeelte? De bar? We hebben gisteren een zware avond gehad. Dat is wel te zien, denk ik. – Dat valt reuze mee, hoor. Hij doet maar wat. De sfeer is hier natuurlijk fenomenaal. We zijn hier met vijftig mensen, maar ‘s avonds is iedereen welkom voor een biertje en dan loopt het hier weleens uit de klauwen, dan zijn…